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Forum: Community 2014-12-13, 05:36
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Posted By Wikiwide
Re: Nominations for Council election Q4 2014


I nominate Thp, VDVsx, Khertan.

And, bump the thread.

Best wishes.
Per aspera ad astra...
Forum: Applications 2014-01-15, 10:33
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Posted By Custodian
Re: - Community Repository System

Yes, i'm sure. warehouse does not use version info from openrepos for updating/installing. Only for showing latest version when repository is not enabled. Only name used to query info from...
Forum: Applications 2014-01-15, 10:06
Replies: 337
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Posted By Custodian
Re: - Community Repository System

There are no problems with repositories at the moment.
Although, there is may be a improper sorting on latest updated apps(package bump may not occure), since it is to complicated, and will be...
Forum: SailfishOS 2013-11-29, 19:48
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Posted By stezz
Re: About Sailfish community

About bugzilla

Guys we cannot open right now a public bugtracker because if we do so nobody will read the bugs that you will open there and you will complain that nobody cares about the bugs you...
Forum: SailfishOS 2013-08-15, 10:30
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Posted By coderus
Re: Preview of ownNotes (KhtNotes clone) with ownCloud sync

@Jedibeeftrix RTFM. Sailfish avialable only on virtualbox emulator now.
Forum: SailfishOS 2013-07-20, 05:02
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Posted By rcolistete
Re: Porting Sailfish to N9

See the topic " MeeGo community OBS (COBS) SHUTDOWN - May 29 " (

So there is the Mer Project OBS ( replacing the MeeGo...
Forum: Applications 2012-12-31, 01:03
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Posted By MartinK
Re: [Announce]BitPurse : A light bitcoin client for n9 and n950

The Harmattan Qt Components are available for Fremantle. Just install the qt-components-10 ( package and you are set. There is also a discussion...
Forum: Applications 2012-12-28, 20:37
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Posted By Fuzzillogic
Re: [Announce]BitPurse : A light bitcoin client for n9 and n950

I can't get it to work :( appsformeego is down, and yields another .deb than the one on MeeGo COBS. The latter gives me errors while installing from the shell.

I've settled for...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-12-02, 17:15
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Posted By caco3
Re: [Announce]KhtNote : A note taking apps with owncloud sync

Hi all
As a complement to khtNotes for the N9, I created a notes app for the OwnCloud.
It works the same way as khtNotes but runs on the OwnCloud Webinterface.
Get it here:...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-11-26, 22:19
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Posted By caco3
Re: [Announce]KhtNote : A note taking apps with owncloud sync

Great, I will test that.

Wouldnt that be redundant with the existing OwnCloud Task app?
It works fine with Thunderbird. With the N9 I was only able to sync N9 => OwnCloud, but not the other...
Forum: Applications 2012-11-11, 15:16
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Posted By Venemo
[ANNOUNCE] IRC Chatter - the IRC client for Nokia N9

Hi Everyone,

Creating this thread has been long overdue. I'm here to let you know that IRC Chatter is still alive and is aiming to be the best IRC client ever for the Nokia N9.

IRC Chatter is...
Forum: Community 2012-10-01, 10:13
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Posted By helex
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

Same here I was quite dissappointed I came near the bottom!

Maybe it's just the developers that don't really like ebay apps - or just that voters didn't realise I was doing it in my spare time...
Forum: Community 2012-10-01, 09:42
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Posted By kojacker
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

Hey all, I think we can call these results official now :)

I had one query regarding the voting process over the weekend and talked it over with Wonko, but we both felt things were ok. And as...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-06-15, 21:16
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Posted By MartinK
Re: [Announce] KhtBMA : Khertan Unofficial Mobile Authenticator

Nope, they actually work, but there are a few considerations:

The current & working package is called qt-components-10 (, the other one is...
Forum: Community 2011-06-09, 16:41
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Posted By Stskeeps
Cool Stskeeps says bye! o/

Hi guys,

Think it's enough by now. And this isn't going to have one of those drama comebacks. I've been on here since a long time, helping out with your devices, problems - and it's stopped being...
Forum: Community 2011-06-06, 06:18
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Posted By Daneel
Re: MeeGo Development for N900 discussion thread.

There already is a thread dedicated to this subject so no need to start another one, oh and all your fake niceties are not really flying.

Delete this thread please.
Forum: Off Topic 2011-05-31, 17:35
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Posted By nwerneck
Re: Let's talk Nokia stock!

Eflop: This is how you touch a screen. What is multitouch good for?
Baldmer: Forget about touchscreen. Future is Kinect, watch this move!
Forum: Applications 2011-05-07, 13:26
Replies: 38
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Posted By Saturn
Re: khweeteur - won't start

Hi, with khweeteur 0.5.14-1

I get the following and thus none of the posts are shown.

~ $ khweeteur
pidfile /var/run/khweeteurd/ already exist. Daemon already running?
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-03-31, 13:57
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Posted By Stskeeps
Re: MeeGo 1.2 RC1 on 30.03.11

No, generally when I see a thread with abill_uk in it, I avoid it.
Forum: Applications 2011-03-14, 10:27
Replies: 11
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Posted By flashgc
Re: [Announce] PyGTKEditor 3.0.16

New highlight theme (Dark Tea): (
Download it here -
Forum: Development 2011-02-07, 17:39
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Posted By tswindell
Re: qt-component style for maemo5?

I guess you're not a developer then. Or you're a semweb junky :P
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-10-28, 08:14
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Posted By Stskeeps
Re: MeeGo 1.1 for n900 seems to have been released

Also, do yourself a favour and wait for all the release material to be released, it will probably save you from a lot of pain and unmet expectations.

As well as this warning:

MeeGo is an open...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-10-27, 09:09
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Posted By zifis
Why can't we keep maemo5?

After reading almost all the threads and watching almost all the vids about Meego on N900, I think that Meego looks childish in design and isn't really bringing anything new to the device.

The UI...
Forum: Community 2010-09-15, 20:37
Replies: 34
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Posted By maluka
Re: Maemo highlights over the years

I always loved the helpful, friendly vibe. Developers, friendly banter, developers and good laughs. I was a lurker for a while before I bought the N800. I had never owned anything Nokia previously....
Forum: Development 2010-09-05, 12:26
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Posted By attila77
[ANNOUNCE] PyQt 4.7.5, now with Mobility !

As some of you might have already noticed, there is a shiny new version of PyQt in extras-devel. The single biggest notable difference for Maemo devs is the fact that it is the first PyQt version...
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