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Forum: General 2009-02-13, 18:22
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Posted By Arjun
Re: The $20 unlimited data plan

I think that the T-Mobile unlimited Data plan is still available. It may not be easily found on their Website. I think one needs to call T-Mobile and ask them to specifically add it to one's account....
Forum: Applications 2009-01-26, 14:02
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Posted By Arjun
Thumbs up Re: pidgin and N770, how to make it work?

If Pidgin still does not work for you, I would suggest using GAIM on your Nokia 770. I installed GAIM on Nokia 770 with SU-18_2007HACKER_4.2008.7-1_PR_F5_MR0_ARM and so far it works well.
Forum: OS2007 / Maemo 3 / Bora 2009-01-23, 14:48
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Why no "battery is full" message with os2007HE ?

After using the Nokia 770 ( SU-18_2007HACKER_4.2008.7-1_PR_F5_MR0_ARM installed ) a heck of a lot ( to the point that even after repeated starts the machine shut off by itself more than twice ) I put...
Forum: Newbie 2009-01-22, 16:13
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Posted By Arjun
Re: newbie..need help badly

Make sure that there is enough charge in your N810. Connect the N810 to your PC using the USB cable that came with the N810. Once the PC recognizes the N810 as an external Drive, simple yank the...
Forum: OS2007 / Maemo 3 / Bora 2009-01-21, 20:21
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Why no "battery is full" message with os2007HE ?

Maybe it has to do something with the Flash.

I recently flashed my Nokia 770 with the OS 2007 Hackers Edition version 4-2008.7-10. I have installed becomeroot package, Gaim 1.5, couple of...
Forum: Nokia 770 2009-01-16, 20:35
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Help please. WIFI Not seeing APs

I am replying to this post because I had exactly the same issue that you are facing now.

I do not know how your Wireless network ( with WEP) is setup. Normally if the Wireless network is setup...
Forum: Nokia 770 2009-01-06, 14:50
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Posted By Arjun
Thumbs up Re: 770 OS 2006 Fash 9 Working and installed !

To install Flash properly on HE2007 OS, I followed the steps below.

You will need to install ' xterm ', to manipulate files and to navigate through the Debian Linux command lines.

Forum: Nokia 770 2009-01-02, 17:33
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Posted By Arjun
Thumbs up Re: Help setup Nokia 770 --> Nokia Mobile --> Internet

Normally, when you need to use a Bluetooth phone as a tethered modem to a Nokia 770 there a few aspects involved.

Firstly, you have to have some sort of data plan with your phone service...
Forum: Troubleshooting 2008-12-31, 14:36
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Nokia 770 wont boot!!

Hi, I do not think that your Nokia 770 is already experiencing a WSOD ( White Screen of Death).

Just hoping that it is not , let us try the following steps.

First make sure that you have the...
Forum: Applications 2008-12-06, 20:11
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Posted By Arjun
Re: where can i download chinook xournal?

Try the following site :

There you will find various repositories for Nokia Internet Tablets and different Nokia Oses.

Forum: Nokia N810 2008-11-27, 02:18
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Posted By Arjun
Re: How do I format a N810 internal memory?

@ Popeto

linuxrebel is not talking about the 'internal cards' when he mentioned the need to flash the Nokia810. He is talking about the memory chips ( ICs ) built onto the internal board of the...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2008-05-14, 20:52
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Posted By Arjun
Re: N800 for Sale

Ahhh ! ! ! (Some people's ) Ignorance sure is such a pure bliss, especially the so called ' senior members' .
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-02-02, 01:47
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Hebrew Fonts for OS2008 - Package available

To install a software package using the ' X-Term ', you will need to be signed on as the ' superuser ' or ' root '. For this you will need to install the ' becomeroot ' package specific to your...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2008-01-21, 15:10
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Posted By Arjun
Re: N800 ebay spammer

The problem with eBay is that it is a necessary evil.

It has grown so big that simple people are small fry to them. I too have experienced enough spam email from butt fissures who try to convince...
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-01-18, 15:26
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Posted By Arjun
Re: GMail SSL Certificate?????

And this happens on ???

Ohh Yesss ....on your newly acquired Nokia N810 from BestBuy ( for $100 ) at Mount Vernon in NY, I believe ? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Right ???

Just joking man ! !...
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-01-17, 20:58
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Can't install any applications?

This seems like the Network- WLAN is conking out on you while you try to download anything. This maybe because of issues with your WiFi or maybe the setup of your Nokia Tablet itself.

Make sure...
Forum: General 2008-01-17, 15:19
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Someone send me a GrandCentral Invite Please!

This is correct.

One can get on the reserve list just by going to GC and signing up. This also helps one avoid the idea of begging, borrowing and stealing.

Forum: Troubleshooting 2008-01-15, 20:50
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Nokia N810 w/ Mot Razr 3 as modem

Did we try this ? This is on the Nokia.

Type:Packet Data

Phone Number to dial: *99***1#


username :10-digit t-mobile phone number*
Forum: General 2008-01-15, 16:54
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Available US Wireless Channels.

I am sure that the last post is more informative. My earlier post refers to the wireless channels used by the Dell Wireless 1470 Dual Band WLAN Mini-PCI Card. I just mentioned these to simply say...
Forum: General 2008-01-15, 14:27
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Posted By Arjun
Available US Wireless Channels.

I think that these Wireless channels are available in the US. I gleaned this from my Dell laptop at work.


Forum: Buy & Sell 2008-01-14, 21:07
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Posted By Arjun
Re: N810 bought before Xmas, as new.. Not for me..

:p I will part with my Nokia 770 Metal Cover ( that ' some one ' sent me long ago ) for your N810. It is in excellent condition and not much used. :D :D

Forum: General 2008-01-13, 18:04
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Posted By Arjun
Re: How do you get flash images?!?

The download of the Flash Files have always been about OK. As far as
I know, I don't think that Nokia restricts the download of Flash Update Files.

The simple logic for saying this is that if...
Forum: Newbie 2008-01-12, 17:52
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Posted By Arjun
Re: email settings on n810

I think that you do not have the Server name right.
There are no Servers by the name ' outgoing ' and ' incoming '.

I think it should be:

Incoming (pop3) :

Forum: Troubleshooting 2008-01-11, 21:55
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Nokia N810 w/ Mot Razr 3 as modem

In the Connection Settings of your Phone you may need to do the following.
I have T-Mobile Phone Service and this works for me. I am not so sure about the setting options of your Moto RZR.

Forum: Troubleshooting 2008-01-11, 21:50
Replies: 17
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Posted By Arjun
Re: Nokia N810 w/ Mot Razr 3 as modem

Yes, ( it is not necessary though). Both HTTP and HTTPS field with same Proxy Address and Port Numbers.

Proxy :

port : 8080
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