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Forum: Nokia N810 2011-08-13, 04:41
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Posted By auouymous
Re: N810 - What can it do?

Open that URL on your tablet's browser and click the three green links to install those repositories. Then open application manager and install community...
Forum: Alternatives 2011-07-21, 01:29
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Posted By skykooler
Re: QUAD BOOT: Maemo, Meego, NITDroid, and Kubuntu Mobile

That is odd. I think what I'll do is make an image from my Kubuntu card, then just upload that. It should make the install process easier for everyone.
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-02-27, 03:34
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Posted By lucas777
Re: HELP! My mates think my N900 is a piece of crap!

Tell your mates they are fags and their girlfriends look worse than susan boyle on crack
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-02-06, 08:25
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Posted By abill_uk
Re: meego 1.1.xx weekly builds - worth trying?

the Meego builds are not worth installing unless you are to further develop it as it is no very functionality at all... i tried it... waste of time so better to wait and see if Meego will be...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-02-03, 07:51
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Posted By scale
n900 USB tethering on Windows without ovi suite or pc suite

WELL! After fighting tooth and nail with ovi and pc suites (ovi added more than two minutes to my netbook's boot time! I finally got things to work.

1) install the n900 as a device using...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-01-21, 21:27
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Posted By Creamy Goodness
MeeGo reference devices - possible N9 prototypes?

Since we can brighten up the pic on this ( bug report and notice the "MDFLD nCDK" appears to be just a screen attached to a gigantic circuit...
Forum: Applications 2011-01-18, 13:40
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Posted By fcrochik
Re: [Announce] MyContacts - 75 contacts on your desktop, custom ring tones per group and call with double-click

There is a "bugjar" but most, if not all, people report bugs here.

This is not an issue with mycontacts, it is with the phonebook. If you run a search on this thread you will find more details (it...
Forum: Development 2011-01-12, 18:49
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Posted By thomasjfox
Re: Porting rockbox to n900

You can easily do this yourself:

Open the cabbiev2 theme file on your device in your favorite editor:


Go to line 27. Comment out the line with...
Forum: Applications 2011-01-09, 21:52
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Posted By fcrochik
Re: [Announce] MyContacts - 75 contacts on your desktop, custom ring tones per group and call with double-click

mycontacts let qt mobilitty handle the sorting and it has an issue with contacts that don't have info on the proper name fields (only nickname).

As soon as I get a chance to work on a new version...
Forum: Applications 2011-01-04, 21:08
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Posted By mido.fayad
Re: [Announce] NEW Backupmenu-multiboot and new multiboot 0.2.11

@ funkmunk

full guide to install multiboot 0.2.11 and backupmenu and kernelpower46 :

download this file :

unpack it and copy its contents to...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-19, 18:49
Replies: 228
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Posted By fcrochik
Re: [Announce] Oh My G...PS! - geeps: native front-end for google maps

Not yet and probably not ever as long GeePS uses google maps :(
Forum: Development 2010-12-11, 19:11
Replies: 318
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Posted By thomasjfox
Porting rockbox to n900


I'm currently porting rockbox to the n900 as I wanted a decent player which can browse the music by filenames -or- id3 tag.

Also it supports gapless playback and crossfades and is very...
Forum: Competitors 2010-12-10, 15:44
Replies: 13
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Posted By Deaconclgi
Re: so, the E7 is due this week...

I just got an N8 3 days ago. Symbian ^3 is a major improvement over previous versions. I just got rid of my N82 with Symbian 3.2 and my Nokia 5230 (traded to get my N8)with Symbian 5th so I have...
Forum: Android 2010-12-02, 09:08
Replies: 5,106
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Posted By ammyt
Exclamation The Grand NITDroid Thread - NITDroid ICS Upgrade!

What is it?
Nitdroid is an android port for your N900, an android variant worked out by a team of geniuses (e-yes mainly) who strives to bring a fully functional port to the N900. In other words, if...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-11-13, 15:42
Replies: 1,679
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Posted By dr_frost_dk
Battery Tests, Homemade 3000mAh XL Battery & Q&A (POST #1) - New Layout

Post #1: Battery Test / Buyers Guide
Post #2: Battery Mod / Homemade XL Battery, Users Mods & Info
Post #3: Battery Meter, Q&A & etc...
Before asking questions please look to Post #3...
Forum: Applications 2010-09-22, 14:02
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Posted By cfh11
Re: All I WANT IS MY N900 TO WORK 110%

Using a more relevant (and less obnoxious) thread title would be a good start.
Forum: Applications 2010-09-04, 16:16
Replies: 25
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Posted By bakuur
[How To] change the CPU frequencies using Queen BeeCon widget

since i had no simple 'how to' to use the Queen BeeCon widget to change between CPU Frequencies i thought id write my own

1.if you successfully managed to overclock your N900 then you can proceed,...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-09-04, 10:42
Replies: 155
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Posted By Peet
Re: N9 technical specifications appeared rumoured

Nokia's problems are actually related to both the less-than-competitive hardware (esp. high-end) - physically, price-wise and with extremely limited choice - and to Nokia's repeated treatment of the...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-08-22, 23:17
Replies: 6
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: Whats new on the N900?

PR 1.2 is the latest Maemo5 firmware release. There is a Meego release that is not intended for end users.

Most of the community developed applications have had updates. The big news is in the...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-08-04, 20:05
Replies: 272
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Posted By Stskeeps
Re: What is the future for the n900 from now? meego or no updates or nothing?

If you're wondering about technicalities, we have a build target following the daily and weekly releases/major of MeeGo with the sources of the blobs. We're currently building so we get notified if...
Forum: Applications 2010-07-23, 11:21
Replies: 1,393
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Posted By No!No!No!Yes!
Re: [Announce] Queen BeeCon Widget: Customizable and flexible monitoring tool.

hi, see the wiki. there are specific howto sections for this... link is in my signature.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-05-20, 23:26
Replies: 5,350
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Posted By jakiman
Re: Overclock the N900?

Due to many requests, here are all the Queen Beecon Widget exports that I use as seen below:
(I have zipped up each widget's export output as a txt file)

UPDATE May 2013: Fellow TMO user Tangent...
Forum: Competitors 2010-04-29, 14:38
Replies: 125
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Posted By admiral0
Re: Steve Jobs' open letter about Adobe Flash

Some of it is pure bu*****t.

Cross-platform frameworks are not "lowest common denominator" between all platforms supported. Qt is a proof of this. Anyway flash is too bad for mobile use. Adobe has...
Forum: Applications 2010-01-02, 15:00
Replies: 38
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Posted By jeffsf
Re: A-list applications for N900 - what do you recommend?

This is a "must have" (v3, with safe handling of the file and memory) for me as well. The compatible Maemo app (regrettably) of the same name out there now is old and insecure. The "real"...
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