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Forum: Community 2012-06-18, 12:34
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Posted By tekojo
Re: It's official: to be orphaned

I believe Kate and Quim are doing their best to find answers and ways forward. They can't be having an easy time with the changes taking place, so a bit of patience is in order. As I recall, after a...
Forum: Community 2012-06-18, 11:42
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Posted By tekojo
Re: It's official: to be orphaned

That's a question to Kate or Quim, but don't expect specific numbers, no phone manufacturer gives out detailed numbers (except when they sensationally tell the world that they sold N million devices...
Forum: Community 2012-06-18, 10:49
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Posted By tekojo
Re: It's official: to be orphaned

tabletsdev is the only area which has material that is under licences (Nokia and third party), and it has the necessary checks in place to fullfill the requirements for distributing those pieces of...
Forum: Community 2012-05-10, 08:28
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Posted By tekojo
Re: How will introduce itself in 6 months?

I would not worry about that, at this point. With Quim as the contact, there will be fair warning if anything like that happens.
Forum: Community 2012-05-04, 12:54
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Posted By tekojo
Re: How will introduce itself in 6 months?

Quite a thread from just having a couple of beers :)

Should the intro simply state something along the lines of: "The Maemo Community is home to hackers of open mobile devices and software."
Forum: Community 2011-09-14, 17:09
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Posted By tekojo
Re: Gary Birkett RIP

This is very sad news indeed.

Gary was such a bundle of energy. All those ideas sprouting forward.
I will remember Gary very warmly.
Forum: Applications 2010-12-07, 08:50
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Posted By tekojo
Re: License for Finnish topo maps has expired?

Hi all,

I'm trying to find someone inside Nokia to tell me how the Topomaps deal and system worked. The actual map material is owned by Karttakeskus (Finnish National Survey).

So I'll find out...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-10-26, 07:33
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Posted By tekojo
Re: PR1.3 and Qt apps giving a segmentation fault

Do you have libqt4-dev installed on the device?
It seems to hold Qt libs to 4.6 and might be the cause for funny behaviour. Uninstall that and try to upgrade normally.

P.S. I did not have...
Forum: Community 2010-06-15, 12:53
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Posted By tekojo
Re: Post here if one of servers is down

There will be a bigger maintenance operation ongoing until 15:30 UTC at the ISP.

Not optimal, this comes to a total of over six hours of downtime today due to their hardware problem :(
Forum: Community 2010-06-08, 12:34
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Posted By tekojo
Re: What happened to the repository?

What on earth makes you think that?
It has been explicitly stated that will continue as is. Especially the repos will not be pulled in the foreseeable future. And not without warning.
Forum: Development 2010-06-03, 18:34
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Posted By tekojo
Re: footify alpha, a Spotify client based on despotify

You can request to become the maintainer if you like. There have been some cases where package maintainership has been handed over.

Of course with libdespotify it's a bit complicated as the API...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-05-25, 13:19
Replies: 57
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Posted By tekojo
Re: MeeGo hardware adaptation for N900

That is more of a feature request toward the MeeGo project. A good place to raise issues like this is the MeeGo-dev [] mailing list .
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-05-25, 07:11
Replies: 328
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Posted By tekojo
Re: Official: No MeeGo for the N900

Sigh. Cool down people. Get up, take a breath of air, and then come back to the thread.

Let's take the facts:
- The N900 will not get a commercially supported MeeGo release
- The N900 is a...
Forum: Community 2010-05-20, 08:30
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Posted By tekojo
Re: [Brainstorm 2010] Garage and developer services

Here I agree. Garage has been a fairly low maintenance, reliable service for a long time. Don't poke at it without a good reason. And if such reasons come up, Ferenc knows where to poke.

Forum: Development 2010-05-06, 18:30
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Posted By tekojo
Re: Maemo SDK virtual image - can't download full 100%

The files over there are in the Akamai sharing network, there is no single server that would be overloaded.

Is it only the full vmware image?
I'll test tomorrow morning when I have a...
Forum: Community 2010-05-06, 18:20
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Posted By tekojo
Re: Reviewing bugmasters' work

Timeless does have a tone :)
You get used to him pretty fast. And he has done an immense amount of work for Maemo.

Which is one of the amazing things with Andre, he just is polite, always.

Forum: Community 2010-05-04, 06:40
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Posted By tekojo
Re: server down?

I don't have an explanation on what crashed yet. But based on that everything in went MIA, I would guess that it was the internet connections at the ISP.
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-04-21, 08:57
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Posted By tekojo
Re: Spontaneous reboots are possible deliberate ?

I think I saw Elvis working for Nokia... :D
Forum: Development 2010-04-14, 07:49
Replies: 10
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Posted By tekojo
Re: Development packages take a lot of space in rootfs!

You are aware that the packages you are referring to are not supposed to be on device? They are intended to be used in scratchbox.

As javispedro suggested, you could make your environment on a mmc...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-04-06, 10:25
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Posted By tekojo
Re: Overclock the N900?

It is not that I want to spoil anybodies fun, but the audience in these forums is not composed of only people with 10+ years of Linux experience, and fond memories of i486 overclocking.

So when...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-04-06, 10:12
Replies: 5,350
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Posted By tekojo
Re: Overclock the N900?

Hi all,

Just a reminder that overclocking is one of the ways that you actually do void any sort of warranty on the device.

There is a reason for designing the device to run at 600MHz, and that...
Forum: Development 2010-03-23, 13:32
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Posted By tekojo
Developer documentation survey for the Maemo Community

Maemo Community, tell us how it is!

How is Maemo developer documentation? How should it be improved?

We want to hear it straight from You.

Maemo developer documentation survey consists of 16...
Forum: Development 2010-02-21, 20:15
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Posted By tekojo
Re: qjson

I don't think anyone has compiled qjson yet. At least it is not in the repos.

I tried to use the the QtScript module for JSON...
Forum: Development 2010-02-18, 08:06
Replies: 12
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Posted By tekojo
Re: IDE - For Maemo5 development

MADDE is a good option if you want to avoid the setup hassle.
You can develop a Qt app (or anything else) with it really simply. And Qt Creator is the IDE for Qt apps.
Forum: Community 2010-02-16, 17:13
Replies: 35
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Posted By tekojo
Re: Registered at Meego?

True. Less people, less active content and Linux Foundation to host it. That should equate to lightning speeds :)
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