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Forum: Nokia N810 2011-05-26, 02:05
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: spontaneous reboot while charging

Well, about time for the 1 year update - Battery running fine, I continually use the Nokia as a notepad, an mp3 player, a password store, a GPS, and occasional web surfing. Battery still lasts...
Forum: Nokia N810 2011-05-26, 01:55
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: Using N810 as a bluetooth GPS module

I just ran across this thread. I'm a GPS user, DAGR, Garmin, Tom-Tom, Nokia and have been looking into bluetooth GPS data loggers. They have really come down since this thread started and one can...
Forum: Competitors 2010-08-10, 05:26
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Posted By gemniii42
Nokia 3G Mobile Computer

These are being cleared big time, normally w/o an OS, but on Cowboom for $260 w/ a W7 license key.

Any word good or bad on them?
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-07-22, 14:14
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: Need advice: Mugen battery or replace my N810?

Buy a $9 battery (see my thread) and wait for the Dell to shake out.

Meanwhile get in on the Dell early sign up list.
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-07-22, 14:10
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: 810 keeps rebooting, wont go past white nokia screen

Battery -
Look for my thread -
Got a good battery for $9 shipped.
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-06-16, 22:37
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: Source for new BP-4L?

Search could be your friend also.

My $9 battery last days with light usage if WiFi search is turned off.
I last charged it June 13 @06:40,now Jun 15...
Forum: Competitors 2010-06-12, 05:13
Replies: 353
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: Dell Releases What n900 Should Have Been (Dell Streak)

I've been looking for a replacement for my 810 since I bought it in 2007.
I really wanted the same size, unix, better camera, and a source for stylii :).

I "cut my teeth" on an HP95LX about...
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-06-12, 04:15
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: spontaneous reboot while charging

Reason - Based on a few recommendations here.

Run battery-status and reporting every 5 minutes with other light usage it lasts about a day. Just charging the battery with light usage it last...
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-05-28, 18:16
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: spontaneous reboot while charging

Well I forked over the $9 for the battery from

Fit and charged fine, rec'd in about a week.
I charged it to 100%, fired off...
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-05-21, 09:27
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Posted By gemniii42
spontaneous reboot while charging

My n810 has been kind to me, however it's started to spontaneously reboot only while charging.

When plugged into the wall charger or the auto charger it will charge for a while then reboot. And...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-12-23, 12:18
Replies: 205
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: Anyone else lost their stylus already?

Search the N810 forums - there was a shop in NY city that sold the OEM stylus for a dear price.
I lost one of my N810 styllii immediately, and misplaced the other many times.
It seems Nokia has...
Forum: General 2009-10-25, 14:45
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: battery charger news

Hikers need something that will run off something like what they carry anyways. Either a "hand crank" generator or good Scotch.
Forum: Nokia N810 2009-02-14, 22:29
Replies: 62
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: N810 Armband Found

once again - anything like the ipod armband?
SWMBO just had two strokes and the last one left her right side not working. If she had one like the ipod she might be able to drag the arm up to...
Forum: General 2009-02-13, 02:33
Replies: 88
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: The $20 unlimited data plan

Last time I checked T-mobile did away with their cheap data plan and joined everyon else in ripping us off.
Forum: General 2009-01-08, 10:45
Replies: 63
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: what are you using your tablet pc for?

In addition to many other uses I've posted - here's a new one-
nightstand flashlight.
I've gotten in the habit of reading before going to sleep, and put my NIT down on the nightstand. When I wake...
Forum: General 2008-12-20, 11:06
Replies: 1
Views: 1,260
Posted By gemniii42
Wireless backup camera piped to Carman??

Has anyone seen an app/hardware combo that would allow one to interface a small wireless web cam to the NIT and use it as a backup camera, preferably interfaced with CarMan?
Forum: Applications 2008-12-20, 10:42
Replies: 665
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: Flip clock pre pre pre pre release

C'mon qwerty12 - your slacking off! You used to package in your sleep!
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-12-20, 09:33
Replies: 23
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: Nokia Beta Labs - Handwriting Calculator

Where's pi?

As in "pi are squared"? :)
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-12-19, 12:38
Replies: 23
Views: 8,580
Posted By gemniii42
Re: Nokia Beta Labs - Handwriting Calculator

GAD!! They keep on coming out with these apps but no easy way to increase the core storage!

Thanks pb for enabling me to be able boot from 2Gb internal RAM.
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-12-19, 12:30
Replies: 205
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: SSU 5.2008.43-7 is available

Ah! Placebo! The drug of choice for millions of doctors and pharmacists!
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-12-18, 12:44
Replies: 124
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: Leaving Charger Plugged In?

With all the brains and bandwidth wasted on this subject (to plug or unplug the wallwart, that is the question) on this forum, not to include probably hundreds of other forums, has any engineer...
Forum: Applications 2008-12-17, 23:12
Replies: 14
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: Love the latest WiFiInfo 0.6

ditto -
However it's VASTLY improved, now where's the PayPal button?
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-12-17, 22:42
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Posted By gemniii42
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-12-07, 23:16
Replies: 10
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: 810N on bus???

RE: WiMax
Unless there is coverage where you are going it won't be useful. For instance if most of your trips are to Baltimore, GREAT. West Virginia, forget about it.
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-12-06, 23:12
Replies: 4
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Posted By gemniii42
Re: Headphones...

Dealextreme has some good noise isolating buds for about <$4. Almost identical to those being sold in stores for $19.
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