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Forum: Applications 2012-02-20, 23:18
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: [Announce] Pierogi - a universal infrared remote control app

hi, thanks for this app, the ui is super slick!
i had the below 2 remotes used in qtirreco before it quit on me after a reflash, could they be added to keysets??

Forum: Multimedia 2012-02-12, 21:29
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: [Announce] MusiKloud - A SoundCloud client

sorry but am having same trouble as trish!

i must be doing something simple wrong, the info is below -thanks in advance x

BusyBox v1.10.2 (Debian built-in...
Forum: Community 2012-01-01, 00:02
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: Happy New Year to All NOKIA Haters 31/12/2011!

Happy 2012 to TMO a forum that has helped me love my N900.
upgrade date is looming & unfortunately I will upgrade.
Things I.m sure i will miss is this forum for sure, while i may not have posted...
Forum: Applications 2011-06-20, 22:33
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: [ANNOUNCE] TwitterBox is now TweeGo!

this happened to me, couldnt log in , message saying invalid name & password & network related problems, even though I knew all details were correct..

i had uninstalled & reinstalled countless...
Forum: General 2011-04-26, 20:43
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: N900 - Sold out on Amazon ($349 price point)

hmmm Roland TB303 scenario comes to mind (hopefully).....................

maybe not tho.

but mine's a keeper any way. have a year to go on contract & is in perfect condition. It was a...
Forum: Multimedia 2011-04-24, 23:16
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: video editing

no probs, thanks for your replies guys
Forum: Multimedia 2011-04-24, 18:15
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Posted By philbelfast
video editing

on an old nokia i had years ago you could take a video or audio clip from phone memory, set a start point, end point & trim it. you could evev combine audio over video.

is there anything like...
Forum: General 2011-04-15, 22:15
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: i'm done with this phone it sucks!!!

I am a big fan of the n900 & this forum but this thread has seriously turned me off.

the amount of hostility here against a fellow n900 user who is having trouble & is fustrated with it it is...
Forum: Applications 2011-04-04, 23:01
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: Cross Fade DJ App

not sure if it has been said already but for a phone app for a dj my opinion is that it would be more realistic just to create a single track dj/mp3 player with simple (?) pitch control & eq.& hot...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-03-16, 15:34
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: media player playing on its own

I dont use the widget on any desktop & the phone is normally locked & not in use when this happens..

it doesnt seem to be before or after a call either.. the phone could be in my pocket for a few...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-03-16, 13:59
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Posted By philbelfast
media player playing on its own

my phone has decided to play my music when it wants!

media player will start to play music on its own with out opening the program.

to stop it I have to open media player & close it again.
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-03-05, 00:11
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: HELP! My mates think my N900 is a piece of crap!

change all their tv& stereo channels using your phone, mightnt seem like muchthe first time or the second but around 73rd time & they'll soon conceed!
also show them iphone people a game gripper &...
Forum: Design 2011-03-04, 23:59
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Posted By philbelfast
unforced power off occasionally happens

Recently sometimes i would be viewing any normal screen & then lock the screen with the flick switch. when i go to unlock it maybe 10 secs later nothing happens. power key, sliding keyboard makes no...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-01-09, 16:10
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: pr 1.4 is coming guys

LMAO!! then wait for the "PR1.4 what a waste of time! thanks for nothing nokia" posts!
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-12-31, 01:35
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: Adobe Flash Player 10: When will the update arrive? Is it coming at all?

if it aint coming it aint coming.. simples. save your energy & use it for something productive people.
Forum: Applications 2010-11-29, 19:47
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: Running a Marthon with the N900

i completed a marathon in may 2010 a month after i got my n900, didnt take it with me, took a smaller sony phone i had. in my opinion the n900 would have been too much of a distraction. (ie. running...
Forum: Multimedia 2010-11-25, 02:32
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: Download Music App

there is various sites like which i occasionally use from my n900 that work.
Forum: Off Topic 2010-11-25, 02:26
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: Nokia's N9 to be Epic

well im with my n900 for at least another 15 months. i dont feel the least bit intimidated by any new spec phone. as far as i see it my 'phone' can do more than what the majority of my mates are...
Forum: Multimedia 2010-11-16, 20:30
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: Synthesizer for N900!!!

Just an idea, is there a nintendo ds emulator for n900? & if so is ds10 (from korg) & electroplankton available? there is some cool youtube vids of these running on the DS, but i dont know if they...
Forum: Applications 2010-11-14, 23:43
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Posted By philbelfast
Talking Re: alternative MMS

was tidying up my fmms inbox there & really couldve done with a delete multiple option.

not the end of the world, it is great to have fmms (i have had my n900 months before this was available so...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-11-05, 02:32
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: After Latest Update

i had this prob when saving to memcard. i posted a prob that i could see the thumbnail on n900 but it would not openfile either on phone or when transferred to pc. in end i jist removed mem card and...
Forum: Applications 2010-10-31, 22:20
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: [Announce] Presence VNC

when installing i got some message about conflicting packages, or something like that. didnt pay too much attention at the time as kids were running riot around here. assumed it was vnc but maybe...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-10-31, 22:12
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: need to get libqt4-core

Yeah wouldnt surprise me!
Forum: Applications 2010-10-31, 20:09
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: [Announce] Presence VNC

I uninstalled vnc viewer to install this app but am getting the error message that i am missing libqt4-core (>=4.7.0 git20100909-0maemo1+0m5). I am still on pr1.2 but am sure alot of others were...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-10-31, 19:59
Replies: 5
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Posted By philbelfast
Re: need to get libqt4-core

thanks. am in uk so will prob have to wait a week or 2 for pr1.3. I thought presence was available before the new firmware was out but maybe not.
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