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Forum: Android 2014-11-18, 09:52
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Posted By lal
Re: Nokias new device

Jolla will announce that new Sailfish OS will install on Nokia N1 at slush tomorrow! Android can watch from the side line!
Forum: Android 2014-05-17, 03:10
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Posted By Shadwblade2652
Re: Alpha5: headset/headphone problem solution

Sucks. KitKat is NitDroid's only hope of becoming a working OS for the N9. Until it's ported, Harmattan(a dead OS), seems to be the only working thing since SFOS is still under heavy development.
Forum: Nokia N900 2014-05-14, 09:12
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Posted By pali
Exclamation RX-51 BME Replacement

After long time I'm announcing BME Replacement project for testing.

This project aims to replace Nokia proprietary closed source software BME which is used for Battery Management on Nokia N900 in...
Forum: Alternatives 2014-04-28, 08:57
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Posted By juiceme
Re: Introducing ubiboot N9 (multiboot OS loader)

On your Harmattan section of ubiboot.conf, you have 6 slots available for your kernels.
You can put the new kernel you want to on any of the lines.

Remember that you have the setting...
Forum: Alternatives 2014-04-28, 07:30
Replies: 1,375
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Posted By mcbook
Just add a new line with label and path to kernel...

Just add a new line with label and path to kernel and you are done
Forum: Nokia N900 2014-04-15, 21:36
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Posted By ryu1
Re: my modified n900 - "normal" usb port and solar panel

Hello world, after a long time i decided to mod the sd card slot of the nokia n900. This necesity came from the need to quick insert/remove sd card. I am building a tablet based on raspberry pi, and...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2014-04-14, 04:53
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Posted By Shadwblade2652
Android KitKat on the N9

Hi all,
So I recently found out about the new improvements to KitKat in Android 4.4. After using Nitdroid in the N9 for quite a while, I can say that the benchmark scores are miserable (Antutu...
Forum: Themes 2014-04-14, 03:19
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Posted By Ancelad
Re: [REQUEST] Vanilla Meego Theme for N9

Probably I will receive moderator's punishment, but this ***** must see these words...

You say "dat png photoshop , copy paste , readjust , resize hard lyfe", you think it is very easy? Just do...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2014-04-03, 03:40
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Posted By Hurrian
Re: [Announce] kernel-plus for Harmattan

I know this'll be a double post, but I just cant resist - I got a little too bored last night while hopped up on coffee.

It's a little teaser of what's to come.
( ...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2014-03-26, 19:44
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Posted By nieldk
Re: Donating my N9

is devs being hit on here? or Nokia for their faillure to open the device and supporting community effort ?
Forum: SailfishOS 2014-03-20, 19:12
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Posted By max83
Smile Re: Porting Sailfish to N9 (or other)

sorry mate I am very busy these days, I am busy at work specially third quarter of each month, I found some drivers havent tried on my beloved N9, coz as you might know my N9 faced a problem and it...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2014-03-12, 17:47
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Posted By j.yiannako
Re: Possible to port Here Maps to meego?

Nokia Maps is much better. Here maps lacks on-map bus integration like on MeeGo & symbian. One of the reasons i havent left my n9 yet is because i havent found a comparable app on any other platform
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2014-03-12, 13:34
Replies: 49
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Posted By coderus
Re: Possible to port Here Maps to meego?

go to maps management and download updated more detailed maps. it works for me.
Forum: The Other Half 2014-03-12, 11:50
Replies: 802
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Posted By dirkvl
Re: [WIP] Producing Qwerty OtherHalf --order counter: 65/100

so production, much keyboard

for all that think this is a lot of work -> it is.

Forum: Applications 2014-03-10, 16:31
Replies: 1,998
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Posted By coderus
Forum: General 2014-03-10, 10:34
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Posted By pichlo
Re: charging but not charging?


Because it is difficult to read.
>>Please stop top-posting.


Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
> Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
Forum: Android 2014-03-10, 07:04
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Posted By juiceme
Re: [help] modify sillyboot for me

So this is what it would look like :)
Forum: SailfishOS 2014-03-10, 03:08
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Posted By coderus
Re: sailfish source code ?


You need to port libhybris and nemomobile on top of it, and then just reuse sailfish repositories over nemo.
Forum: Competitors 2014-03-08, 15:09
Replies: 562
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Posted By slaapliedje
Re: Latest And Greatest!

Isn't that the truth. No seriously.

Due to a want/need to start looking for a form of income, I ended up getting an android phone to test things on. And holy crap, seriously people had kept...
Forum: Android 2014-03-03, 05:47
Replies: 25
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Posted By juiceme
Re: [help] modify sillyboot for me

There's a "Thanks!" button for that :)
Forum: Android 2014-03-02, 20:22
Replies: 25
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Posted By juiceme
Re: [help] modify sillyboot for me

Okay, now, just for fun I have made you a special version of ubiboot that has bootup for 2 Nitdroid entries and a Harmattan entry.

Before installing this, fix your system so that your 2 Nitdroid...
Forum: Android 2014-03-01, 01:58
Replies: 25
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Posted By Shadwblade2652
Re: [help] modify sillyboot for me

No its that wanting something doesn't mean that people will immediately help you.

Configuring ubiboot isn't very complex. If you know what partitions the OSes are on, then you can easily...
Forum: The Other Half 2014-02-16, 17:37
Replies: 75
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Posted By kimmoli
Re: OtherHalf Infrared Thermal Imager

"proof of concept" in progress.

Sensor devices finally available for purchase, delivery time 8-10 weeks :( (Digikey does not sell to Europe)
Time to do some schematics/layout.

Got camera...
Forum: Community 2013-12-24, 22:12
Replies: 47
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Posted By HtheB
Unhappy Help needed for CepiPerez.... [Sad story]

Guys, most of you out there knows CepiPerez ( here on tmo.

As you guys maybe noticed, he isn't so much active anymore like he used to be.

He had his own...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2013-12-11, 13:45
Replies: 383
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Posted By Hurrian
Re: [Announce] kernel-plus for Harmattan

...and this, ladies and gents, is why I don't intend on supporting boot methods other than Ubiboot (although, it must work both ways!)

I recognize though that some people legitimately prefer not...
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