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Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-02-15, 15:15
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Question Re: BiiiG Maemo News Coming???

Flash 9.4? Don't Hulu and Youtube require Flash 10.1?
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-02-15, 15:13
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: flash 10 now required hulu youtube?

Is there Adobe flash 10 for KDE? I have an N800 and KDE is cumbersome without a keyboard but it would be something to consider.

A small wine app that would just run Adobe 10 would be another...
Forum: Applications 2009-05-29, 19:53
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: app removal

"apt-get remove" sounds like the best option. I had posted instructions on manually deleting programs and menu items on the wiki before. If I find the wiki I'll post a link here*.

For what it's...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-05-22, 14:19
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: What woud you realistically like to see in the N900?

I haven't read the thread, but had a thought I wanted to put out there and this seems to be the right place.

Wish item for the N900 or future devices: Video out.
I just got a HD tv and went...
Forum: Competitors 2009-05-22, 13:28
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: Someone slap maemo or mer on this baby!

That Smart-Q looks sharp, and $150 ?!?!?!?. If it has removable/expandable memory and maybe battery that would be hard to beat.... though I'm quite happy with the N800 and if you can find them they...
Forum: General 2009-05-21, 13:30
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: Nokia N810 $199

I have two N800's. I have to contain myself to not buy another for around $100, just in case one of mine dies. I bought the second as a MP3 player for my wife and a MP4 player for my daugher. It...
Forum: General 2009-05-21, 13:16
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: Just how robust are the N8*0s anyway?

I put mine in my shirt pocket, probably looks geeky. As a result, I have droped it while tying my shoe or picking things up from about 2' hundreds of times on concrete, tile etc... Never had a...
Forum: Community 2009-05-07, 14:18
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: Who finds themselves coming to these forums less after the change of image?

What's this image you speak of?

No wasted space here. Replying does require some extra clicks.

Excelent for lurking, and catching up on long...
Forum: Community 2009-05-07, 14:12
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: Poll: How can i stay informed? Please Vote

There should be several single points of contact. In that when you are looking for input, you should look for input from the relevant groups, but at a single point in each of those groups.

Forum: Applications 2009-05-07, 13:02
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: Future for PIM applications

I aplaud your contribution. I've long waited something to sync with Outlook.

However in that wait, I've started exporing Windows 7 and linux (puppy linux) and cross platform applications like...
Forum: Applications 2009-05-06, 21:57
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: mCalendar

As mentioned above, uninstalling leaves your database. It needs to be removed manualy. From xterm that is:
rm ./.mPIM/mcalendar.db

That will remove all apointments and user preferences.

Forum: Games 2009-04-27, 12:38
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: Anybody have Domino & Checker Games in a deb?

You can save the flash from the internet to the device. Just disable flash in microb then go to your favorite website. When it goes to load the flash game, it will ask you what to open it with. ...
Forum: Games 2009-04-24, 10:47
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Gcompris (port request)

I know Gcompris 8.4.5-1 has been ported, but many of the sound files are missing making some of the games with letter identification impossible. I also believe Gcompris source has been updated...
Forum: Multimedia 2009-04-23, 02:46
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: [PRE-ANNOUNCE]Qt Tablet Encoder

Any chance it can handle *.Tivo files? Tivo slaps on some header info and changes the extension from .MPEG. I use a program called 'Direct show Dump' to strip it back down to Mpeg, then run through...
Forum: General 2009-04-22, 20:00
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: What's left to do?

Check voice recognition off the list. Requires connection to the intertubes.
Call your Google Voice, leave a message, get it e-mailed to your device, cut and paste.

"Real" offline voice...
Forum: Applications 2009-04-21, 16:31
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: How to send a file in Skype (maemo, n810)

As noted above; a mike on the case and second in the headphones. I'm not positive, but would expect that normal mono/stereo headphones plugged in would disable the mic in the case (same as the built...
Forum: Games 2009-04-16, 20:33
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: Jewel Quest - Any FOSS equivalents?

Just a quick google (flash jewel quest II) and I found:
Looks like version one, but they might have II. Disable flash support then go to the...
Forum: Applications 2009-04-16, 17:21
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: Spoof iPhone in Tear 0.3 f/Gmail)

A Better layout would be nice, I'll be back to check the links from my Nokia.

The scrolling issue may be what I've had with google spreadsheet. I attribute it to a constant refresh setting where...
Forum: General 2009-04-16, 15:27
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: What's left to do?

Thanks, I'll look into those. I didn't consider them before due to lack of outlook sync, but I've since climbed on the google bandwagon and ported info there.

Voice recognition would be...
Forum: General 2009-04-15, 16:45
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: What's left to do?

I'm a bit suprised that there isn't better palm/pda funcitonality. I did have garnet running, so I acknowlege there is something. I couldn't get Garnet 2 set up and haven't gone back to try Garnet...
Forum: Nokia N800 2009-02-03, 14:28
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: not able to use a SD card in the internal slot

Thanks for the info notladstyle.
It looks like the original poster has given up, or hopefully figured it out.
fanoush's terminal commands probably are as thourough as you need, but there is a 'last...
Forum: Troubleshooting 2009-01-29, 18:37
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: How to associate swf files to KMPlayer instead of web browser?

You can hide that url bar at the bottom under (Menu->View->Show Toolbar->Full screen).
I'm curious if there are performance differences between the two.
Forum: Nokia N800 2009-01-29, 15:19
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: how do you convert DVD's to your N800?

That is spectactular!!!

Our wiki is pretty good too...
Forum: General 2009-01-29, 01:40
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: Any reason to clone to removable MMC on n810? ie speed increase

The main reason to do this is for space for installable programs. Secondarily is to have a backup. Using Penguinbait's install tools ('s...
Forum: Off Topic 2009-01-28, 18:25
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Posted By TheGogmagog
Re: ubuntu forums = lame

Puppy linux is also easy to use and has an active helpful forum. I was considering 'advancing' to ubuntu, but maybe I'll flush out my issues with Puppy.
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