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Forum: Brainstorm 2012-01-31, 08:51
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Forum: Off Topic 2012-01-31, 08:41
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Nokia CEO Blames Salesmen For Windows Phone Struggles

I've just read this and thought some people here will find it amusing:

You see? It's all...
Forum: Community 2011-08-23, 08:15
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Posted By johnel
Re: The End is Coming: What do we do next?

Just to clarify I have never been banned for my behaviour.

Have you considered applying for a marketing job at Microsoft?

Your ability to spread FUD is impressive.


Personally, I think...
Forum: Community 2011-08-23, 07:25
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Posted By johnel
Forum: Community 2011-08-17, 14:23
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Re: The End is Coming: What do we do next?

Build a bomb shelter, buy tons of canned food, arm yourself and prepare for the inevitable enslavement of mankind by hyper-intelligent monkeys?
Forum: Community 2011-08-16, 07:48
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Posted By johnel
Re: The End is Coming: What do we do next?

Qole, I really have to say if it wasn't for all your hard work with easydebian & the bluetooth keyboards/mouse support for the n900 I would have given up long ago.

Your software is one of the...
Forum: Alternatives 2011-07-18, 14:50
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Posted By johnel
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-06-29, 12:23
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Posted By johnel
Re: no N9 in UK, FR, IT, NL, ES and D

It's fascinating watching a company like Nokia slowly implode from consistant corporate stupidity.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-06-21, 10:48
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Posted By johnel
Re: N9: It's finally here

Especially using it to broadcast your music collection to an FM stereo!

"Regular people" are amazed and say things like:

"How are you doing that without bluetooth?"

"You mean a can keep my...
Forum: Community 2011-06-10, 07:31
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Posted By johnel
Re: Stskeeps says bye! o/

Thanks for everything stskeeps.

You were one of the great few who made this place so interesting, informative and fun.

Dude, you were a cornerstone in this forum.

My sincere good wishes to...
Forum: General 2011-05-27, 07:52
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Posted By johnel
Re: Look what I drew on my phone

Woorm. your art is fantastic - such a great style.

Thank-you for posting the images.

Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-05-19, 16:02
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Posted By johnel
Re: meego 1.2 is released [official]

Dude I think the release is for the following platforms:
(Meego for the N900 will be at the end of the month?)

The one we're interested in is still a "release candidate"
Forum: Alternatives 2011-04-14, 11:23
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Posted By johnel
Re: Easy Video Guide: How To install NITDroid v11 Gingerbread 2.3.3

Handy video!

Make sure to read the video description first - this lists the stuff you need to perform the installation.

I had trouble with no.5 "A Brain" - mine is very temperamental and works...
Forum: Community 2011-03-25, 14:06
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Posted By johnel
Re: Google Honeycomb is Closed Source!

What's probably really happened is the hardware manufacturers said:

"Waghhh! Cheap chinese manufacturers are using Android on cheap hardware devices and we cannot compete with that.

Forum: Nokia N900 2011-03-14, 11:45
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Posted By johnel
Re: N900 charger cable can rip usb port

You had better get your keyboard repaired too. :)
Forum: Development 2011-03-04, 13:41
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Posted By johnel
Re: [ANNOUNCE] PySide: Python for Qt 1.0 released!

i will be installing this shortly.

I also found this page ( - it details the differences (minor?) between PyQt and PySlide.
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-03-04, 11:10
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Posted By johnel
Re: MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition for N900

The important thing to remember is when the n900 hardware adaption is complete (e.g. most/all hardware is fully supported) it doesn't matter what UI is runs on top.

If you don't like Nokia's...
Forum: General 2011-03-04, 08:39
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Posted By johnel
Re: How important is your stylus to you?

My stylus is invaluable.

It's handy for scraping excess wax from my ears, tormenting my cats and poking unruly children.

I've also discovered it comes in handy for using the touchscreen on my...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-03-04, 08:32
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Posted By johnel
Re: MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition for N900

As I understand it:

The "hardware adaption" team (lead by stskeeps) are writing backend stuff (e.g. GPS hardware, ability to SMS and make phone calls). Also developing *standard "Meego" UI.

Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-03-03, 16:26
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Posted By johnel
Re: MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition for N900

The problem is the MeeGo team seem to be re-inventing some of the Linux components (e.g. NetworkManager) it could be a while before something actually usable will be released.

The project started...
Forum: Development 2011-02-28, 12:53
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Posted By johnel
Re: Qt for android in alpha stage

I'm sure the KDE team may have a different opinion.
Forum: Brainstorm 2011-02-14, 11:13
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Posted By johnel
Re: [APP] Angry Devs game

As a bonus level you can rescue developers from a burning platform via helipcopter by airlifting them to safety (google hq).
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-02-14, 11:10
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Posted By johnel
Re: Develop for meego!!

No thanks, ubuntu 10.10 runs just fine on my Compaq Mini (Atom-based) and the plethora of software readily available via the repos (especially developer tools).

Why do I need Meego?

Forum: Brainstorm 2011-02-11, 15:56
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Posted By johnel
Re: Is there anything we can do??

Old Nokia caused the problems in the first place.

Unless you mean really, really old Nokia when engineers were involved in the decision processes that made Nokia such an innovator many years ago.
Forum: General 2011-02-11, 14:44
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Posted By johnel
Feasible to Mirror Maemo Repos (due to current events)

OK basically it appears we're ****ed.

Thankfully there is still an active community and many people here still like the N900 and Maemo we still have a future.

How feasible is it to mirror the...
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