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Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2009-11-05, 15:30
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Running linux apps on the n900

My feeling is that Maemo represents the most direct route for Linux apps to handheld devices and to what are now designated "smartphones" but which are likely to be the typical cellphone just a...
Forum: General 2009-11-04, 20:43
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Mobile browsers performance

N900 microB 52-55 fps
N900 fennec 1.0b4 42-47 fps
Forum: Development 2009-11-03, 18:31
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Contributors needed: the killer free chess game for Maemo

It hasn't been mentioned in this thread explicitly, but there are hundreds of chess engines available.

Usually these are distributed as binaries and the vast majority of those binaries have been...
Forum: Development 2009-10-27, 17:38
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Holy **** - 50 to register to publish to Ovi?

For Ovi to reject applets from individuals is to go against the Apple iPhone apps model (which has proven wildly successful). And to force small American companies not doing business in Europe to...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-10-23, 00:59
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Posted By RogerS
Re: T-Mobile prepaid

I had the same question, and so I went looking for a T-Mobile card in Amsterdam two minutes after getting the summit loaner.

Yes, it worked fine.

I even made ca voip call to the U.S. from the...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-10-22, 16:23
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Posted By RogerS
Re: N900 not till Jan 2010 on Tmobile USA!!!!!

There must be some logic to how T-Mobile's plans fit together, but I haven't been able to figure it out. (Not that the maze is any simpler than other carriers'.)

What is this $5 plan being...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2009-10-21, 13:51
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Printing from device

Last week I heard that some of the more technically inclined Maemoans were wondering aloud about supporting printing to wireless and Bluetooth printers.

As a middle course, this sounds smart to me...
Forum: Off Topic 2009-10-20, 19:52
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Which version of Ubuntu for a mini-laptop?

My son's Asus Eee freezes in the middle of the boot-up process, so when I brought it to the summit I booted it from a USB drive with Eeebuntu on it.

Worked fabulously. I don't know the other...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-10-16, 17:35
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Skype - credit calling

In Amsterdam last week, I purchased a 10-euro SIM card and used it in my loaner N900 to connect to T-Mobile Internet when wifi was not available to me (eg, at the Hotel Ibis).

I accessed my Skype...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-10-16, 15:38
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Posted By RogerS
Re: It's official. N900 to ship end of October

I am one of those who misunderstood a date supplied by a Nokia representative.

I was told there would be no problem with devices being ready by the Maemo Summit, which they were. I didn't know...
Forum: Community 2009-10-16, 14:57
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Posted By RogerS
Re: N900 device program for developers and contributors

Wonder if you (and others) saw the news report today:Nokia ( $1.36 Billion Loss as Sales Fall 20...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-10-15, 19:01
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Posted By RogerS
Re: N900 Not the perfect phone?...apparently not

Have to agree with this. With emphasis:

The UI is lightyears beyond Maemo 4 for finger usage.

This is something that shouldn't be downplayed.

Roger S
Forum: Community 2009-10-13, 17:42
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Maemo Summit 2009 aftermath

Personally, my favorite conferences schedule 20 minutes after every other session, in order to allow for more attendee-to-attendee discussion (specifically Balisage and TOC). These conversations tend...
Forum: Applications 2009-09-24, 19:50
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Posted By RogerS
Re: nWiki, my version of TiddlyWiki

I think the marriage between TiddlyWiki and the N810 and N900 was made in heaven.

I think putting the "sidebar" down at the bottom makes a lot of sense.



PS: Without "tiddly"...
Forum: Community 2009-09-15, 12:07
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Maemo Summit registration reaches 300 participants limit: next steps

I know I'm stating the obvious, but since I am among those whose plans for attending the summit have switched 180 degrees, I hope we can allow for a "lucky losers" list too.

That is, when one...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-09-14, 21:08
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Posted By RogerS
Does 'N900 in Oct' mean Oct 9?

Before a product is actually out, identifying a specific release date is something a company simply can't do. It's too easy for something unexpected to go wrong and throw all the plans off schedule....
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-09-14, 20:45
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Posted By RogerS

I'll post all of my under-one-hour's experience, but the first strongest impression was how multi-tasky the N900 is.

I don't know where the performance starts to suffer, but in my finger-on-screen...
Forum: Community 2009-09-10, 01:06
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Posted By RogerS
Karma chameleon

Is there a statement somewhere on this website that explains karma?

For instance, I was wondering who decided the relative merits of one type of contribution versus another?

And whether a...
Forum: Community 2009-09-02, 01:54
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Introducing Maemo Talk

Duly noted.

I'll also change the feed so that any unsuitable posts (as well as content-free ones I'm a natural at generating them) don't enter this planet's orbit.
Forum: Competitors 2009-09-01, 23:21
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Posted By RogerS
Re: N900 vs Iphone.

A minor correction for future searchers:

Although its three predecessors' 800x480 screen yielded 225 pixels per inch resolution, the smaller display of the Nokia N900 means its resolution is...
Forum: Community 2009-09-01, 22:40
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Introducing Maemo Talk

There's more than a little confusion about this, reflecting's makeup, I guess.

1) Maybe planet used to mean "the whole thing" and aggregator "something that brings different things or...
Forum: News 2009-08-27, 20:50
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Posted By RogerS
The Nokia N900 all-in-one: camera, phone, video player, web tablet & Kindle partner

Read the article at ITT. (
Forum: Off Topic 2009-07-08, 23:00
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Google announces chrome OS. This is real big!

I think you're right.

For one thing, it could be the first device that uses Chrome OS.

Even if it doesn't, the development of web apps will be spurred by Google's actions, which can only...
Forum: Off Topic 2009-07-08, 22:53
Replies: 94
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Posted By RogerS
Re: Google announces chrome OS. This is real big!

Well, considering how much development is done with Rails, I'd say you ought to include Ruby in the list.
Forum: Accessories 2009-06-22, 16:24
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Posted By RogerS
MiFi use?

Wondering if any N810 users have anything to report about their experiences with MiFi.

I have an "everything data" plan with Sprint, but it seems as though "everything," "data," "MiFi" and "N810"...
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