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Forum: Applications 2018-09-03, 17:46
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[SFOS] Pure Maps
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Pure Maps

@rinigus Incredible job with the app, kudos.

I would have just one suggestion - would you consider leaving some fixed, large enough window for submissions? Designing an icon that would adhere to...
Forum: Development 2018-06-11, 13:19
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Mapbox GL Native QML plugin

I am about to begin playing with this promising plugin, but while reading the documentation, I might need a slight push:

Could anyone give me a hint how to do an image overlay, where the image...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-12-31, 16:38
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Posted By nodevel
Re: How do I install Jolla Store apps from the terminal?

Welcome aboard :)

I think the recommended way of installing packages is pkcon

pkcon refresh
pkcon search name modrana
pkcon install modrana
which does not need root, but zypper should work...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-02-08, 19:52
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Posted By nodevel
Re: 2.1.0/Iijoki EA

The problem is that both user data (pics, browser cache) and Android apps are on different partitions than the one we have problem with.
I have 4.5GB free space on /home/nemo and also deleting...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-02-08, 14:32
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Posted By nodevel
Re: 2.1.0/Iijoki EA

I had the same problem on JollaC with the last update (2.0.5) - had to remove almost all apps (including AlienDalvik) to be able to proceed. As each update is bigger and bigger, this is bound to get...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-02-08, 13:52
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Posted By nodevel
2.1.0/Iijoki EA

New Early Access release has been made available!

Release notes (

Forum: Community 2017-01-31, 22:22
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Posted By nodevel
Re: [Council] The 1st Maemo Developer Regatta - The starting line

One last minute submission here :)

Project Name: Defender
Author: nodevel
Brief description: Simple privacy guard with ad blocking and cookie management for SailfishOS (in an early...
Forum: JollaC & Intex Aqua Fish 2017-01-16, 09:30
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Posted By nodevel
Re: [DIY] Spare Battery for JollaC

Thank you very much for your detailed tutorial! I think I'll try it as well, just hope I won't fry my Jolla C in the process :)

Could you please point me to it? If you mean the maxbhi site...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-01-11, 16:59
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Posted By nodevel
Re: [WTS] one Aqua Fish device

Dropped you a PM.

Forum: JollaC & Intex Aqua Fish 2017-01-11, 13:10
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Jolla C

Thanks for sharing your experience! Thanks to your report, I checked and found out that my battery is slightly swollen as well, so it is not safe to use.

Could you please describe how difficult...
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-11-30, 16:23
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Posted By nodevel
Jolla/SailfishOS Watch spotted at Slush 2016

As mentioned in another thread ( about SailfishOS, it looks like there are some prototypes of Jolla smart-watch.
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-11-30, 16:17
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Russian Open Mobile development based on SFOS

I think this deserves its own thread, rather than having it buried in a discussion about Russia.

EDIT: Created a new thread here (
Forum: Applications 2016-11-27, 12:59
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Posted By nodevel
Re: [Announce] Poor Maps

As usual, you need to refresh your repositories first with
pkcon refresh
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-11-04, 07:51
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Sailfish OS on Intel SoC-based tablets

I don't think this approach applies to Onda, because it is not a ported device in the sense of Hammerhead. It's a device that is closest to the Jolla Tablet, which has multiple implications. The main...
Forum: Applications 2016-11-02, 16:33
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Posted By nodevel
Re: [Announce] Native offline maps: OSM Scout Server

I had the same problem. I believe you need to refresh all repos first ('pkcon ref' should do) - at least I think that solved it for me.
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-09-11, 13:57
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Aliendalvik Control - Useful multitool!

Thanks for the reply.

I am opening links from Sailfish apps (for example Quickddit). Thanks for the Mimer suggestion - I installed it, the default app for opening links was Sailfish Browser, so I...
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-09-11, 09:35
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Aliendalvik Control - Useful multitool!

I am having a major problem with this app/modification and every time I try it, I really regret doing so. Maybe someone (coderus?) could tell me what I'm doing wrong. Sorry for an upcoming lengthy...
Forum: JollaC & Intex Aqua Fish 2016-09-10, 07:25
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Jolla C

I think I can help.

This thing occured to me on two types of events:

Randomly, mostly on 4G, following this bug...
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-09-07, 12:31
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Situations app - bugs, questions, answers, help etc..

I think it has something to do with the fact that SailfishOS now supports multiple SIM cards.

On a related note, I've been using two SIM cards in my Jolla C for the last couple of days and it...
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-08-31, 19:27
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Posted By nodevel
Re: early access SailfishOS Aurajoki

As you can partly read on TJC, I have tried this and reproduced the bug with multiple operators with different SIM cards (Czech, German) in multiple countries (Czech Republic, Germany, United...
Forum: JollaC & Intex Aqua Fish 2016-08-31, 13:57
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Posted By nodevel
Re: [Intex][LTE] European LTE bands on Intex

I don't think that SailfishOS in its current version can be used to make any conclusions on Intex Aqua Fish 4G band support.

First and foremost, 4G internet connection has serious problems on both...
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-08-31, 13:52
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Posted By nodevel
Re: early access SailfishOS Aurajoki

Unfortunately this known and longwithstanding bug with 4G/LTE internet connection ( has not been fixed. It's a...
Forum: Applications 2016-08-30, 18:00
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Posted By nodevel
[Announce] Kompanion: a bridge between Kodi, Reddit and your mobile device

Enhance your Kodi ( videos with Reddit ( comments or play Youtube/Vimeo/LiveLeak/Gfycat URLs straight on your Kodi instance.

Niche application for a niche...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-08-22, 08:03
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Jolla C for sale II

Sure, so when someone finally appears selling Jolla C for a very reasonable price (which 185EUR definitely is), let's attack them too!

I think that this witch-hunt needs to stop. No one is making...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-08-20, 19:13
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Posted By nodevel
Re: Jolla C for sale

I have nothing against trying to make a buck on a device that had to be bought with a risk of getting none (which was certainly the case of Jolla C, after the tablet fiasco), but are these...
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