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Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-10-17, 16:49
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: [UPDATED *Browser now works*] [TUTORIAL] Installing Meego With Call Support *Voice* Instructions

You don't need to know anything about Ubuntu to use it.

If you can burn an image to a cd or usb-stick and boot your windows computer from cd or usb, then you could follow the linux flasher...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-10-04, 19:44
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: Meego 1.1 RC?

To all those who think all this Maemo/MeeGo/Harmattan stuff is a mess or stupid or whatnot:

At the moment, the N900 has the closest to a regular GNU/Linux distro on a phone, That means that it's...
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-06-21, 10:28
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: Is there anything comparable to the N810?

The pandora would come closer than the n900. The specs are about the same as for the n900, but without the phone functionality.

It may take a while before you...
Forum: Applications 2010-06-07, 20:57
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: [Announce] Maesynth audio synth

I think I might like the ability to be able to to set the starting notes of both octaves independently of each other. So that the upper row would start with C (or whatever) and the lower with F if I...
Forum: Applications 2010-06-07, 18:59
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: Shopper App

i just noticed that Shopper 0.5.9-1 is in extras testing now.

QA page for voting:
Forum: Multimedia 2010-06-02, 08:21
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: [Announce] MyPaint 0.8.2-1 for Fremantle in extras-testing

Sorry to go a bit off topic here, but judging from the fact that tone's post was made at 3:50 AM and his heroic efforts, coupled with looking at the avatar, I suspect that tone may in fact be Batman....
Forum: General 2010-05-24, 07:44
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: N900 Telia prepaid smartphone internet

They have some info in english too:

The Telia stores are called "Telia Butik" and searching for telia butik gothenburg on seems to...
Forum: General 2010-05-24, 07:17
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: N900 Telia prepaid smartphone internet

According to a new comparison by a consumer-rights-tv-show, Telia's mobile broadband is fastest overall and has the best coverage of all available mobile broadband services in Sweden.

After a...
Forum: Development 2010-05-18, 12:53
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: What do I need to start developing applications?

For beginners to programming, python is often recommended.

You can practice your general programming and computer science skills with python and you will also be able to program for maemo/meego...
Forum: Themes 2010-05-11, 14:35
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: [Release] iStyle Themes

The theme is not yet in the normal extras repository, which is enabled by default on your N900. Instead, the theme is still in the extras-testing repository.

The extras-testing repository can be...
Forum: Applications 2010-05-10, 08:30
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: [Announce] Pull My Finger - Fart App

Yeah... Maybe not.

Regarding the multitasking, though... We could have some sort of fart daemon running in the background. iPhone couldn't do that, right? And since no multitasking on iPhone (and...
Forum: Applications 2010-04-20, 19:38
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: Custom music making app for kids: Jammo in extras-testingthe

The songs are in english too (and german and french). You sing along with a womans (on those I tested so far) voice or you can sing without "backing vocals"to the plain music. What you sing is...
Forum: Applications 2010-04-20, 18:48
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Posted By mannakiosk
Custom music making app for kids: Jammo in extras-testing

I came across "Jammo" in extras-testing, a new music making and singing app for kids, made specifically for the N900.

Homepage (

QA page for version 0.5.0-1...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-04-08, 17:38
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: PR 1.2 screenshots

I for one am interested in the n900 because of the freedom and the open source, so iPhone 4 could come with teddybears and lemonade (or whatever) and I wouldn't be interested. I'm only in it for the...
Forum: Applications 2010-04-07, 09:00
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: What are the 5 most important apps you've installed on your N900?

SSH client
Vulture's Eye
Forum: Off Topic 2010-04-05, 14:34
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: Speculation about the next firmware (PR1.2) and its release date

April 4:th was a sunday. April 3:rd was a saturday. April 2:nd was long friday, some sort of holiday. Even april 1:st, which was some easter-related thursday was likely atleast holiday-ish. And...
Forum: Community 2010-03-31, 20:12
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: OGGCamp N900 meet-up, UK

I'm not able to go, but I'll volunteer a thought that popped into my head, though: You should talk to Dan on the linux outlaws podcast, since he has (had?) an n900 and he is obviously going to be att...
Forum: Themes 2010-03-24, 19:37
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: i demand a final fantasy theme

I don't know about ponies with fricking lasers attached to their heads, but maybe you could get a shark. I hear lots of people are into those...
Forum: Applications 2010-03-23, 09:13
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: [Annouce] HealthCheck - Hardware/System checker for the N900

Thank you! That did it. Now healthcheck is running fine.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-03-09, 07:28
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: [ANNOUNCE] RĉMote for the N900 (Apple Infrared Remote)


While using that ae combination letter looks cool, I dont't think it's very practical, since most people can't easilly search for example these forums for the name of this app.

But maybe it...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-03-07, 14:01
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: Is it possible to change which program gets triggered when you start typing on the desktop?

If someone is thinking on developing something related to this thread, feel free to make use of the following stream of consciousnes:

A nice feature would be like the one in firefox, where one can...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-02-25, 09:28
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: RED blink while removing charger .

Well, just because two more people have the same feature, doesn't mean it's not a catastrophic glitch that will eat its way through your hardware until the battery explodes maming every third person...
Forum: Applications 2010-02-12, 19:05
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: what are must have apps for n900?

Many good apps mentioned allready, so here's my list of musthaves not yet mentioned:

1: Vultures Eye (package name is vultures), The game of nethack with an isometric graphical interface. (I'd...
Forum: General 2010-02-12, 11:39
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Posted By mannakiosk
FOSDEM videos online now

About FOSDEM 10:

Videos from fosdem 2010 are up now at

At least this video is directly related to maemo:
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-02-12, 11:29
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Posted By mannakiosk
Re: Maemo 6 Platform Security

there are videos from fosdem 10 up now at

Elena Reshetovas talk "Maemo 6 Platform Security":
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