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Forum: Applications 2011-12-25, 11:24
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: [Announce] N9Tweak v0.2-5

Engadget is lame.
But getting Verged means really something.
Congrats AlMehdi...

Edit: Looks like this is where it all started:...
Forum: Community 2011-09-15, 16:20
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Gary Birkett (aka lcuk) RIP

Never met Gary in person but once had a very very very small formal kind of talk in IRC. Have always followed his work and ideas in this community. He was very positive and always committed to the...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-06-21, 11:19
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: The EPIC N9 anticipation thread

N900 doesn't have GPS. ONly A-GPS. N9 has both. A-GPS works with cell towers. GPS works standalone meaning it can connect to the satellites to get a lock.
Forum: Community 2011-06-13, 04:57
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Stskeeps says bye! o/

Thank You Carsten. See you around in irc.
Forum: General 2011-04-28, 12:21
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Posted By vkv.raju
Post Re: and now

Discussing this now could be a wrong time but I sort of understand and agree to your comment.

Just wished that some significant workforce to be put behind MeeGo. No hopes now! SAD :(
Forum: General 2011-04-28, 12:17
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Nokia to shed 7,000 staff as part of reorganisation

[could be wrong but] the only difference I see is your Timex/Sinclair 2068 was probably made with good intentions. It is almost sure that N950 won't have that advantage!
Forum: Off Topic 2011-04-26, 04:59
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Posted By vkv.raju
Forum: General 2011-04-25, 13:21
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Media tracker problem.

Whats the file type of these ignored files? Like mp3's, aac, wav, flac, ogg or something like that.

You might want to install "Extra Decoders Support" app and then try scanning again to see if...
Forum: General 2011-04-18, 07:33
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Symbian "ANNA"? O.o

Even I have this confusion.
Symbian^3 PR2.0 is Symbian Anna
The latest symbian OS is Symbian Anna (meaning no more Symbian^3/4 stuff).

Guess, will have to wait for the next name. That would...
Forum: Multimedia 2011-04-18, 07:21
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: [ANNOUNCE] SomePlayer is available for Maemo 5

That would be really awesome. In India and also in many other countries, music is a very essential part of the movies. There are songs in movies. This is the case for almost 95% of the music...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-04-12, 03:19
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: The in-development Maemo 5 Community SSU

This is an awesome update. Thanks MAG. The new "open" camera-ui is great. Thanks Nicolai.

What could/would be replaced next (?):
Media Player (MAG is already working on this)

Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-03-31, 03:33
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: MeeGo 1.2 RC1 on 30.03.11

I am eagerly waiting for the DE version of this!
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-03-27, 07:10
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Posted By vkv.raju
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-03-26, 17:03
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Proximity sensor lags

Totally understand and agree to the pain! It's a real pathetic implementation of that proximity sensor in the phone application!

Can anyone please help us disabling that stupid proximity sensor...
Forum: General 2011-03-23, 13:31
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Nokia might shun Microsoft for tablet OS

To start with, we never wished Microsoft to be in the equation ever (including smart-phones)!
Forum: Applications 2011-03-23, 06:24
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Slide 2 Answer

I think Mohammad already said that he is going to work on the rotation issues.

I hope the next CSSU update gets this! And also the qt-mediaplayer (looks like the stock one but completely new &...
Forum: Applications 2011-03-16, 11:08
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Doesnt n900 support 3G video calls ?

I don't know about the rates at your place but when 3G was introduced in India, my prepaid plan offered video calls at 50p per minute. Same as the voice call rates. And even after 1 year, I think the...
Forum: Applications 2011-03-16, 10:04
Replies: 52
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Doesnt n900 support 3G video calls ?

But seriously, missing 3G video calling functionality in the N900 is a bit silly. It's not like Nokia doesn't know how to do or something. They have this on their Symbian phones. What is stopping...
Forum: Community 2011-03-13, 17:41
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: [Council] Maemo Community Council Q1 2011 nominations are now open

I totally agree. All the above mentioned names and few others have done some really amazing things to this community and their contributions are one of the major reasons why this community keeps...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-03-11, 18:05
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: ringtone problem, not sound at incoming call

The same happened to me. But now it is working. Instead of selecting one of those Nokia tunes, I selected one of the songs (mp3) that I had in the device as my ringtone!

Btw, I had CSSU installed...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-03-11, 09:13
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: "autoremover broke stuff" Fast Application manager

There is an option in FAPMan to disable auto-remove unwanted packages I think. you might want to try that temporarily as a work-around!
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-03-11, 09:10
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: Right speaker stops working??

May be the lemon juice now dried up. :)
Why don't you try un-installing the CSSU and see if it continues to work. It would give some pointers to this problem.
Forum: General 2011-03-11, 05:08
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Posted By vkv.raju
Forum: General 2011-03-10, 12:50
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: What will you want on the N950

More RAM allows you to run any other OS more friendly and smooth. For Symbian or maemo, even 512MB may be enough but the same can't be said for Android.

Fingerprint scanner is good to have. Not at...
Forum: General 2011-03-10, 09:52
Replies: 140
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Posted By vkv.raju
Re: What will you want on the N950

Absolutely not! $800 Max (by end-2012)!
But why the manufacturer wouldn't give you such a device today would be:
1. If they sell this today what will they sell tomorrow
2. Availability of all the...
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