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Forum: Nokia N900 2015-06-26, 17:19
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: N900 doesn't transfer to Android

if you are connected to the same wifi network e.g. hotel router, starbucks, mac donald. You may be able to use SSH from Android to copy the files from N900.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2015-03-12, 19:36
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Looking for cheap N9(00)

Hi, I have N900. everything works fine (USB+SIM Card+Wifi). PM me if you are interested. I will also give extra battery for free. No "stylus though" since I lost the stylus long time ago.
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2015-01-09, 23:53
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: sixaxisd

Looks like nobody have it,
so you would need to ask someone to compile it ?
Forum: Nokia N900 2014-10-23, 04:18
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: N900 firmware download location

Thanks. I have download the N900 and store it in my dropbox :).
Forum: Buy & Sell 2014-07-28, 16:14
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: WTB Nokia N900

Now I know why I am not able to send him a private message. Thanks.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2014-07-28, 16:12
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: WTB Nokia N900


all the functions works. I dont see any scratch on the screen since previously I put a screen protector (I removed it since its getting ugly now). From 1- 10, I will put 8.

Forum: Buy & Sell 2014-07-24, 19:54
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: WTB Nokia N900

PM me if you are still interested.. I am in California. Definitely original. Bought day 1 from Amazon. The only problem is missing stylus ($5 from ebay), other than that, its working fine.
Forum: Jolla1 & TOH 2014-03-02, 15:54
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Jolla on Other Devices

Well, 1st iteration always has some problem.
Other platform were having similar iteration problem e.g. Android G1 and WebOs (too bad they kill it)

Give Jolla time as long as they continue to...
Forum: Nokia N900 2013-10-08, 18:22
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Flash and ebook reader

For E-book reader:
You can use fbreader.

This can read ".epub" and ".fb2" and after change some configuration is one of the best e-reader application.
Forum: Nokia N900 2013-03-26, 00:06
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: T-Mobile "UnCarrier" deal

Unlimited (3g) data -> most likely 2 Giga / 500 Mb with no overage fee
For trully unlimited it should be additional 20.

PS: Add wifi hotspot now is "legally" built-in even though if you have...
Forum: Competitors 2013-03-15, 04:59
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Samsung Galaxy S4

They did do the brainwash but imagine if N9 or N900 can be installed in that new phone (with the amazing display and hardware), I am sure most of the maemo/meego users will have a different tune :-).
Forum: Competitors 2013-02-01, 00:50
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Blackberry Playbook 64gb or Nexus 7 32gb, help plz!?

Unlikely bb10 will works optimised for playbook 64GB due to the hardware. It will work but you know 'slow'.

I would rather get Nexus 7.

If you can wait, then wait until BB10 has been ported to...
Forum: Off Topic 2012-11-12, 23:35
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: The Jolla phone, what are you hoping for?

Deal breaker:
Anything that is < 4 inch
512 MB ram or less
did not support AWS band
dual core 1GB or less.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-11-12, 23:33
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Possible malware or compromised package..

If you are using t-mobile, you can choose to block paid sms right ?(from their website, you can turn off and on the settings).

I did that before for my t-mobile.
Forum: Alternatives 2012-07-27, 04:29
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: MyTouch Q 4G from T-Mobile

Its Wifi Calling from T-Mobile. You will be able to get SMS but not MMS during Wifi Calling. and yeah its free even when you are in overseas.

Other phones that supports Wifi Calling: Samsung GS...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-03-15, 21:26
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Warranty experience and product codes

USA does not have Nokia N9. They will have to import it from other region. So it will be up to the vendor how they import it. If you are lucky, they will import it from Europe otherwise it could be...
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-02-04, 05:08
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: USB port broke, how can I transfer my files over a WIFI --> no need to setup anything
ssh using winscp
ftp server
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-01-11, 04:55
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Nokia Lumia 900 Official : "Born for the USA" !

If its still the same with the rest of Nokia Phone, you should be able to ask your friend who have AT&T (and good credit record - who has been with them more than 1 year++) to call AT&T to unlock it...
Forum: General 2011-10-24, 22:27
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: using my n900 as a wifi dongle

PC Suite 7.1 is supported (not all features), but for the sake of modem yes, its definitely supported. I have been using it.

OVI Suite (latest version) is also supported). I use it a couple of...
Forum: Competitors 2011-10-19, 04:35
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Android CyanogenMod7 now dual booting on HP Touchpad (Alpha Release)

You should install it. Works fine with dual booting.

If you have already install the CM Android and then upgrade to OTA webos, you only need to flash the "moboot" file one more time
and you are...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-10-18, 21:22
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Has anyone Scratched the screen on the N9 yet?

Hmm N9 is using gorilla glass. This is hard to believe. Did u scratch it with your keychain ?
Forum: Applications 2011-10-11, 02:46
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Switch to available wifi for regular calls

Wifi calling also works on Android device example G2X from T-mobile. I have both N900 and G2X so if I am overseas I will use G2x for wifi calling. Sometimes Skype on N900. Well depends on whom I...
Forum: Off Topic 2011-10-09, 17:28
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: WP7 has only 0.25% market share?

At the end of year since Nokia now supporting WP7, the share will increase when Nokia releases the phone. Since N9 will be the only phone with Meego from Nokia, the share number will be static. But...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-10-06, 13:50
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: could any one give that file ??

Go to internet cafe and download from there.
Go to your friend place and download from there. You can even try to use their machine.

There are other ways to download the file.

Did u use the...
Forum: Newbie 2011-10-03, 19:12
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: new n900 owner need help

no, if you need it, then you need to flash it. learn how to flash.
its not difficult.
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