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Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-02-20, 12:28
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Posted By [Knuckles]
[SOLD] TOHKBD Black/Black/Carbonfiber black QWERTY

I'm looking to sell my used TOHKBDv2, bought during the kickstarter campaign.

It's working perfectly, some keys need a little more pressure than others (it's been like this since I received it)...
Forum: Applications 2015-09-03, 18:32
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Whatsup on Jolla

Thanks! This new version indeed solved my old version issues.

I uploaded a copy to mega also, as a backup mirror:!hpYzhADa!hKJt4NbVW3F6yl87N3Oh4draBqnjnPFmbwHemABlc64
Forum: SailfishOS 2015-06-20, 12:16
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: [Pre-Pre-Release] Mitakuuluu3 v0.1.11

Coderus, even if you never write a single line to the Jolla again, thanks for your awesome work, and hope you regain your happiness!

It's hard sometimes to make a difference in this huge world,...
Forum: The Other Half 2015-06-17, 21:19
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: TOHKBD rev2

I'm sorry if this is an extremely stupid question, but I tried to search my e-mail and the kickstarter site and found no answer: how do I know what my number is?

Forum: Neo900 2013-09-09, 10:09
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: Neo900 - finally a successor of N900

This is a truly awesome idea, I will be following it very intently. QWERTY phones seem to be disappearing, and any efforts to put out new ones deserve full support!
Forum: Jolla1 & TOH 2013-05-20, 18:12
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: #JollaLoveDay - 20th May - device announcement

You mean like all our purchases of N900 and N9 saved Nokia? Let's be real. A small group of geeks can't change the world by voting with their wallets. They can change it by developing killer apps,...
Forum: Jolla1 & TOH 2013-05-20, 17:36
Replies: 2,850
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: #JollaLoveDay - 20th May - device announcement

We're just kind-of disappointed, because we were promised an awesome reveal, and this was definitely not it.

Besides, the open part is currently good will from jolla. But will it materialize? It...
Forum: Jolla1 & TOH 2013-05-20, 16:49
Replies: 2,850
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: #JollaLoveDay - 20th May - device announcement

Yeah, I have to agree: is that it?

I thought they left out some details from because they were gonna announce something more, or some more details.

I was especially waiting for them...
Forum: Applications 2012-10-02, 10:07
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: [Announce] MaeCalTasks

Another +1 thanks a lot (and of course you got my vote on the competition).

I was used to the PIM on my symbian 5800XM, but never really liked maemo's task system. Now I can finally use it :)
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-08-27, 19:16
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: [ANNOUNCE] CSSU-thumb thread - stable Thumb2 on N900

I tend to be very conservative with changes on my N900, but I've been eagerly watching CSSU-thumb develop.

Hope it does not go away, but freemangordon, you've already done a lot more than most...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-08-04, 10:48
Replies: 225
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: [Development] kernel-power

First post here, hope I don't step on any bear traps :)

I've been playing with using UDF instead of fat32/ntfs/ext234/whatever on my flash devices and external hard drives, since it's a...
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-08-03, 09:19
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: Two bright point on the screen?

Yeah, had it on my first N900 screen, had to be replaced, and my second screen (installed on the same N900) still had spoits, albeit in a different place.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-08-02, 22:47
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: [Call to arms!]

Only saw the thread now, so too late to contribute, but I'm really looking forward to all those awesome tweaks :D

If donations toward another N900 is ever needed, count me in!
Forum: Applications 2012-07-30, 12:58
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: Portrait mode in N900 running Fremantle.

You just have to follow the info on

In your case I guess you want this
Forum: General 2012-01-09, 13:33
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: Symbian^3 Source Code and Bootleader has been Leaked

The question would be more like, why the hell would you want S^3, if you have an almost-working legal Android port.
Forum: Applications 2011-08-03, 00:19
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: [Announce] Google Voice client qgvdial is ready for testing

I've just tried it, and it doesn't work for me because I use 2-step verification for my google account.

If I look at the debug web browser, I see that google is requesting the code they sent via...
Forum: Community 2011-07-01, 18:11
Replies: 334
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Posted By [Knuckles]
Re: Google+ invitation requests

Yeap I can confirm that the workaround works, got in yesterday.

If anyone wants, just PM me with your e-mail and i'll do the thingy :)
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