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Forum: Off Topic 2010-08-21, 22:55
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Posted By choubbi
Re: why cant i have my own opinion without being abused

Stop asking us what trolling means and look it up yourself on the internet (google, wikipedia, urban dictionary, whatever...). You'll find the answer this way.
Forum: General 2010-08-20, 06:35
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Next phone after N900

Nokia has better support in Finland than non-Finnish companies, so Nokia has better worldwide support than these other companies ?
That's what I understand from your post.

Back to the thread, I...
Forum: Applications 2010-07-04, 08:57
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Posted By choubbi
Re: FMMS help PLEASE!!!!

Ok, I searched a bit, and finally managed to send a MMS :

- set up your settings ("internet connection : settings" in the FMMS "settings" menu) with the info there :
Forum: Applications 2010-07-04, 08:35
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Posted By choubbi
Re: FMMS help PLEASE!!!!

Same problem here, and it created a new GPRS connection called "MMS", with empty settings.

I gave up on FMMS, I just use e-mail, even though the person I send the photo reads it later.

Forum: Nokia N900 2010-06-27, 13:29
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Posted By choubbi
Re: 16GB miniSD issue!!! HELP!

Maybe a defective connector or something like that... I'd send it back to Nokia if this happened to me.
Forum: Accessories 2010-06-27, 12:59
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Posted By choubbi
Re: N900 Horizontal Belt Holster?

Here's mine. ( no magnetic flap, just a zipper. It has a zippered front pouch too, for my USB cable, credit cards, and other thin stuff....
Forum: Accessories 2010-06-27, 11:08
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Charging N900 with USB-MicroUSB cable

- I charged it fully recently, it lost a bar out of 4. I'd say 3 to 7 N900 charges, very approximately. I'd have to run a test, I'd like to know that myself.
- It seems to charge as quickly as the...
Forum: Accessories 2010-06-26, 10:20
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Charging N900 with USB-MicroUSB cable

The N900 needs a special cable for "dumb" power sources, see this thread (

I currently use this adapter...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-06-24, 15:00
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Posted By choubbi
Re: How to Encrypt folders/files on Nokia N900 build-in storage or SD card?

There's Password Safe for storing passwords, but for files I don't know.
IIRC I read stuff here about Truecrypt, but I don't know if there's a Truecrypt app to open encrypted partitions from the...
Forum: Development 2010-06-19, 21:10
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Camera example doesn't seem to work

aww, crap. I always wait for hours before asking for help, and the problem vanishes only minutes after posting.

The app works, I just tinkered with it in a way I thought couldn't harm. I was...
Forum: Development 2010-06-19, 20:46
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Posted By choubbi
Camera example doesn't seem to work

The example using the camera (here ( is giving me a hard time.
I can compile it and run it on the N900, but...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-06-08, 08:20
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Apple headphones not working with N900

It won't. It's just a cable extender, if you read the description : "Made and designed to work seamlessly with the Apple iPhone." I guess it would work to plug Nokia headphones to a Nokia phone, but...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-06-04, 08:22
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Posted By choubbi
Re: How to use the N900 as a bluetooth modem?

These instructions worked for me :
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-06-03, 22:41
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Where is the PayPal option in OVI store payments?

I have an international credit card, but I voted yes.
The fewer companies store my CC number, the better.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-06-01, 08:35
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Posted By choubbi
Re: External Battery Packs

Happy Energizer/XPal XP8000 user here. (8000mAh, not much bigger than N900, also can charge my laptop and my netbook)
It requires a custom cable to charge, like most non-nokia chargers.
I have the...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-05-28, 07:27
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Posted By choubbi
Re: N900 mini computer or mobile??

Already discussed several times.
It's my phone, too, and I think it's good at that. Not great, but good enough for me not to complain. I complain about the calendar, however. I guess it depends on...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-05-27, 21:01
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Reboot Loop

I got stuck in a reboot loop the moment I updated to 1.2 and turned the N900 off. I just flashed the N900 with the flasher tool, with 1.2, and everything's fine since.

PS : got stuck in a reboot...
Forum: General 2010-05-27, 14:33
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Posted By choubbi
Re: N900 Reboots every 3 secs.

If you fear losing your contacts, SMS and stuff, use the backup application, and save all the stuff you put on your phone + the backup file on your computer, to be safe. Then you can flash both eMMC...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-05-25, 08:24
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Dou you know where your towel is?
Thank you Google !
Forum: Accessories 2010-05-23, 22:04
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Posted By choubbi
Re: N900 Case / Pouch / Screen Protector Thread

I have stopped using the Brando aluminum case, because of the clip system that just gets jammed if you sit down with the N900 in vertical position. My leg turns the N900 screen up, while my belt...
Forum: Themes 2010-05-23, 21:53
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Best Themes for N900??

I know you said no Extras-Devel themes, but my favorite is : pip-boy-3000-theme. If you really like Fallout, you'll get over the "risk" of installing it.
Forum: Games 2010-05-23, 21:46
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Neo Geo pocket colour emulator?

I definitely would like a NGPC emulator on the N900 !
My NGPCs are just collecting dust nowadays... so does my Dingoo A320.
Forum: Off Topic 2010-05-06, 12:50
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Posted By choubbi
Re: I got the nastiest virus, and this time, I didn't even earn it.

Do you really consider a guy who runs Windows XP without an antivirus and a firewall as "experienced" ?

Just install Linux Mint if you're afraid of what Linux looks like. It looks...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-05-02, 18:46
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Posted By choubbi
Re: How Do I Wipe the N900 and Get Back to Out of Box State?

The '.' or '..' part is normal, they're not files or directories so they can't be removed. '.' is a link to the current directory, '..' to the upper directory.

About when it asks for permission to...
Forum: Accessories 2010-04-29, 19:57
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Posted By choubbi
Re: Which earphones are you guys using?

Yes, N810, N800, etc... I believe they're more interested in N900 buyers than in the N900 itself.

I went to the iFrogz website, they say their earphones with mic are compatible with iPhone and...
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