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Forum: Jolla Tablet 2017-03-29, 18:09
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Posted By tangent
Re: Jolla Tablet female smt micro usb sourcing

Update and news of success. I got new display from TMO member and I did my dyi micro USB repair. It is not pretty result but I'm happy that my Jolla Tablet works again :) Though I have to reopen it...
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2017-03-27, 10:36
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Posted By tangent
Re: Jolla Tablet female smt micro usb sourcing

@pichlo That is not a silly question at all. You made me to start question why I soldered out the connector and were there really reason to do so. My tablet were not charging properly, in specific...
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2017-03-24, 22:42
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Posted By tangent
Jolla Tablet female smt micro usb sourcing

Hi, where I could find compatible smt/smd micro USB connector for Jolla Tablet? For reference here is JTablet's original connector:

Resoldering this will be a...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-03-07, 19:39
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Posted By tangent
Re: WTS Jolla Tablet Display

@coderus have you happen to find from 3rd party market fitting Jolla Tablet micro USB connector?
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-03-06, 23:35
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Posted By tangent
Re: Sailfish / Pebble users' club

When there will be a Sailfish Watch?
As far as I can remember watch SFOS were demoed somewere.
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2016-11-20, 01:40
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Posted By tangent
Re: Tempered Glass for Jolla Tablet

Hi, I did to my Jolla Tablet an autospy today 'cos I have broken my screen glass plus micro-usb connector got too loose.
And I measured the screen glass size to exactly 190mm x 173mm x <=1mm. if it...
Forum: General 2016-10-30, 15:20
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Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-10-27, 00:07
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Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-10-26, 23:53
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Re: Jolla (Not C) for Sale

Is this Jolla still available to buy?
I can offer 120 with postiennakolla with or without the battery.

And we are not talking about SG Note 7 flaming edition :D here. Read below (IHMO should...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-10-26, 23:48
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Posted By tangent
Re: [WTS] Three Jolla Phones(w/ TOHs)

Is the 3rd one still available to buy?
Forum: Jolla1 & TOH 2016-10-26, 19:50
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Posted By tangent
Re: The perfect Tempered Glass Screenprotector for Jolla

Thanks, any luck @Painkiller with your investigation? This thread would save my Jolla devices but it is too late for me :( .
Forum: The Other Half 2016-10-26, 18:28
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Posted By tangent
Re: OtherHalf Infrared Thermal Imager

FYI you can order tohiri 3D printed cover from kimmoli's Shapeways page.
And I have A3 schematics and part list for the project if someone wants to try DYI.
In my mind the TOH making for Jolla 1...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-10-26, 18:07
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Posted By tangent
Re: [SELL] Brand NEW JOLLA 16GB phone

You could mark this topic as [SOLD] ;). Thank you.
Forum: Applications 2016-07-14, 20:43
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Posted By tangent
Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Whatsup on Jolla [UPDATED 29-03-2016]

I get in every registration attempt a message: Error, Server response was : old_version. And I have the latest Whatsup 0.2-7 version.
Forum: Competitors 2016-06-21, 01:16
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Posted By tangent
Re: What have former N900 owners moved to?

I still own a N900 but I rarely use it (one dead kb key). Only when I need a specific app which hasn't been ported to Sailfish yet, eg. pyOBD. I switched to Jolla Phone and sticking with it so long...
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-06-21, 00:54
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Posted By tangent
Re: [Announce] SeaDevil - Saifish OS WoL app

Very great app, tested succesfully in Jolla Tablet and the WOL works :)
Do you have any chance to upload this to Jolla Harbour?
Forum: Applications 2016-06-01, 13:47
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Posted By tangent
[Jolla Tablet] USB OTG DVB CLI experimenting

Hi all. I'm need of help and experts opinion to make an attempt to test command line DVB tool and eventually a non-gui viewer. Is this even remotely possible with current kernel version? We would...
Forum: The Other Half 2016-04-20, 18:29
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Posted By tangent
Question Re: OtherHalf Infrared Thermal Imager

@kimmoli How is the TOH inventory progressing ;) Are there any tohiri's left in any forms of material?
Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-03-26, 14:40
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Posted By tangent
Re: [WTB/WTT/WTA] Lime TOH ambience cover

Well I guess the easiest :D way might be to 3D print myself Lime Half like color TOH. BTW, does anyone know Lime TOH ID which is required to pull the ambience from Jolla Harbour ;)?
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-03-23, 12:11
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Posted By tangent
Re: [JollaTablet] What Jolla Phone applications you want to be ported to Tablet?

I have been compiling apps with SFOS IDE to Jolla Tablet.

So far I have successfully build and tested:
YTPlayer (please, get rid of cellular network options)
Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-03-20, 02:36
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Posted By tangent
Re: [WTB] Pebble Classic smartwatch

Thank you all for helpfull posts :)
I eventually got myself a Pebble Classic from web auction.
Saved about ~20 euros of price of a new.
Damn, I forgot to hit the subscribe button as now to think...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-03-20, 02:27
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Posted By tangent
Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-03-20, 02:26
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Posted By tangent
Re: [WTB] Jolla 64GB Tablet OR IF NO SELLERS ---> [WTS] Jolla Tablet Lastu Kelo case

Bad news for everyone.
Thread's first option is a success and I now have a 64GB Jolla IGG Tablet.
Bought from a tmo member.
Thank you very much :).
Sorry, no one is getting a chance to buy my...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2016-03-06, 20:38
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Posted By tangent
Re: [WTB] Jolla 64GB Tablet OR if no sellers ---> [WTS] Jolla Tablet Lastu Kelo case

I'm waiting a reply from a TMO member who is eager to sell a Jolla Tablet 64GB.
I'll keep you in update how things will proceed.
Forum: Jolla1 & TOH 2016-03-05, 20:53
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Posted By tangent
Re: Aidlab - medical TOH

But before that I would like to buy and own one Aidlab :)
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