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Forum: Applications 2012-11-17, 00:35
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Posted By geneven
Forum: Applications 2012-11-17, 00:27
Replies: 125
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Posted By geneven
Re: What are your TOP 2 Missing Apps?

Believe it or not, the N9 still hasn't achieved one of the easiest apps of all -- correct me if one has appeared.

It doesn't have an app that allows you to make flashcards. The N900 has about five...
Forum: Community 2012-11-01, 23:39
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Posted By geneven
Re: Maemo Advocacy

Thanks for the heads up, and it's good to know that you aren't laying all your eggs in one sinking ship. Any port in a storm, as they say.
Forum: Competitors 2012-10-09, 20:25
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Posted By geneven
Re: Is this most powerfull device on the earth?(Advice needed)should i get this powerfull device?

This thread hooked me on the China Phone Review.Thanks, I guess.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-10-09, 16:04
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Posted By geneven
Re: N9 WiFi error : "Something's wrong with the network connection"

I also had the something's wrong problem, with pr1.3. Rebooting the router fixed it.Luckily it hasn't returned. Its a Cisco/Linksys router.
Forum: Community 2012-10-08, 18:39
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Posted By geneven
Re: [QUESTION] Who is the single most helpful person on

It changes. thedead1440 isn't a bad choice. Schturman, active in his thread, is another. Whoever it is, they were very likely NOT awarded free devices by the Council.
Forum: Community 2012-09-27, 01:37
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Posted By geneven
Re: [Council] Last Call for Council Nominations And Bylaw Review

I lost interest when the current council immediately accepted expensive gifts from Nokia and effectively ignored criticism about it. Take your resounding mandate of 200 votes and do with it what you...
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-09-24, 04:59
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Posted By geneven
Re: Theoretical lifetime of N900 if I take good care of it ?

If you use it continually, i doubt you will get much more than four years out of it. Of course, if it sits on a shelf, there is no limit.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-09-23, 02:24
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Posted By geneven
Re: I am thinking about buying an N9 are their any major issues with the phone?

It's really great that Estell got a free N9 from being on the council; that allows him to trash the N9 here.

I would say that the N9 has no major problems and is a joy to use compared to the N900...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-09-21, 03:31
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Posted By geneven
Re: Public Notice: migrating this community from Nokia dependant, to independant/secure NFP entity

Pet peeve interruption: for years, I have noticed that when the time comes for important decisions to be made on this site, there just doesn't happen to be time for the public to be truly involved....
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-09-12, 11:09
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Posted By geneven
Re: N9 can't receive text's

I receive text messages daily on my N9 and have never had a problem with them. My providers were TMobile and Simple Mobile.
Forum: Off Topic 2012-08-30, 23:29
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Posted By geneven
Re: JollaMobile : Jolla continues Nokia's excellent work on #MeeGo based smartphones

You want a site that essentially bans me? Pardon my silence.
Forum: Off Topic 2012-08-30, 01:33
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Posted By geneven
Re: Age of Nokia N9 users.

Sixty fking six.
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-08-30, 01:30
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Posted By geneven
Re: Skype not working on N9

I hadn't used Skype for a long time, but today I talked to someone in India for a long time and it worked great. My old contacts were there, and I had no problem adding her as a new contact.
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-08-28, 20:15
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Posted By geneven
Re: [Announce] Firestarter - Amazon cloud reader based Kindle app

Basically, you do have to buy them, but if you are interested in freebies, many books can be bought for $ 0.00.
Forum: Applications 2012-08-28, 19:24
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Posted By geneven
Talking Re: [POLL] How important is an ebay app for the N9?

I don't like ebay for similar reasons that I don't like Facebook. It pretends to be cool but actually does everything it can to force people to use it and charge extra money to the small seller while...
Forum: Competitors 2012-08-27, 20:00
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Posted By geneven
Forced from N9 or N900 (Republic Wireless)

I still have my N9 and N900s, and plan to keep them forever, but...

Monthly wireless provider fees are insanely high, it seems to me, so I've gone to Republic Wireless and its monthly fee of $19 +...
Forum: Off Topic 2012-08-27, 19:34
Replies: 2,367
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Posted By geneven
Re: Let's talk Nokia stock. Really.

We didn't start as Nokia haters. Most of us started as fans. We were carefully trained to be haters.
Forum: General 2012-08-27, 18:43
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Posted By geneven
Re: why so expensive?

I doubt the seller will sell any. Going to effort to post something that will probably have zero results doesn't seem smart to me. But just in case you are right... Anyone want to buy a 1990 Subaru?...
Forum: General 2012-08-27, 05:23
Replies: 14
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Posted By geneven
Re: Buy N9 or N900?

Yes, no question about it. You'll be glad you did.
Forum: Off Topic 2012-08-24, 19:36
Replies: 2,367
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Posted By geneven
Re: Let's talk Nokia stock. Really.

That's great! What is your lifetime profit from Nokia stock?
Forum: Applications 2012-08-23, 18:06
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Posted By geneven
Re: Firestarter (read Kindle books)

Hmmm. I used N9 Quick Tweak and added the repositories it allows you to add automatically. I suppose Firestarter will soon be more widely available.

(maybe it was the harmattan sdk repository?).
Forum: Applications 2012-08-23, 17:54
Replies: 10
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Posted By geneven
Re: Firestarter (read Kindle books)

Well, it only allows you to read Kindle books, basically, so if you don't have Kindle books, it has no advantage over other readers.

I later discovered that you have to be online at the beginning...
Forum: Applications 2012-08-22, 04:48
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Posted By geneven
Firestarter (read Kindle books)

Wow, Firestarter is impressive. I found it with the MeeCatalog program. It gives you all the ways of reading Kindle books that a Kindle does (I don't know about pdfs), with a few obvious limitations...
Forum: Applications 2012-08-19, 12:07
Replies: 4
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Posted By geneven
Re: Diabetes management apps

I use the checklist program TOPICS to remind me to take my meds and track which I have taken; maybe you could devise other checklists that would be useful.

Until a more specialized diabetes...
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