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Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-03-28, 19:47
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: Why do people say MeeGo is dead?

There were some heavy layoffs in the Maemo/MeeGo sections of Nokia, right? Did those people by any chance got together to create a new company that stayed true to the ideals we were promised with...
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-03-28, 18:47
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Question Display stopped working while at the repairshop

Some weeks ago my USB port finally died completly, so i took my N900 to the repairshop.

Before i handed it to them for them to evaluate how much the repair would cost, i removed my simcard, and...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-02-12, 19:45
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: How to use HotspotShield in the N900

Seems they shut down the "clientless" entry; they got a client for iPhone now, which was why they used to have the clientless thing; now they got a client they see no reason to keep the service :(
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-01-25, 23:24
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: Help! My N900 appears to be dying....

Overclock? I once had graphic corruption during the transitions while my N900 was overclocked, went away with a reboot but quickly returned, going back to stock speeds made it not happen again.

Forum: General 2011-11-30, 06:52
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: Does Linux operate normally without a HDD once booted from it?

The infamous Click of Death , as the name suggests, indicates your HDD is on it's last days, backup everything important ASAP and start looking for a replacement.

Somtimes HDDs click but manage to...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-11-30, 02:57
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: Problem with Nokia N900

Perhaps this ( could help
Forum: Applications 2011-11-29, 20:21
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: Problems with Catorise Plus

That's the Shift key, the Up arrow is above the Down around that is between the Left arrow and the Right arrow.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-11-29, 20:18
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Speed Patch + Battery Patch + Tweaks --> Everything Needed To Have A Perfect N900

In another thread someone said the KP49 has changes that solve some issues and do some things better making these patches not only obsolete but also not recommended; any words on that?
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-11-29, 20:04
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: Are there any known viruses for the n900?

If someone was intent on making a working cross platform Python virus, i would expect it should be just a matter of adding a few conditional switches to execute the different infection approaches...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-11-26, 21:50
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: [Announce] Maemo5 running 32GB eMMC root FS (scripts)

/me sighs

I wasn't paying enough attention and upgraded the power kernel from inside the copy, the N900 wouldn't go past the NOKIA screen. Had to reflash, i'm in the process of installing and...
Forum: Brainstorm 2011-11-14, 07:53
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: [NEEDED] Appealing ideas for next CSSU

Actually, this could be done, i don't got a link, but a while ago i saw this proof of concept that worked based on recognizing the jump the cursor does when you touch a second finger on the screen,...
Forum: Games 2011-11-14, 07:31
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: [Announce] Neverball and Neverputt

They still need a bit of work regarding controls, camera and a few other things here and there, but it's still nice to have them on the N900 at all.
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-11-13, 11:11
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: N900 connects to WIFI but doesn't load pages

See if the log of your router shows anything interesting (usually routers got a mini webserver for configuration and stuff, it tends to be in addresses such as ,...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-11-11, 04:54
Replies: 43
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: Are there any known viruses for the n900?

Viruses can be done in Python, no? Wouldn't such viruses ( or is it "virii"? I never remember) essentially be crossplatform even across different processor architectures?
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-11-11, 04:48
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: Solutions for common N900 Problems

Are you doing it with the charger/USB cable plugged? If yes, try without it
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-11-11, 04:47
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: My internal storage has a virus

Depending on the virus neither AVs already installed nor ones you try to install after the infection would be of much use, they might just crash the AVs but in some more advanced examples they trick...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-11-10, 23:24
Replies: 2,990
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: [Announce] kernel-power unstable v49

It's not the same issue as the issue where the device won't finish booting or will enter into a (possibly temporary) reboot loop if you try to power it up with the charger plugged, is it?
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-11-10, 20:02
Replies: 1
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Question Can't install microb-engine-common-ext

I think this one got queued in with the recent security update, but it won't install, it says:

Unpacking microb-engine-common-ext (from .../microb-engine-common-ext_20090612-49.2_all.deb) ......
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-11-10, 19:55
Replies: 7
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: My internal storage has a virus

Not true, some might actually mess with the files and folders, and might even corrupt the filesystem trying to write in some non-standard way trying to avoid detection. Of course Windows executables...
Forum: Applications 2011-11-10, 19:46
Replies: 153
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Catorise PLUS - create your menu like you want

Btw, anyone else getting
Processing triggers for catoriseplus ...
Use of uninitialized value in list assignment at /opt/catorise/catorise line 25.
when installing and uninstalling things?
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-11-10, 19:38
Replies: 10
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: libsdl-mixer1.2 is a very old version

On mine it seems to have some sort of conflict with mp-fremantle-generic-pr , i'm not exactly sure what would be the side-effects of uninstaling that...
Forum: Multimedia 2011-11-06, 06:46
Replies: 1,137
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: camera-ui2 (now a part of CSSU) (updated 09. May)

He's talking about this (
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-11-04, 21:08
Replies: 258
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: Announcement - PR1.3.1 official security update

This wasn't a major update, no critical system files were touched.
Forum: General 2011-10-29, 01:31
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: encoding chars problems in Xterm

Is there a way to change the default?
Forum: General 2011-10-28, 21:51
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Posted By TiagoTiago
Re: encoding chars problems in Xterm

How can they call it fixed if it isn't fixed for the N900 nor anything before it?
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