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Forum: Applications 2009-09-07, 23:49
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: Personal Wiki?

tiddlywiki ( seemed to work ok for me. I'm not sure what i did.

The animations were dead slow on the tablet. turned them off
Forum: Applications 2009-07-16, 04:37
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Forum: Applications 2009-06-25, 16:44
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Re: mCalendar

Homecalendar ( is what you're looking for
Forum: Multimedia 2009-05-11, 16:12
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Re: Video can be better than expected !
Forum: Alternatives 2009-04-29, 20:11
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Re: Mer 0.12 released

I've been following the discussions of Mer for a while now, and with this latest version I decided to jump in and install it on my n810.

I got to the initial boot where it prompts for user,...
Forum: Nokia N810 2009-04-26, 14:32
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Re: n810's Built in web cam how do you use it?
Forum: Nokia N810 2009-04-22, 22:49
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Re: Getting a N810 soon anything i should know?

don't forget to search.......
Forum: Accessories 2009-04-15, 17:10
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Re: N810 SDHC Class Differences
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2009-03-29, 05:26
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Re: PDF's

When the tablet is connected to your PC, the cards become unavailable to the tablet.
Disconnect from PC first, then you should see the cards in the tablet's file manager.
Forum: Applications 2009-03-25, 22:21
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Re: n810 as a biking computer?

I second that danramos. The program could simply save a gpx track of the trip, with a start/stop/reset toggle to tell it what to do.
Forum: Troubleshooting 2009-03-09, 05:40
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Re: Standared Media Player

That file is located in your home folder, more specifically /home/user
If you run X Terminal, it will start you there, as indicated by ~ at the command prompt.

There a number of ways to enable...
Forum: Applications 2009-03-06, 16:16
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Re: Basic Linux Apps Missing?

Well, you know what they say, less is more. :D

sorry, couldn't resist.
Forum: Nokia N810 2009-03-05, 20:42
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Re: videos not playing after transfer

Also, check out the maemo wiki about the video capabilities of the tablet.

Depending on the source files you have, converting might be necessary for smooth...
Forum: Applications 2009-03-01, 19:45
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Re: simplest way to get root access on n810
Forum: Nokia N810 2009-02-25, 20:04
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Re: Playlist function for mplayer on n810

IMO, most of the power of mplayer is still in the command line. The simplest method you describe would be to play all the files in a folder

mplayer /path/to/files/*
Forum: Games 2009-02-05, 18:29
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: Few games (Formido, Tile World & Pipepanic)

I'm completely addicted to Pipepanic.

Curse you for making me burn up precious free time with such a simple yet challenging game. :p

I broke 4000 yesterday.

but seriously, Thanks a million.
Forum: Off Topic 2009-01-27, 16:12
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: Obama declares America not ready for change...
Forum: Applications 2009-01-26, 17:23
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: video player that remembers location

mplayer to an extant does this.

If you're in the middle of a movie/show, then you press 'q' or escape, then it will remember where it was and will show the file name followed by "resume from:...
Forum: Accessories 2009-01-13, 20:22
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: 32GB SD adapter For N810

Thanks, just e-mailed you.

When I was home at lunch I checked the T-5 I received from you against a T-6 I already had, and they seem to match. So I guess it's mis-labeled.

I'd be happy to send...
Forum: Accessories 2009-01-13, 18:17
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: 32GB SD adapter For N810

The driver I received is stamped T-5 on the shaft, but it doesn't fit the screws. I think I have a T-6 at home somewhere to compare it against. I can't get a T-4 locally.

Thanks for your help.
Forum: Accessories 2009-01-13, 03:19
Replies: 403
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: 32GB SD adapter For N810

I received the kit today. The stainless steel back looks and fits great. One glitch I ran into was the T-5 torx driver included is too large. I'm trying to track down a T-4 to check, but they aren't...
Forum: Newbie 2009-01-12, 02:14
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: HELP! What kind of SD Memory Card does my Nokia N810 Need And What BRAND should I

the n810 slot is sized for miniSD cards. You can use a microSD (which is smaller than miniSD) if you get an adapter.
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-12-30, 22:18
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: Viewing websites is painful

it sounds like MenoRikey is equating the word "Internet" with the web browser. In reality web browsing is only a subset of the total internet experience that was mentioned earlier. Don't forget about...
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-12-30, 18:51
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: Viewing websites is painful

I experience this too. If a page is loading I usually can't tap+drag the page. It will register the tap by showing the little wristwatch x-cursor, but won't scroll. I have better luck with the...
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-12-17, 19:24
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Posted By superbondbond
Re: SSU 5.2008.43-7 is available

That was it. I had removed minigpsd a while back, but forgot about bluez-utils-test. After removing that too, the SSU installed.

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