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Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2015-09-23, 16:29
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Posted By kike
Re: Whatsup - Harmattan client

I got same trouble, if someone could help?
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2013-10-18, 13:20
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Posted By kike
Re: N9 SIM Card problem, asks for PIN occasionally

Maybe sim is not deep enough to bush the button witch tells the phone that sim is there. You can cheat it with little piece of tape bottom of sim card. Sorry for my English.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2013-08-07, 11:48
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Posted By kike
Re: N9 Not booting (screen replaced)

You can try to give power sraight to battery about 4V one minute, after that with wall charger rest. My n9 did not want to charge any other way, after battery get too empty.
Forum: The Other Half 2013-05-22, 08:10
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Posted By kike
Re: Other Half Ideas

433,92MHz radio For control relays, lights and doors. Wireless charge.
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2013-05-16, 06:18
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Posted By kike
Re: whats your n9 wallpaper

Photo from Germany
Forum: Applications 2013-04-24, 05:39
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Posted By kike
Re: [Announce] WatchDog - Motion Detector + Time Lapse

How about symbian port? 808 would be perfect ip camera with all connections and camera.
Forum: Applications 2013-03-30, 10:30
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Posted By kike
Re: [MeeGo] What are your TOP 2 Missing Apps?

Newest versio of google translator with photo translate and ofline search.

Fonecta caller
Forum: Off Topic 2013-03-19, 07:13
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Posted By kike
Re: Why is Elop still Nokia's CEO?

Meego harmattan is still better than wp8 or Android. Why not restart development.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-12-30, 13:51
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Posted By kike
Re: PR 1.3 Wifi Hotspot stopped working (tried ad-hac and spotON)

What diffirences does wlan have? If I share my network with N9 to tablet and computer. In computer it works but tablet can't see it. If my friend share with sgs2, then tablet works. Tablet has...
Forum: Games 2012-11-02, 11:11
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Posted By kike
Re: [Announce] apkenv (N900, N950, N9)

I have read wiki but no one havent try does fonecta finder work or not.
Forum: Games 2012-11-02, 10:13
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Posted By kike
Re: [Announce] apkenv (N900, N950, N9)

sorry for not reading whole tread.
can some of you test Fonecta finder app?
It is the only app I'm missing from android.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-10-19, 20:15
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Posted By kike
Re: Just got my white N9 my reaction is indifferent

I will chance N900 to N9. I don't need ti anymore.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2012-10-01, 13:14
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Posted By kike
Re: Where in the UK / EU can I purchase a new Nokia n9 64gb

here was cheaper.
Forum: Applications 2012-09-29, 09:33
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Posted By kike
Re: Mappero alternative for N9?

Mapsi is good also. Dont know how to save track with it.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-09-23, 09:02
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Posted By kike
Re: I am thinking about buying an N9 are their any major issues with the phone?

I got n900 and n9. I dont understand where you need support? There is enough apps for n9.

I think most of troubles n900 is fixed to n9.
I would still buy new n9 if this broke.
Forum: Off Topic 2012-07-07, 15:23
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Posted By kike
Re: JollaMobile : Jolla continues Nokia's excellent work on #MeeGo based smartphones

Aava mobile and Elektrobit comes to my mind. I dont know about tekes money but they have done smartphones.
Forum: Applications 2012-07-01, 19:42
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Posted By kike
Re: [Announce] Mapsi - a map application for everyone

Can someone put working wms settings map settings and server settings for N9 4.2.

Aerial maps and Eniro maps would be nice to get working.
Forum: Competitors 2012-05-18, 09:09
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Posted By kike
Re: Nokia Lumia 900 vs N9

what apps you want? I got almost all what i want. We were in las palmas with friends. My friend got gsg2 and i would say i got a lot more useful apps wit n9 like navigation. He got google earth but...
Forum: Applications 2012-01-04, 16:49
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Posted By kike
Re: [Announce] Mapsi - a map application for FIN, SWE, NO

Thanks, now .ini works nicely.

That is unbelievable how they got resources to chance address all the time. Even when there is all ready decision to let these maps free.

This maps were biggest...
Forum: General 2012-01-04, 08:54
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Posted By kike
Re: [Announce] CUE - Location based reminder for N900

It wont work with cssu and power kernel.
Forum: Applications 2012-01-03, 22:04
Replies: 633
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Posted By kike
Re: [Announce] Mapsi - a map application for FIN, SWE, NO

Voisitko vielä laittaa ohjeet tuon python koodin käyttöön. Olivat jo muuttaneet sen verran osoitetta ettei enää suomikartat latautuneet. Niin ja mitä pitää n9 olla asennettuna ennenkuin toimii.
Forum: Applications 2011-12-29, 16:55
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Posted By kike
Re: [Announce] Mapsi - a map application for FIN, SWE, NO

Sama vika. Ei ainakaan edellinen mikä oli jaossa toiminut. N9 yritän saada pelittämään.
Forum: General 2011-12-03, 09:05
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Posted By kike
Re: Request to Nokia, give us back our tablets!

If you read that register story carefull knowing that Meltemi project is something about Linux it sounds better for the future. I'm expectin something with meltemi next summer or spring.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-10-20, 06:27
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Posted By kike
Re: Which community applications do you want ported to N9/N950?

Jenirok or who is calling. I also liked steamtuner in os2008.
Forum: Community 2011-10-04, 17:35
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Posted By kike
Re: [REQUEST] Community purchase plan for the Nokia N9

Man that is 922 USD - 23% + shipping and it is actually closer 750$
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