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Forum: Competitors 2010-11-07, 23:07
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Posted By Capt'n Corrupt
Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab Info Thread

Hmmm.... I was under the impression that todays modern devices were NAT-like with routing and would maintain open TCP connections even on a network switch, but I suppose this isn't the case.

Forum: Applications 2009-04-19, 14:46
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Posted By llama29
Re: HOWTO: Enable Facebook Chat for Pidgin

Thank you darrennewman. That worked perfectly.
Any idea why this version of the Pidgin Facebook Support is not on the repos at the moment?

Just so other users in the same situation as I was would...
Forum: Applications 2009-04-19, 10:40
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Re: HOWTO: Enable Facebook Chat for Pidgin

You need to update the facebook chat plugin. Download the latest .so file (1.50) from here

You need to...
Forum: Applications 2009-03-22, 05:01
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Posted By geneven
Re: fbReader update

Autoscrolling is kinda fun, but it is hardly the must feature depicted above, it seems to me. To use it, you need to develop a new skill: "synchronized thinking".

With synchronized thinking, you...
Forum: Development 2009-03-07, 22:13
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Posted By steffen800
Re: PyGTKEditor

got it installed by installing those debs:
Forum: Applications 2009-01-19, 16:16
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Posted By dnastase
Re: osso-xterm w/ overlayed transparent keyboard

Excellent! I'm glad you're using my changes, I won't have too much time to maintain this.
Two things:
- I have also sound support in my changes but it was commented out. The current executable on...
Forum: Applications 2009-01-19, 03:29
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Posted By dnastase
Re: osso-xterm w/ overlayed transparent keyboard

First of all I want to apologize for the delay in releasing the sources. Outside of my control an almost year long interruption happened and by now probably nobody needs this anymore. Sorry.

Forum: Accessories 2009-01-03, 00:25
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Posted By lardman
Re: uising a scanner

Well the camera stuff works (scan, recognise, decode), it's just the GUI, database and web scraping stuff that I have to finish off.

It works reasonably well with the N810 I have handy atm (with...
Forum: Applications 2008-11-04, 08:09
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Posted By sv7nsson
Re: Rapier

For anyone who cares, I was able to finally convert .bbl files into sword modules using the following process:

Rename the .bbl file to .mdb
Open with Access (if database locked with a...
Forum: General 2008-10-31, 04:01
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Posted By TheRealBubba
Re: Did you say PIM? Come here please

Your question reminded me of Chandler (, not a project I track, but one you might want to scope out.

Meanwhile, I went to go create an account at, but the...
Forum: News 2008-09-18, 04:13
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Posted By kkobel
Re: How would you change Downloads and Application Manager?

I apologize if this was posted before. I did a quick search and didn't find anything.

Application Manager feature request.

I would like to see an additional column with a check box in it. At...
Forum: Troubleshooting 2008-09-15, 06:20
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Posted By fanoush
Re: Access internal N800 memory from PC?

mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock4 /opt

Well, you can do anything but this is not a good idea, jffs2 compresses data by default when writing which is slow. Also it is not a filesystem suited for a...
Forum: Development 2008-09-11, 19:23
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Posted By allnameswereout
Re: OpenJDK6b11 now in Debian/ARMEL repositories

Here (, direct link of this specific version for Debian/ARMEL is here...
Forum: Applications 2008-07-10, 20:38
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Posted By fiferboy
[Announce] OS2008 Personal Launcher

Not to be confused with "Personal Menu," Personal Launcher allows you to set up a configurable set of desktop icons to launch applications. It uses virtually the same method to add applications as...
Forum: Applications 2008-07-05, 02:21
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Posted By sushi3
Cool Re: How To : Associate MPlayer, Transmission, and other apps as default handlers

I was having problems with evince not being able to open certain PDF files by association. Worked fine if I opened it from the app, though.

A little figuring out, and running...
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-06-30, 13:10
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Posted By GeneralAntilles
Re: Updating in diablo

I guess I'm just going to keep quoting this one all of the website until somebody pays attention:

apt-get -f install
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-06-05, 16:06
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Posted By fiferboy
Re: Is GPE still the best PIM?

For anyone dissapointed with the alarms in GPE (a think you are referring to the fact that they don't sound if calendar is not open) read this thread: ...
Forum: Applications 2008-06-02, 15:05
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Posted By fiferboy
Re: personalizing GPE Calendar

terrencegf inspired me to look into GPE a little bit. I had always wondered why the "GPE Calendar" home plugin would not work, and found that it was because it had never been converted to OS2008. I...
Forum: Troubleshooting 2008-04-17, 18:15
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Posted By qwerty12
Re: Invalid tar magic

For me, tar.gz = tar zxvf
tar.bz2 = tar jxvf
tar = tar xvf

Of course, add xarchiver repo and grab bzip2 and gnutar incase :)
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