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Forum: Competitors 2010-08-16, 19:20
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: N900+Maemo5 vs Galaxy S+Android2.1

Have you tried holding the back button? For me, using Dolphin Browser HD on my HTC Desire, that closes it straight away.
Forum: Competitors 2010-08-09, 14:46
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Samsung Captivate - Samsung is OPEN-SOURCING their drivers and other code!

That might be true of the Captivate, I've no idea how its GPS performs, but the Galaxy S' is apparently so bad that it's not practically usable.
Forum: Competitors 2010-08-09, 09:21
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Samsung Captivate - Samsung is OPEN-SOURCING their drivers and other code!

Well... I'm finding Android has very serious support, with nearly all major apps now being available in iOS and Android form.

I've gone for the HTC Desire, Orange...
Forum: Competitors 2010-08-05, 23:12
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Samsung Captivate - Samsung is OPEN-SOURCING their drivers and other code!

Thanks, but I know how to Google, and that isn't really what I'm looking for. I want to know honest views on the usability and most importantly futureproof-ness of the phone, and after using my N800...
Forum: Competitors 2010-08-05, 22:14
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Samsung Captivate - Samsung is OPEN-SOURCING their drivers and other code!

While I'm not exactly the most technical-minded in terms of development, this thread has changed my views on the Galaxy S. I'm currently awaiting my network to get the HTC Desire in stock, however...
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2010-07-03, 14:31
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Better Onscreen Keyboard for n8x0?

When using the stylus keyboard, click the middle of the d-pad to magically turn it in to the big finger-friendly keyboard.
Forum: Accessories 2010-03-04, 15:40
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: How to pair N900 with PSP Go and PS3

You can connect your N900 to your PSP Go to utilise the N900s internet connection. And using BlueMaemo, you can use your N900 as a keyboard, mouse or controller for your PS3. As for anything else,...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-01-24, 11:53
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Whats your ringtone?

I use the Metal Gear Solid codec as a ringtone, and the GTA3 pager tone as message alert. Such a gaming geek, I know :p
Forum: Games 2010-01-22, 22:59
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Using PS3 SixAxis controller with N900

There's some software I use on Ubuntu that can connect Sixaxi (:p) via bluetooth. It has support for setting LEDs, using the accelerometers, might even have rumble support but I can't remember. Maybe...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-01-11, 19:51
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Well done Nokia

Optimism, here?! A breath of fresh air! :p
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-01-08, 18:06
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Overclock

Before I start out, I'll add a little disclaimer saying I know very little about the specifics of stuff like this.

I guess there'd be no problems even running it at >800mhz as it'd be idle with...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-01-05, 18:20
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Hahaha NOKNA

I once had a little pocket radio from a market (going back about 10 years now) made by Nokina. Same font and everything.
Forum: Games 2010-01-01, 22:30
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: D-pad vs Arrow keys??

Why do you think all games consoles in the past 25 years or so have had d-pads? It just gives much better control, and as the keys are evenly spaced you won't be passing over other keys to press the...
Forum: Applications 2009-12-28, 02:48
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Pidgin Excessive Download

Mine would always download about 256kb, though I'd only have 6-10 people online. I'd imagine no caching, as it's all constantly changing and probably isn't clever enough to know a display picture...
Forum: Community 2009-12-27, 16:07
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Any developers in the UK

I'm in the West Midlands. I can do graphic/design work (mainly vector based), but I'm not great at any programming. Could work as part of a development team.
Forum: Applications 2009-12-14, 23:13
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: vagalume error message

Tried the new one but promptly returned to my free music heaven.
Forum: General 2009-12-13, 13:01
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: A bit dissapointed with the N900...........

You do realise that both iPlayer and (as far as I know) Youtube are optimised for the iPhone, as are countless other sites? The N900 aims to access what a PC can, something that the iPhone cannot do....
Forum: General 2009-12-06, 11:58
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: What would you realistically like to see in the N920?

I think it'll be thinner and will do away with the full keyboard, and market itself as more of a phone. I think (and hope :p) it'll be cheaper and marketed more as something for your everyday user...
Forum: General 2009-12-06, 11:52
Replies: 55
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Best Phone of 2009: iPhone 3GS!

After I voted, N900 and 3GS are both neck and neck at 27%!
Forum: Games 2009-11-22, 20:38
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Can I run games of previous maemo versions on N900 Maemo 5 ?

I don't think you read his question properly krisse. Tito, as far as I know Maemo 5 is backward compatible (minus certain Maemo 5 integration features), there should be no problem running old Maemo 4...
Forum: Development 2009-11-22, 18:11
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: 3D Graphics Engine for N900

GTA3 = X86. Not a chance I'm afraid. GTA2... you're getting closer I'd say.
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-11-14, 19:13
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Resize partition

I'd imagine the Linux commands in Xterm would do it, though you'd need to run it from the external card as it'd be impossible to unmount /opt with an app running.
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-11-13, 14:04
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: Application suggestion page

Maemo Brainstorm ( seems like a good place.
Forum: Multimedia 2009-11-13, 13:58
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: BBC IPlayer on the N900 - A different approach

This is fantastic news. My shockingly bad programming knowledge means I couldn't do something like this, but I would certainly be a happy user. Standard quality is 640x360 AVC with 48khz AAC audio,...
Forum: Accessories 2009-11-08, 16:02
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Posted By Cadabena
Re: how are you going to protect your N900?

I used to be a sole believer in Invisible Shields, but it was like drawing on jelly with it on my N800s screen. I'm planning on a little pouch/sock for the N900, not only will it keep it clean...
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