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Forum: Competitors 2011-02-18, 01:27
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Posted By porselinaheart
Re: I've fallen for the Galaxy S2 :(

@Laughing Man, well, you'd have to wait for it to boot up, which i would expect would take longer than your car to start. I'd suggest maximuscool's train of thought. Keep it on, with no widgets/apps...
Forum: Competitors 2011-02-18, 01:01
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Posted By maxximuscool
Re: I've fallen for the Galaxy S2 :(

I think you can hot wired the N900 USB to the car battery using some power reduction diods and resistors to reduce and limit the voltage flow to the N900 through charging method. And wired it to the...
Forum: Competitors 2011-02-12, 01:43
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Posted By hordeman
Re: Leaving the N900 -which Android with keyboard?

Yes, the last two pages are discussing it. :) However, it is being referred to as the HTC Desire Z (what the G2 is called outside the U.S.!)
Forum: General 2011-02-11, 23:19
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Posted By krisse
Re: Nokia - Microsoft partnership (merged threads)

Well, looks like this is the end of the road for Nokia, and a huge step backwards for open computing too. (sigh) The brand will probably be around on ever-more-commoditised devices for a while, but...
Forum: Applications 2011-01-12, 12:53
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Posted By MohammadAG
[Announce] Media bar for Maemo 5 (XpressMusic-esque)

Most of you have seen this on XpressMusic devices running Symbian S60V5, and I have to admit, it's cool to have a way to quickly access some apps.

Well, there's an always-on proximity sensor on...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-31, 16:43
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Posted By marxian
Re: [Announce] cuteTube - A feature-rich YouTube client

The config file is located at:

/home/user/.config/Stuart\ Howarth/cuteTube.conf
Forum: Applications 2010-12-28, 05:57
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Posted By Slocan
Re: FeedingIt - RSS Reader

Sorry, about the incorrect code. This time should be better, finally got a little bit more time.import sqlite3
import codecs
from xml.sax.saxutils import escape...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-16, 08:44
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Posted By Rob1n
Re: FeedingIt - RSS Reader

Just specify the full path (/home/user/MyDocs/Links.txt) in the open command, at a guess.
Forum: General 2010-12-10, 12:43
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Posted By fareed_xtreme
[ANNOUNCE] TrueCrypt Assistant - Mount Unmount Easily with this Script

TrueCrypt Assistant
Mounting and Un-Mounting made EASY

Since last week, I was quite enthusiastic on trying to contribute to this forum which has assisted me in learning to interact with my device...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-07, 21:28
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Posted By Slocan
Re: FeedingIt - RSS Reader

LaughingMan, save this to a file (or whatever name you want), and run it with "python" on the terminalimport sqlite3...
Forum: Competitors 2010-10-27, 13:50
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Posted By Capt'n Corrupt
Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab Info Thread

Perhaps this isn't the best time to post this ;), but here's an example of Qt Quick running on the Tab.

I'm just learning about QT quick, but I must say...
Forum: Competitors 2010-10-27, 01:21
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Posted By danramos
Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab Info Thread

TA ( (!!! :)
Forum: Applications 2010-10-23, 16:25
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Posted By lemmyslender
Re: [Ovi Store] Stellarium Mobile

Aren't we all overlooking a fourth option?

According to the rules ( Nokia can "make available" the submission.

So potentially, the app...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-10-07, 20:22
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Posted By Stskeeps
Re: Adobe Flash Player 10: When will the update arrive? Is it coming at all?

Because it's not GPU accelerated (didn't see any links to GLESv2 nor gstreamer..)
Forum: Development 2010-10-07, 01:17
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Posted By hawaii
Re: Trying to compile Rygel 0.8.1


Use scratchbox?

Unless you installed them, you won't have half of the needed libraries and devel tools to build anything on the device.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-09-23, 12:47
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Posted By sygys
Re: Firmware 1.3 on its way????

What does this new hildon-desktop do exactly? i just installed it but how much is the batterylife improved. i forgot to check before i installed the fix, but i have now a CPU usage of 0,33% ~ 1,00%...
Forum: Applications 2010-09-09, 21:28
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Posted By Berserk
[Announce] Wallpaeper

Wallpaeper allows you to create, install, preview, edit and/or delete image sets, without having to type a .desktop file.

The main screen:...
Forum: Multimedia 2010-09-09, 03:51
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Posted By YoDude
Re: [ANN.] Extended Locked Media Player Control

Of course it was immature, I think Faheem was all of 14 years old when he first came to this place. However the irony is in the product and not in the personality. And his production certainly wasn't...
Forum: Applications 2010-09-05, 16:16
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Posted By Saturn
Re: [Announce] SMScon (control your device with SMS)

OK, I think I've fixed it now or I've uploaded some naked pictures of me :)
Forum: Alternatives 2010-08-27, 14:46
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Posted By extendedping
Re: NiTDroid - Phone/Data function ready :))

ah here is the answer. I needed table of contents in my oreilly books and they did not work in the maemo fbreader. so I emailed fbreader directly and a developer gave me an updated version (12...
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2010-08-26, 10:05
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Posted By lma
[Announce] First "stable" Diablo community SSU released and call for participation

After nearly a year since starting (entirely my fault), the first "stable" community SSU is now available in the repository. Many thanks to all the testers who made this possible :-)
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-08-23, 02:35
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Posted By xxxxts
Re: Can anyone give me good points of N900 over iphone 4 (jailbreak)

That's like asking "Is it better better to be straight or gay?"

Some will say homosexuality is immoral. But most would say "different strokes for different folks"

Some people don't need all the...
Forum: General 2010-08-20, 17:25
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Posted By ysss
Re: Brainwashed by FUD

The comparison would be (nearly) apple vs apple if you use the exact platform and UI against both type of screen technology.

Unfortunately for this debate (and fortunately for the users), they're...
Forum: Applications 2010-08-20, 11:55
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Posted By fcrochik
Re: [Announce] MyContacts - 75 contacts on your desktop, custom ring tones per group and call with double-click

This link can help a little on your quest:
Forum: General 2010-08-19, 18:40
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Posted By wotevah
Re: Pictures: Nokia N9 Real leak

It would be nice if it were that way, but that is not how DRM works. It's not a "feature" that you can just ignore or use at your will. In most cases, DRM needs to "infect" the whole system and...
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