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Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-01-26, 08:07
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Posted By fms
Re: [Announce] Harmattan 1.2 beta now available as OCF for Nokia N950

Well, bookmarks do exist, in a way: you place 'em to the apps menu and move them to a folder called "Bookmarks" :) Lack of find-in-page sucks though.
Forum: Applications 2011-11-11, 17:42
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Posted By fms
Re: Please, help testing fMSX, Speccy, and Colem

I do not think you are clear: fMSX does not offer arbitrary key mappings on Maemo, so whatever you are doing to "configure" them, you are doing it wrong =)
Forum: Applications 2011-09-30, 08:06
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Posted By fms
Re: New XChat build available

Havng a different LED color is a no-go, sorry. I think the vibra can be configured in the Maemo system notifications settings.
Forum: Community 2011-09-14, 19:52
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Posted By fms
Re: Gary Birkett (aka lcuk) RIP
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-09-11, 16:24
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Posted By fms
Cool [Announce] Emulators Now Available For Harmattan

Hello, All!

I have ported my retro computer and console emulators to Harmattan. Those of you who own N900s or N8x0s, probably know what these are. For the rest, there are:

Forum: Community 2011-08-11, 12:47
Replies: 931
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Posted By fms
Re: Ask the Council!

I find it amusing that after all this time the fact that the decisions are usually made in private, by the people who have actual administrative rights to the
Forum: General 2011-07-27, 05:32
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Posted By fms
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-06-15, 07:45
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Posted By fms
Re: Where are our Maemo Community devs? at MeeGo CE?

As cancer took over the TMO forums, regulars left, and that includes most developers.
Forum: General 2011-06-10, 07:53
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Posted By fms
Re: Latest big name departure from Nokia: Rich Green, CTO

Except, he is not saving the Titanic. He is bringing it down straight to the Tentacled One, just as promised.
Forum: Off Topic 2011-04-04, 21:59
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Posted By fms
Re: want to say Good bye :(

It is too boring though. Not a single personal insult, and Nokia isn't even mentioned. Nah, no drama here.
Forum: Community 2011-04-04, 21:56
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Posted By fms
Re: should people who anonymously troll via tags have their tagging privileges revoked?

Should people asking for removal of other people's "privileges" have their asking "privileges" removed?
Forum: Games 2011-02-20, 14:09
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Posted By fms
Re: Meego Handset with Gaming Controls

May I ask if any of the smartphones you "designed" have ever been produced by anyone?
Forum: Design 2011-02-14, 19:00
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Posted By fms
Re: My N9 concept design

Then what is the point in posting it? Anyone can do a bit of photoshop.
Forum: Design 2011-02-14, 17:48
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Posted By fms
Re: My N9 concept design

Are you going to build it? Where can I buy it? Will it run Maemo5 or Meego? How much will you charge for it?
Forum: General 2011-02-13, 11:49
Replies: 32
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Posted By fms
Re: Nokia- Can we have the keys to the kingdom?

For heavier deliveries, it is 47.656767N 122.125349W, check for cloud cover status.
Forum: Applications 2011-02-04, 17:25
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Posted By fms
Re: AlmostTI85 - Texas Instruments TI85 Emulator

No, this has not happened yet, as I am busy with other things, not related to this project.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2011-02-01, 10:07
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Posted By fms
Re: Busyness idea (no, i don't got money, i can only contribute with the idea)

Jolly good, man! Start up your busyness, then tell us how it goes! Godspeed to you in your endeavors!
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-01-25, 07:58
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Posted By fms
Re: N9 scrapped according to Eldar.

Cortex A8 is a CPU core. It has no GPU.
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-01-24, 12:07
Replies: 235
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Posted By fms
Re: N9 scrapped according to Eldar.

Actually, we have not."Cortex A8" means an ARM CPU core that ARM licenses to SoC makers. "Qualcomm 800MHz" denotes a Qualcomm SoC, that may (Snapdragon) or may not be based on the Cortex A8 core. So,...
Forum: Brainstorm 2011-01-16, 08:48
Replies: 30
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Posted By fms
Re: ourSlate / Aile Tablet concept

Wonderful! So, when will we see it at the stores?
Forum: Applications 2011-01-10, 23:29
Replies: 311
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Posted By fms
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Columbus Navigation Toolkit

Yep. Same effect. I have XTerm, Conversations, and Phone running in background. Maybe it is running out of memory somehow? Are you by any chance making any dynamic memory allocations with malloc() or...
Forum: Applications 2011-01-10, 20:32
Replies: 311
Views: 111,057
Posted By fms
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Columbus Navigation Toolkit

It *is* happening 100% of the time to me. Also, it is true that it got the lock almost immediately after I started it. It then crashed in about 3-5 minutes. And has done so every single time.

Forum: Applications 2011-01-10, 19:26
Replies: 311
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Posted By fms
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Columbus Navigation Toolkit

Latest version crashes after 3-5 minutes of operation with location displayed. Seems to be ok until it finds the location.
Forum: Applications 2011-01-06, 12:50
Replies: 249
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Posted By fms
Re: [Announce] QRadio

When started, made funny noise, reinitialized bluetooth, and killed all audio completely (system notifications and Media Player too). Had to reboot the device to get the audio back.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-01-01, 17:46
Replies: 22
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Posted By fms
Re: Repostories are full of garbage

May I humbly guess that, while K1ll3rm4n has extras-testing and extras-devel enabled on his N900, he has never bothered rating any of the apps he installs from these repositories? Given the dismal...
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