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Forum: General 2011-03-22, 23:42
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Posted By Modell900
Re: AT&T just bought T Mobile USA for 36 billion ! what do you think it means to us that use tmo??

Well as a european going to US it would kind of suck to not enjoy tmo the way I do right now.
CDMA is to put it mildly only prefered mainly in the US and no way I would carry two sets of phones...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-17, 19:47
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Thinking of giving up on n900, please give your opinion

Well N900 is a great phone and dont feel its lacking anything really, but im a tech junkie and want to try something new.
Will give the Nokia E7 a try until a proper Meego phone is out.
Want the...
Forum: Applications 2010-08-11, 23:16
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Winamp Remote with N900

Maybe not a proper reply about winamp remote but I suggest tversity for video streaming. Unbeatable performance and so far not a single rip or download messed up.

It's free and it's a one klick...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-06-04, 23:18
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Problem with the upgrade of the new MEAMO5


Think that was the nicest help/reply I ever seen for the "not so skilled" on this forum.
Humanity is a virtue on tech boards and it's been really interesting
to see the development on this...
Forum: Competitors 2010-06-03, 12:40
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Complainers on android forums

only complain I have is the fact that OTA for the N900 in sweden doesn't work and trying to use the totally useless bricktool called NSU ends in a crash as usul and I had to reflash the whole phone...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-05-21, 19:20
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Would you recommend the N900 to a friend?

Yupp been there, ended up as 24/7 support...
He now runs a HTC legend.
Forum: Off Topic 2010-05-13, 09:05
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Dave999's never-ending PR1.2 thread featuring drunk Laughingstok as Chuck Norris vs mutant stripper monkeys from Hell


Nokia is close to do the IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Quote from Nokia HQ internal new bulletin:

Here it is!
Forum: General 2010-04-14, 21:58
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Posted By Modell900
Re: You may think im stupid

Your welcome :)
Forum: General 2010-04-14, 21:51
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Posted By Modell900
Re: You may think im stupid

Not sure what you actually asking but here are some links :)

FIASCO (image format), acronym of "Fractal Image And Sequence Codec"
Scroll halfway down for more nfo...
Forum: Competitors 2010-04-12, 22:07
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Posted By Modell900
Re: HTC Desire has arrived....

Have to agree with you on the new HTC phones, looks really nice.
Shame on them for the low amount of RAM though...

Seriously enjoy my N900 and at this point Nokia don't have to offer anything...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-03-17, 23:23
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Posted By Modell900
Re: using the n900 online - does it work with rapidshare / best browser?

default microb browser works excellent.
Just downloaded a random wallpaper pack from rapidshare to see and confirm your question.
so in short it works and default browser works just fine.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-03-17, 08:54
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Upgradeable vs. installable

About portrait-mode, pretty well know even before it started shipping that the N900 wouldn't have portrait-mode so I find i strange how many user still nagging about it.

It was promoted as a...
Forum: General 2010-03-16, 13:35
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Posted By Modell900
Re: need help to delete 'desktop.ini' files

Have you installed "rootsh" and run sudo gainroot?
Sounds weird that you can't delete em.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-03-16, 08:26
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Posted By Modell900
Re: MeeWon't

Read the facts before posting junk like this, and as stated before
this might not be the right device for you at this point, but you will be back for a new shiny Meego device when you see how...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-03-14, 01:20
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Posted By Modell900
Re: I'm a Newbie and want some serious advise on a couple of issues

Try downloading Tversity media server (free) and in the settings for trascode put in max resolution (800x480) and the option "always transcode".

That should work for you :)
It (media server) will...
Forum: Applications 2010-03-11, 18:38
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Posted By Modell900
Re: n900 file manager root access

Don't forget to backup your device before exploring to much.
Things might go crazy if you alter the wrong stuff in root mode ;)

Good luck!

Also readup on how to reflash the phone if something...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-03-09, 22:42
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Posted By Modell900
Re: What is "piracy" and is it ever justified

Hell, I still pay for my WoW subscription even though I gave up on hardcore raiding and left the game for good(?) back in july 2009...
Thatīs how great I find that game so iīm even stupid enough to...
Forum: Games 2010-03-05, 18:33
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Posted By Modell900
Re: [Maemo 5] Angry Birds on N900 and iPhone: a comparison

Maybe time to ask Nokia why they shut down the level pack of Angrybirds since Rovio wouldn't mind having it still there for us?

AB runs just fine but check your apps in background and think what...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-03-05, 08:38
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Posted By Modell900
Re: digital compass on n900

To speed up GPS: settings--positioning--posserver change the to

That will make the gps lock-on like 10 times faster then standard setting.

Forum: Games 2010-03-04, 09:42
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Angry Birds Levelpack back in OVI-Store (Edit: and now not, again...)

Awesome! Damn I got to work on my scores...

Where is that damn assistant to take away some workload?
Forum: Games 2010-03-04, 09:06
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Posted By Modell900
Forum: Games 2010-03-04, 08:56
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Angry Birds Levelpack back in OVI-Store (Edit: and now not, again...)

Nope, no custom levels and no extras-dev stuff, just the original install and the level pack.
I will try get the time to dig out the lua files, kind of busy at work ;)
Forum: Games 2010-03-03, 22:57
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Posted By Modell900
Re: N900 - could it use .ipa or iphone games.....

Rumor has it that Sony struxk a deal and will power the next gen PS4 with Meego and use a N900 as a dev console, so there will be plenty of new games without the need of enulators.
Forum: General 2010-03-03, 21:46
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Apple sues HTC for violation of 20 patents


Or less feebleminded lawyers and CEOīs...
Forum: Games 2010-03-03, 21:43
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Posted By Modell900
Re: Angry Birds Levelpack back in OVI-Store (Edit: and now not, again...)

I got the pack just in time before they pulled it off again...

But had some weird things going on after it was installed.

Some pretty weird lag on different levels making it almost unplayable...
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