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Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2010-11-05, 14:06
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Posted By polossatik
Re: wayfinder (maps application) on Nokia N8x0 - request to remove license

I know there are other "map" options, thank you.

Personally I find the "Wayfinder/map" tool simply the most use full for MY current situation, seen I only use it for "emergency gps" (= I do not...
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2010-11-03, 11:59
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Posted By polossatik
Lightbulb wayfinder (maps application) on Nokia N8x0 - request to remove license

not sure if may people still use the maps application on N8x0 devices.

Wayfinder did open source a map application, however there are no plans to open source the application in OS2008....
Forum: Buy & Sell 2010-09-21, 13:10
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Posted By polossatik
Forum: Nokia N810 2009-09-15, 12:24
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Posted By polossatik
Re: N810 External WiFi Antenna MOD

Does this affect the reception when there is no external antenna hooked up or do you after this really need to use that external antenna?
Forum: Alternatives 2009-07-23, 10:02
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Posted By polossatik
Re: MID runs Maemo Linux on ARM

Well with a feature like "Other features:

* Vibrators "

this might be hit for geek ladies....

on more serious note, what is the "Gao navigation app" ?
Forum: Nokia N800 2009-06-24, 10:38
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Posted By polossatik
Re: not able to use a SD card in the internal slot

given up :)

this gives sfdisk: fatal error: cannot find /dev/mmcblk0

but thankx anyway
Forum: Multimedia 2009-05-11, 16:57
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Posted By polossatik
Question Re: Sreaming Videos to N810

Knots? link? please?
Forum: Applications 2009-03-09, 20:38
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Posted By polossatik
Re: Why all these different Map programs?

I just went for the few extra $ and bought a license for the "map" application.
Besides the fact it has (as an EU user living in a damn small country) the nasty idea that you need to change from...
Forum: Competitors 2009-03-06, 22:16
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Posted By polossatik
Re: 3K RazorBook 400 CE Ultra-Mobile PC - ARM 400MHz - 7" WVGA

quite ridiculous that the CE and Linux price is the same but the CE version gets 4gb flash and the "Linux" version 1gb flash...
Forum: Multimedia 2009-02-08, 21:42
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Posted By polossatik
Forum: General 2009-01-09, 14:56
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Posted By polossatik
Re: I can't believe this. I lost my tablet.

I can't find my Pandora.... oh no wait....
Forum: General 2009-01-09, 14:53
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Posted By polossatik
Re: Where is Nokia - no announcement no product - still in hibernation

I think I'll simply spend the 2009 budget for gadgets on beer...
Makes simply more sense...
Forum: General 2009-01-06, 13:50
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Posted By polossatik
Re: The wearable PC

Seen you're talking about FOSS for the 'pc part' you might also consider other OMAP35x things like the pandora (down the road you should be able to get the pcb only) (
Forum: Nokia N810 2009-01-02, 11:51
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Posted By polossatik
Re: N810: How do you carry yours?

N800 - just using the provided poach, added however a little fabric band with a pressure clip on the open side as the N800 slipped a few times out of the poach when taking it out my pocket and it was...
Forum: Troubleshooting 2009-01-02, 11:35
Replies: 17
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Posted By polossatik
Re: Cannot connect to open access points

I just saw this in a other thread (

snip: "BT & WLAN on nxx0 share the same antenna as well as same RF amplifier."
Forum: Multimedia 2008-12-29, 12:41
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Posted By polossatik
Re: MediaBox Media Center 0.96 with UPnP and more

Ha the radio is a plug in now...
Let's see if it work.
VERY impressive work. Thank you so much for this very clean player...

Little side question, do you happen to be interested in the (open)...
Forum: Applications 2008-12-29, 12:35
Replies: 265
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Posted By polossatik
Re: MediaBox Media Center V0.95

Youhoooooooo... 0.96 rocks....

0.96 thread here (
Forum: Applications 2008-12-27, 13:42
Replies: 265
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Posted By polossatik
Re: MediaBox Media Center V0.95

Can someone check out the SVN and post it as a deb?
Really looking forward to all the enhancements.
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-12-26, 14:10
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Posted By polossatik
Re: SMB/CIFS share support

you have also

not tested... just mentioning.
Forum: Troubleshooting 2008-12-24, 16:05
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Posted By polossatik
Re: n810 - Problems connecting to most open Wifi

The problem here is only applicable when using vpn software (to connect securely to a home/office network).
If you never did this ( aka you simply connect to a open wifi and then start the browser...
Forum: Troubleshooting 2008-12-24, 15:52
Replies: 17
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Posted By polossatik
Re: Cannot connect to open access points

Must be something cached somewhere...
On my N800 I have also once in a while with public hotspots that I get "network connection error".
It was always after a initial successful connection to that...
Forum: Applications 2008-12-24, 10:26
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Posted By polossatik
Re: Dice roller app

I also looked for a decent dice application, but so far none found...
Forum: Competitors 2008-12-23, 22:22
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Posted By polossatik
Cool Re: n800's brother in china

Nice rip-off... always wonder why they also make the same mistakes:confused:?
Looks like it has the same "click out stand" as the 800 that just snaps so easily.
Like on my n800 :mad:
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2008-12-08, 20:37
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Posted By polossatik
Re: Maemo 5 Reveals its Features

I'm really curious about the "license" change....
I got the feeling in the thread about using maemo on the (open)pandora there was not much understanding about my reservations, but it looks like...
Forum: General 2008-11-19, 08:50
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Posted By polossatik
Re: New name for internet tablet

simply call it "the pandora" *grin*

a pretty complete, full-featured personal computer, with an open software platform, in a small package. (
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