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Forum: Nokia N900 2009-10-05, 00:12
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Nokia charged my card this morning

Don't get your hopes up!

This is exactly what happened when I pre-ordered the Nokia N97 from NokiaUSA.

The "trial" charge is to see that there really is a valid credit account and that it has...
Forum: Applications 2009-08-26, 13:05
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Lisp

Good work!

I now wish that I'd bought an N810 instead of the two N800's that I have!

There is so much software that just doesn't work at all without a keyboard!

Maybe someone will port a...
Forum: Applications 2009-08-25, 16:45
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Lisp

Does this mean that someone has an end-user-ready version in a repository ready for download?
Forum: Off Topic 2009-06-16, 11:28
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Nokia hated by BoyGeniusReport

I received my white N97 NAM yesterday and spent about four hours last night trying to get it set up and data migrated from my Nokia 9300 which I have dearly loved for 3+ years.

First impressions:...
Forum: General 2009-06-03, 01:57
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Does anyone else feel this way? OSS lacking consistency

My main concern with OSS is that the documentation is sparse if not non-existent for some applications. It ends up being like the old Colossal Cave adventure game--you have to experiment and guess...
Forum: Accessories 2009-05-31, 01:06
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Finger Stylus

"You'll put your eye out!" (quote from "Christmas Story") when you accidentally go to remove an eyelash that tickles you.
Forum: Off Topic 2009-05-26, 10:52
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: jk rats out Qole to the airplane police

As an engineer, the scenario of interference from handheld portable devices causing problems for modern airplanes is not realistic.

However, the real danger that is being mitigitate by turning off...
Forum: Competitors 2009-05-21, 10:48
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: nokia n97 for North America june 2nd

My Nokia 9300 is over three years old now. I didn't upgrade to the E90 because there wasn't a North American version, so the N97 is my de-facto upgrade/replacement path.

I need the full feature...
Forum: General 2009-05-11, 10:50
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Battery drains too fast

Are you turning the N8x0 off between uses? The boot process consumes a lot of power. It was several weeks before I came to the realization that you should leave your N8x0 on at all times and very...
Forum: Community 2009-05-01, 12:28
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Who finds themselves coming to these forums less after the change of image?

I miss the mouse-over 1st post extract.

RE: the orange and grey? it looks like a thousand other blogs out there.

I *DO* like the active topics sidebar though and it *IS*...
Forum: Off Topic 2009-04-18, 11:30
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Best Mobile PIM ever?

I find that the suite of PIM software (Calendar, Contacts, Messaging) on my Nokia 9300 (Symbian 80) is very well thought-out, integrated and reliable.
Forum: Applications 2009-04-18, 11:28
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Maemopad+

Just now getting around to looking at Maemopad after having had my N800s for a year-and-a-half, mainly because I found it could do checklists (still looking for a good shopping list program!).

Forum: Accessories 2009-04-14, 01:24
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: "New" case to consider...

It fits my N800 perfectly, like it was made for it!

Rugged, durable with just the right heft and protection.
Forum: Games 2009-04-06, 16:49
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Anagramarama

"seems to 'know' many words the dictionary has never heard of"

My sentiments/observations exactly!

This is the problem with many freeware games which generate large dictionaries of incorrect...
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2009-03-30, 01:58
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Bite the bullet and reinstall

Perhaps your list is more informative as to what you DON'T have listed!

I have TWO (2) N800's.

One has all of my applications on it the other is essentially BARE (OS only).

The difference in...
Forum: Applications 2009-03-21, 19:56
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: fbReader update

Autoscroll is the *BEST* feature of MobiReader on my Nokia 9300b--you can tweak it up or down speed-wise as you go along.

I think that having to press a mechanical button to scroll just wears out...
Forum: Applications 2009-03-21, 10:29
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: fbReader update

In the latest update there now appears to be a tap/incremental/timed scrolling in the Preferences tabs *BUT* like the versions before, this feature doesn't seem to be functional on my N800.
Forum: Troubleshooting 2009-03-16, 00:35
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: N800 wifi problem - can scan for networks, but won't connect

I've been having some problems, too. I have two WAPs with WPA2/PSK so I have full signal availability throughout my house, but every other time it seems like the N800 can't seem to get connected.
Forum: Applications 2009-02-05, 11:47
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: ABIWORD for maemo

Putting in my US$0.02...

You can install Abiword on the N800, but if you don't have an external BT keyboard you can't really do anything with it. The interface has not been fully Hildonized for...
Forum: Accessories 2009-01-06, 17:53
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Screen Protectors - Avoid!

I bought a package of Fellowes WriteRight Universal Screen Protectors. Comes 12 to a package for about $20. Available at office supply stores and electronics outlets.

You cut these to fit. ...
Forum: Newbie 2009-01-04, 12:32
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: How do I import my IE Favorites?

The Web application's Navigation->Bookmarks (Manage Bookmarks) function has a Tools->Import / Export function which saves as an txt/html file.

I suggest that you export the N8x0's bookmarks to a...
Forum: Nokia N800 2009-01-02, 17:00
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: How Do I Add ".com" To My Keyboard Layout?

In the handwriting recognition it is easy to add shortcuts.

I use a long right-hand loop to do "www."
and I use a plus sign with the left spoke connected to the bottom spoke to mean ".com".

Forum: Nokia N810 2008-12-30, 18:07
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Viewing websites is painful

Yes...way back when we first got our N8x0s, some of us were reporting overly sensitive screens. IRC there is a force detection in the touchscreen (some programs use it when drawing like bearing down...
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-12-30, 12:28
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: Viewing websites is painful

Does this over-sensitivity issue hark back to early observations about the screen calibration being both positional and well as force-limited?

When I first got my N800 I do delicately "touched"...
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-12-28, 14:46
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Posted By rdcinhou
Re: OMG lots of processes

103 processes seems excessive...I have only 53 that appear to be running when the system is idle.
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