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Forum: Buy & Sell 2009-09-07, 19:28
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: N900 in Canada (Toronto)

i thought rogers and fido have a 3g network due to the release of the iphone 3gs. Can't you just buy a n900 then insert your fido/rogers sim and access their 3g network?
Forum: Buy & Sell 2009-04-09, 04:00
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Posted By philmcneal
Forum: Buy & Sell 2009-03-14, 18:32
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: FS: N800 with magnetic flip case, SDHC cards, original box

hm out of curiosity, are the n800 prices more inflated than the n810? It seems that for a few extra dollars more one can upgrade to the n810 without much more dollars, when back then they used to be...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2009-03-14, 18:30
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: Nokia n810 Wimax Edition

wow why is the n810 wimax edition so cheap? I thought they are worth over 400 USD...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2009-02-28, 17:48
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: Fs: N810

Ship to canada ontario for 200 cad?
Forum: Nokia N800 2009-02-21, 18:59
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: GPS Receiver .................

so if i get a GPS bluetooth reciever, i can program the n800 to give voice directions with meamo mapper right?
Forum: Buy & Sell 2009-02-21, 18:40
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: Fs: N800

150 cad + shipping
Forum: Buy & Sell 2008-09-01, 17:05
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Posted By philmcneal
WTB n800 or n810 PM ME

i live in vancouver canada, please pm me offers I will pay through paypal and my account philmcneal is on ebay so I got 100% feedback, I'm fair and honest so give me an offer I can't refuse!!

Forum: Buy & Sell 2008-09-01, 17:03
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: Selling like new n810

any proof if your legit status?
Forum: Games 2008-02-28, 11:55
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: New Port: Duke Nukem 3D

i knew it was going to come, sooner or later
Forum: Buy & Sell 2008-02-26, 03:33
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: FS: N800 with 4 GB SD card

did you use screen protector? how much for canada bc
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-02-21, 21:03
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: A few questions before I go buying one of those- sorry if these have been asked.

dude check the deals and promos forum or heck buy and sell section.... at that price you might as well spring for the n810 if your a driver.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2008-02-21, 20:30
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: FS: Used Nokia N800 + extras

hm how much shipping to british columbia canada? still 160? I"LL TAKE IT!!!
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-02-17, 21:18
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: Another N810 review.

good review! the details i really wanted to know well done!
Forum: Games 2008-02-10, 02:42
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: New Port: Jagged Alliance 2 Engine

omfg i can't believe i lost my jagged allience disk a long time ago, WHAT A CLASSSIC I ACAN"T WAIT TO PUT ON MY n800 IF ONLY IF IT WOULD ARRIVE IN THE MAIL ARGH!!! i even have the screen protector...
Forum: Games 2008-01-29, 07:46
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: Hexen 2 Build available

can't wait to try this on a fresh n800!!!
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-01-20, 07:18
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: I need help choosing please

after playing with the iphone safrai for like half an hour i concluded that the 3.5 inches and the low res hurts my eyes like hell since i read a lot. as well the wifi does feel slow, i feel it could...
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-01-17, 10:04
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: N810 speaker quality ?

does anyone have a n800 and a n810? it seems that the n800 speaker seems much bigger than the n810 but for the speaker size of the n810 the sound quality is impressive.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2008-01-17, 09:58
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Posted By philmcneal
Forum: Games 2008-01-09, 06:47
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: An interesting find........ Open Raider???

i agree, i bought the tablet mainly to mess as a computer to go and to use wireless whenever i can, so when i can't games are to the rescue although i have my psp, however, i like the touch...
Forum: Games 2008-01-09, 06:46
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: Diablo & Diablo 2

man i wish, haha one can dream...
Forum: Competitors 2008-01-08, 03:21
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: spent some time with an ipod Touch this weekend

apple's upcoming 1.1.3 firmware update is rumored to include the feature.
Forum: Competitors 2008-01-08, 02:48
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: Ces 2008

depending on how the mylo is priced... i could just not open my nokia 800 at all... assuming the mylo can take simple notes like the n800 can (since everyone says the thumb board can be mastered and...
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-01-08, 01:47
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: Poll: Should Nokia take the ITOS more seriously?

man after 1 year ago from owning a nokia 770 (which i only owned for only two weeks and then sold it on this very forum because it was too slow for my tastes) and my brand new n800 coming in the...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2008-01-08, 01:13
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Posted By philmcneal
Re: FS: (Nearly New) n800 + extras

darn such a shame i just bought mine boo! i paid $226 CAD on ebay after shipping
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