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Forum: Competitors 2013-06-26, 19:03
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Posted By te37v
Re: Replacing N900 with Galaxy Nexus+Ubuntu Touch

Lol, I also booked a pre-order for the Jolla. But then I bought a Nexus 4 and am now awaiting phone and sms functionality.

Why did you go with the Galaxy Nexus and not the Nexus 4? Because of...
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-06-21, 23:42
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Posted By te37v
Re: [Pre-Pre-Pre Announce]Black Aluminium replacement body & backcover for N900

Lol why don't you skip straight to carbon fiber?

Titanium would be rather expensive compared to aluminum.

I would also be interested in a normal size metal case if estel is still keeping score.
Forum: Alternatives 2011-08-21, 17:08
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Posted By te37v
Re: Cordia : Maemo5 UI on top MeeGo Core

That was inspiring ;)

By beast specifications I meant what Hardkernel did with the Odroid. Cutting edge (not bleeding edge) hardware at an affordable price. but then again they have connections...
Forum: Alternatives 2011-08-19, 04:29
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Posted By te37v
Re: Cordia : Maemo5 UI on top MeeGo Core

How realistic is it that if this device succeeds...

1. There will be another device after the Cordia Tab?
2. The one following the Cordia Tab has updated hardware?

While me and many others...
Forum: Applications 2011-08-08, 23:49
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Posted By te37v
Re: [Announce] Yet another MITM attack script (Yamas-ARM)

Ettercap has a missing dependency - libldtl3
Forum: General 2011-08-06, 04:49
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Posted By te37v
Re: [USA] Interesting New T-Mobile Unlimited Family Plans

The unlimited text and 10 cents a minute prepaid plan. I have this plan and it's great value if you text a lot but don't talk much.
Forum: Competitors 2011-07-30, 03:38
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Posted By te37v
Re: The Epic Android Thread

Acer Iconia Smart - I want that hardware!

Really I wish they just made an Asus Padfone with whatever Linux OS.
Forum: General 2011-07-12, 03:09
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Posted By te37v
Re: Look what I drew on my phone

Yep I'm a JDM fan myself and I'm exclusively into tuned cars as opposed to stock. The GTR is among my favorites along with the NSX, S2000, and Lotus Elise. I'm absolutely in love with Mines tuning...
Forum: General 2011-07-11, 03:57
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Posted By te37v
Re: Look what I drew on my phone

I like your style. JDM enthusiast? Although Pantera isn't...
Forum: Competitors 2011-06-09, 23:50
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Posted By te37v
Re: BackTrack 5 (arm) released

Yes! I agree that a new thread should be started for installation instructions of BT5.
Forum: Applications 2011-03-13, 21:56
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Posted By te37v
Re: [Announce] DigiClock widget

for some reason the clock hasn't adjusted to daylight savings...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-10-29, 15:50
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Posted By te37v
How to update to PR 1.3 ota?

Hey guys,

Whenever i try to update from PR 1.2 to PR 1.3 it asks me to do it via PC suite. Any idea how to do it ota?
Forum: Applications 2010-10-10, 21:11
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Posted By te37v
Forum: Applications 2010-10-03, 05:11
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Posted By te37v
Re: [Request] Strobe light using flash

holy cow dude. u just made my week tiago!
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-09-17, 04:47
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Posted By te37v
Re: Cannot connect to university wi-fi. Assistance please

haha no problem. i hope u find an answer to ur problem.
but no i go to school in new york. too cold up here! i just think its cool that kids my age are using such a device
Forum: Applications 2010-08-28, 05:20
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Posted By te37v
Forum: Competitors 2010-08-24, 15:49
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Posted By te37v
Re: N9 Specs Leaked (maybe)

his point is actually the contrary that it is not as good...
what he means is that he hopes the n9 is NOT that good bcuz he must have only recently purchased an n900

edit: go back and read his...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-22, 04:32
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Posted By te37v
Re: Battery Life just got Amazing. 4 Days of Standby!

turning down brightness to 2 or 3 (i have 2) should help a lot if it doens't bother you
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-22, 03:41
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Posted By te37v
Re: With all the new phones coming out....

Not Another One Of These Threads!!!!!! :(
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-22, 03:30
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Posted By te37v
Re: How to get T-mobile $10 Unlimited Data Plan?

Well it's obvious you're only here to find out more about the Unlimited Data Plan, we may never hear from you after this. FIY, the n900 running maemo is everyone's knowledge in these forums.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-19, 04:02
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Posted By te37v
Re: Show your best photos taken with N900

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the pictures I took with the N900. I didn't think it would look so nice!

Downtown Cleveland...
Forum: General 2010-07-16, 14:15
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Posted By te37v
Re: The Beginning of the end...............

I'm pretty sure in 2-3 years there will easily be a phone to beat the N900. I think that when the N9 comes out that will be the first device to trump the N900.
Forum: General 2010-07-12, 06:07
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Posted By te37v
Forum: Brainstorm 2010-07-11, 20:50
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Posted By te37v
Remote Keyless Entry to vehicles

Hello all! I was just wondering if anyone thought it was possible to use the n900 as a car key remote? I just thought it would be cool if this could be implemented in some way either with or without...
Forum: General 2010-07-10, 02:59
Replies: 2,025
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Posted By te37v
Re: New members say hello !

Hello guys! I'm a college student in the U.S. and I recently bought a n900 (kinda late to the game) and i love it! I've been floating around this site for a few days and from my observations I must...
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