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Forum: Alternatives 2010-12-24, 23:43
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Posted By e-yes
NITDroid 0.0.9 "xMasDroid" released

NITDroid 0.0.9 xMasDroid

Android FroYo 2.2.1 (FRG83)

- ofono-0.36
- ofono-ril-0.0.6
-USB Mass Storage Mode (UMS) support
(new kernel is needed, will be released soon)
A bunch of little...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-06, 11:26
Replies: 104
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Posted By s13n1
Cross Fade DJ App

Hi just posting this here to check the interest out.

2 decks, waveform preview for current and total track, loop controls, sync, master and slave control, beat lock, effects with kill all, eq with...
Forum: Android 2010-12-02, 09:08
Replies: 5,104
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Posted By ammyt
Exclamation The Grand NITDroid Thread - NITDroid ICS Upgrade!

What is it?
Nitdroid is an android port for your N900, an android variant worked out by a team of geniuses (e-yes mainly) who strives to bring a fully functional port to the N900. In other words, if...
Forum: Applications 2010-11-18, 22:20
Replies: 1,613
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Posted By marxian
[Announce] cuteTube - A feature-rich YouTube client

I am pleased to announce the first release of cuteTube, my YouTube client for the N900. Features include:

Browse, search, play and download YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo videos.
Rate videos...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-31, 05:41
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Posted By jakiman
Re: Overclock the N900?

I have been chatting with Lehto and he apparently runs his at 1100Mhz fixed and noticed that it is much smoother than ever before. (as it doesn't need to scale back down to 250 or 500 speed etc)
Forum: Games 2010-10-24, 17:21
Replies: 745
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Posted By cedlmw
Re: Palm Pre gets SDL! native gaming

ah i finally got it :) heres a noob friendly tutorial:
firstly, youll need the applications folder which is found in your palm pre /user/ directory. if you do not own any palm, youll have to...
Forum: Games 2010-10-20, 16:58
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Posted By javispedro
Re: Palm Pre gets SDL! native gaming

Oh, you're going to love this...
Forum: Games 2010-09-30, 22:17
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Posted By kolos
Re: Jurassic 3D RollerCoaster Rush now in Ovi repos

1. sudo gainroot

2. apt-get update

3. apt-get install wget

4. wget
dpkg -i...
Forum: Competitors 2010-07-17, 15:53
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Posted By geohsia
Re: Apple's antenna problem press conference reaction thread

Wow, the Apple reality distortion field must be strong where you live. You respect a company that chooses not to admit to their own problems while trying to blame their problem on others?

a) They...
Forum: Competitors 2010-07-17, 12:17
Replies: 117
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Posted By anthonie
Re: Sorry, but Nokia hypocrites go to Hell

I was under the impression this went a little different from the way you are telling this. There was a bakery called Apple, that made some type of bread that was not very eatable. So, in reaction to...
Forum: Applications 2010-06-22, 22:24
Replies: 143
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Posted By eitama
Re: [Announce] Horizontal-Call > Call people in your contact list without HW keyboard, easily and fast.

New version 0.6-4 is hereby released!

Refer to the Original Post for details + download (
Forum: General 2010-06-22, 12:33
Replies: 17
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Posted By mrojas
Tomi Ahonen predicts an App Store hype bubble

Tomi Ahonen, one of the top mobile gurus in the industry, is warning...
Forum: Applications 2010-06-18, 11:39
Replies: 143
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Posted By eitama
[Announce] Horizontal-Call > Call people in your contact list without HW keyboard, easily and fast.

I am glad to announce my first application for the N900! (Also my 1st C++ App that actually does something!!!)
Horizontal-Call - Donations are welcome :)...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-05-26, 11:40
Replies: 42
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Posted By Sash
Re: PR1.2: how much rootfs space for OTA update?

Some people have been having trouble doing OTA updates with the following apps installed.Try removing them and then installing after:

tux racer
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-05-25, 10:27
Replies: 57
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Posted By harrihakulinen
MeeGo hardware adaptation for N900

Hello Maemos & MeeGos,

It seems that the true nature of MeeGo has not really been understood by many, or if it is, people still like to create wrong kind of fuss, and use the name MeeGo in wrong...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-05-09, 11:06
Replies: 253
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Posted By SpeedEvil
USB HOST MODE! (Coming soon)

Through the efforts of many - this has been achieved - at least in basic form.
The n900 detected two USB devices - though did not have drivers for them.

Egoshins post of earlier today....
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-05-04, 17:41
Replies: 62
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Posted By Souseke
Smile Re: Some Nokia N900 Hong Kong Edition Screenshots

I have managed to register and download the patch. am i allowed to attach it here?

Just to let you guys know that the patch does work and the writing pad comes up and is working
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-05-02, 14:42
Replies: 11
Views: 5,430
Posted By Hynkel
Having problems with the leaked PR 1.2?

You're using a LEAKED RC, so if you're having problems then it's your own fault, and going by some of the posts ("its a rar file, what do i do?!?!one!!") some of you really shouldn't have attempted...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-03-09, 20:36
Replies: 60
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Posted By thp
Re: [ANNOUNCE] RĉMote for the N900 (Apple Infrared Remote)

I think if it's the first Python-based Desktop widget that you install, you might have to restart your N900 or at least hildon-home (by using "killall hildon-home" in the X Terminal).

If in doubt,...
Forum: Games 2010-02-25, 21:21
Replies: 86
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Posted By jfk
BurgerFace: Face tracking in a game

I'm currently working on my thesis and I've created a small game for the N900. The gameplay is pretty simple. You just have to pick up burgers to gain points and dodge knives in order to survive.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-02-20, 08:45
Replies: 150
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Posted By Stskeeps
Exclamation Maemo 6 and/or MeeGo on N900: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Okay, Listen very carefully I shall say this only once.

EDIT: For those too damn lazy to read the whole post, please read: You're in good hands. Stop worrying. Your N900 won't break when Maemo6 or...
Forum: Community 2010-02-15, 18:24
Replies: 509
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Posted By flydeep
Stop spreading pessimisitic rumours


Folks -

There is enough pessimism to go around with the actual hardware and "current" usability. Do not add your pessimism to this based on what you think the...
Forum: Community 2010-02-15, 16:15
Replies: 509
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Posted By Digbum13
Re: Maemo + Moblin = MeeGo,2817,2359259,00.asp

Sounds promising on the N900 front.
Forum: Design 2010-02-02, 03:44
Replies: 95
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Posted By kopte3
New boot video - "Nokia N900 is booting up"
Hi guys, i just wanted to share this with you. I made a video for booting, it's 21 seconds long, and i know, it's little too much, but i kinda...
Forum: Games 2010-01-27, 15:31
Replies: 265
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Posted By Frand
Secret Exit's official N900 games thread

EDIT: July 1st, 2010
SPiN is now available on the Ovi Store!

EDIT: June 16th, 2010
Zen Bound is now available on the Ovi Store!...
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