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Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-10-31, 13:29
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Posted By schettj
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-22, 00:39
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Posted By schettj
Re: So what have I gotten myself into?

Go to the store and buy any standard micro-usb cord.

Download the manual and read it.

Read this forum for a bit.
Forum: General 2010-10-19, 00:21
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Posted By schettj
Re: make money developing for maemo?

If you want to develop for the n900/Maemo, by all means you should use Qt, and look at the ovi store. Both are going to be what gets you the best coverage among not just the n900/Maemo, but...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-16, 13:57
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Posted By schettj
Re: A couple of ramblings on the N900

No, I can't imagine being able to pirate both a movie *and* a book on an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in the same day. I can't imagine why that's not in the Nokia sales pitch for these things.

I could...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-16, 13:44
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Posted By schettj
Re: Thinking of giving up on n900, please give your opinion

Sure, you should give up on it. It's a phone, not a spouse.

The n900 is what it is. If you're not loving it now, you're not very likely to love it some point in the future.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-14, 19:00
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Posted By schettj
Re: Testing Android to compare

No, they won't - people here LIKE the n900.

Enjoy droid. Google needs your money, they're nearly out :)
Forum: Applications 2010-10-01, 20:57
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Posted By schettj
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-09-03, 16:44
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Posted By schettj
Re: Future of N900?

It's nearly a year old, and is nearly End of Life for direct support. Once the n9 comes out, it should be all done - that's rumored to be by the end of this year.

It's a decent and fairly open...
Forum: Competitors 2010-09-03, 16:38
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Posted By schettj
Re: So i got a Galaxy S

Yay. So was my old flip phone.

Heck, I think the Motorola Star-Tac was a heck of a good phone.
Forum: Multimedia 2010-09-03, 16:35
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Posted By schettj
Re: Dowload free music and videos

We're not asking how to download illegal stuff, are we? Because that would be wrong.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-08-27, 17:12
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Posted By schettj
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-08-17, 17:33
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Posted By schettj
Re: Reading contacts from command line?

is the tcl api available?
Forum: General 2010-08-01, 12:28
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Posted By schettj
Re: Would You Buy Nokia Phone as Your Next Mobile ?

I didn't have bad experience of getting support. I would buy my next mobile from Nokia.

Nothing like an unbiased survey :)
Forum: General 2010-07-30, 22:43
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Posted By schettj
Re: Last one to leave please turn off the lights

Gary posted something...

blah blah blah...
I'm leaving
blah blah blah...

bye Gary! Have fun.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-30, 22:40
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Posted By schettj
Re: Rescuing Nokia. A must read.

Yes, Symbian is pretty awful. Aren't you glad Nokia is moving away from it?
Forum: Applications 2010-07-23, 19:48
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Posted By schettj
Re: Email app fixed and super fast now!!! Thanks ceroberts75!!

link to original topic here
Forum: Applications 2010-07-23, 18:06
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Posted By schettj
Re: N900 as a Wifi Hotspot, part 2

Just another data point.

This was a breeze to set up, and works fine from Mac/Win/Linux laptops. iPhone4 sees the hotspot, connects, gets IP address, DNS, and route fine via DHCP but can't seem to...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-22, 18:21
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Posted By schettj
Re: Can't even remember the last time i could actualy answer a phone call

Why don't you lock the phone orientation?

In Phone:

Phone: Turning Control: Display Orientation - pick one or the other that isn't automatic.

There you go, no more rotation.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-21, 23:24
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Posted By schettj
Re: With all the new phones coming out....

So, it's a week since we last asked if you are still happy... are you still happy?

What about now?

How about now?


Forum: Competitors 2010-07-17, 15:37
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Posted By schettj
Re: Apple's antenna problem press conference reaction thread

The ironic thing is, if you go to the Apple boards, and the AT&T boards, their trolls are saying the opposite - that Jobs came off as evasive and smug, and that companies like RIM and Nokia show how...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-16, 21:50
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Posted By schettj
Re: My experience with N900.

You had me at "Hello"
Forum: Competitors 2010-07-14, 20:02
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Posted By schettj
Re: Why I bought an iPad

So this post was just flamebait?

I don't get it. Did Nokia release a product in the same space as the iPad?
Forum: Off Topic 2010-07-14, 17:17
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Posted By schettj
Re: Someone should make a f--- poem on this crappy brick

Welcome to - thanks for stopping by!
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-14, 16:06
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Posted By schettj
Re: If you dropped your n900 down the toilet - would you buy one again?

If we dropped you down the toilet, would you somehow find a way to re-register and post again?
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-14, 12:38
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Posted By schettj
Re: what does the future hold for the N900?

This post is epic, but only if you are 40-50 years old. You know who you are ;)
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