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Forum: Off Topic 2016-05-07, 10:19
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: The Future of Jolla's Tablet

I did, and a couple of days later I received the invitation to complete the order :D
Forum: The Other Half 2016-04-30, 07:21
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: [WIP] FM Receiver/Transmitter TOH

any updates/progress on this? another summer is approaching ;)
Forum: The Other Half 2015-10-12, 22:59
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: [WIP] FM Receiver/Transmitter TOH

yes, same question, any news on FMTOH project? I am
interested, too
Forum: SailfishOS 2014-06-20, 10:40
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: is here !

I also agree with pycage, overall I am really happy with this phone:D
Forum: The Other Half 2014-04-02, 20:07
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: [WIP] Jolla OtherHalf OLED display

Yes, it works, it feels very decent, fits really nicely, I like it! No problems with the packing (no Finnish stamps), nor with the operation. It was worth the money. However, the next time without...
Forum: SailfishOS 2014-01-31, 20:40
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: Sailfish Update coming today

just updated successfully - first try :) browser working nicely in landscape :D
Forum: Jolla1 & TOH 2013-12-31, 13:11
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Posted By xkkkx
Spare battery for Jolla

Does anyone know where to get a spare battery for Jolla? I already tried to google around but haven't found any...:(
Forum: The Other Half 2013-12-30, 19:47
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: Building OtherHalf keyboard prototype

now this is something I really wish to be realized, so I am with you! (with 20€ to begin with...)
Forum: Jolla1 & TOH 2013-12-29, 19:15
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: Jolla Owners hints and tips and app sites

I have just figured out how to move & organize the app icons - you just hold your finger on the one you want to move and then drag it to the desired position, you can also remove it from the list by...
Forum: Community 2011-11-12, 00:42
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Posted By xkkkx
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2011-06-24, 23:05
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: Youtube download script

works also on my N900 :)
Forum: Brainstorm 2011-06-24, 20:54
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Posted By xkkkx
Forum: Applications 2011-03-09, 21:29
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: Ovi Maps Extra Features - Now with voice guidance (early development)

courtneyg: or someone could up the original index.html...
oh well, here it is :D just unzip it and copy the file index.html to the folder /usr/share/nokia-maps/html on your n900
Forum: General 2011-03-08, 21:13
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Posted By xkkkx
Re: New members say hello !

Dear ALL, together people can do great things, one expecially cool example being the ovi maps with voice guidance :-)
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