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Forum: SailfishOS 2018-03-27, 11:16
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Posted By vilva
jolla 1 boot loop loop that doesn't recover by using recovery menu

Used the recovery menu to run the restore factory settings script,
but it didn't fix the boot loop. It also reverted back to recovery
menu v0.1, so I can't check if the btrfs fix option had helped...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2018-02-19, 16:20
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Posted By vilva
Sell: Jolla 1 phone

Sell a Jolla 1 phone in good condition.
All connectors and buttons work flawlessly.
Also the screen and camera lenses are without any scratches.

Feel free to offer via private msg.
Shipping 7...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2018-02-19, 16:14
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Posted By vilva
Sell: Jolla 1 phone

Sell a Jolla 1 phone in good condition.
All connectors and buttons work flawlessly.
Also the screen and camera lenses are without any scratches.

Feel free to offer via private msg.
Shipping 7...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2017-11-07, 21:55
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Posted By vilva
Re: X forwarding to N900 with working hardware keyboard.

complain nokia or jolla. ok, for n9x it might be too late,
but for jolla they are still in business, so you can just
tell them that my usb port is broken after 1 year
of usage and let them repair...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-10-28, 07:40
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Posted By vilva
no problem

here is a summary, since I would like to sell these
to someone ideally in one batch, even for resale or whatever need:

1 x nokia n9 blue
- slight moisture damage in the touch screen.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-10-25, 10:26
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Posted By vilva
Sell Nokia N9 blue

Sell a Nokia N9 basically in top condition, but unfortunately also
with a small restriction for someone who does not need to type much.

After a moisture damage there is a ~1 cm area on the left...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-10-24, 07:22
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Posted By vilva
Sell Nokia N900

- Sell a Nokia N900 in nice condition
- The screen is not as glossy as new, but otherwise no flaws
- Feel free to offer via private msg (somewhere around 100 €)
- Shipping possible
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-10-04, 10:29
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Posted By vilva
Nokia N95 for sale

- Fully functional Nokia N95 for sale
- Moderate mechanical wear on the surfaces
- charger included
- offers via private msg
- shipping possible
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-09-18, 08:04
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Posted By vilva
For sale: Jolla C

- sell Jolla C phone
- technically and mechanically no issues
- condition as seen on the pictures
- the screen cover film has 2 scratches on the right-hand side
- the display itself has no...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-09-18, 07:45
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Posted By vilva
For sale: Jolla 1

- sell a Jolla 1 phone
- phone display and body without any noticeable scratches
- back cover somewhat damaged (actually it is from another phone),
but still attaches well to the phone
- shipping...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-03-28, 16:08
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Posted By vilva
WTS: Jolla C phone

Sell Jolla C phone

- back side camera cover lense broken, camera still working
- some minor scratches in the screen plastic surface, won't affect
screen function

have also a Jolla 1 for sale...
Forum: Community 2012-06-18, 21:13
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Posted By vilva
Re: It's official: to be orphaned

A lot of talk since the first post, but I don't still see any
good reason that Nokia should be given that easy exit from, as they apparently seem to plan. Most of the N9s are still a good...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2012-06-16, 05:21
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Posted By vilva
Buy a N950

As the topic says. I will be the next 3 weeks in Finland, so
I can pick that up. No offerings from elsewhere, thank you.
Highlight would be, if someone can source a new one.
Forum: Off Topic 2012-06-14, 22:55
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Posted By vilva
Re: Sad news; Nokia apparently killed Meltemi

After all, we got all that Nokia could deliver.
They were good at designing hardware, but as
the industry revenue making shifted towards
software, they were struggling.
From 2007 until 2010 they...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-06-11, 17:50
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Posted By vilva
Re: N9 PR1.3 by end of May'12

Oh come on, Nokia is about to deliver their last PR1.3 ever
and all they want to see is an anticipation thread of N900
PR 1.2 class at least. At current pace we'll reach that in
May 2015, but too...
Forum: General 2012-05-24, 21:04
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Posted By vilva
Re: TMO lack of tolerence?

I still think people are quite helpful here, if you ask for some information on some specific topic that was not
covered in previous threads already, or just some harmless chat around the devices....
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-05-13, 13:55
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Posted By vilva
Re: Roadmap for a OS2013 device

Well, I don't think it is an unreasonable
exceptation for them to provide an adequate
upgrade path for their devices. In a normal
world one would just go to the competitor,
but in this case none...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-05-13, 08:10
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Posted By vilva
Roadmap for a OS2013 device

Now that everyone has seen the current iteration as of N9,
why not ask for more? What are the things you
expect to be different in the next device?

I would like to see:
- Still a bit more power...
Forum: Community 2012-05-05, 11:37
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Posted By vilva
Re: Ask the Council!

I would expect it to load a page showing a desirable Nokia device with a desirable os.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-10-09, 09:42
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Posted By vilva
Re: N9 [Shipping]: It's finally here [for some]!

Stop complaining about the price.
If it is too expensive for you, just go away.
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