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Forum: Buy & Sell 2009-04-30, 21:12
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Posted By everythingsablur
FS: Used VG condition N800 + accessories in GTA

Hello all!

I am putting my Nokia N800 up for sale with accompanying accessories. The device has been lightly used (mostly as an internet radio and photo off-loader when traveling), and is in...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2009-04-14, 20:35
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: WTB N800 or N810 in Toronto Canada

I have an N800 (excellent condition) in Toronto that I'm willing to part with.

Edit: Couldn't send you a PM here, must be because you're too new a user. Send me a PM if you can. What's your...
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-08-26, 20:37
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Diablo with Adblock Plus, it's not working!

I'm having the same issues on my Diablo installation. ABP and FlashBlock don't actually seem to be working. There is no ABP icon in my browser like there is when I go back to the Chinook install I...
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-03-25, 19:54
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: verizon usb modem connection possible?

The software you installed on your PC was exactly that... for your PC. There will be no software provided by your carrier or the hardware provider to get it working on your tablet. Also, there is...
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-03-07, 15:20
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Stream Live to the Web via your N800!!


I have run Qik from my cellphone though. It works ok. Would be nice to have, but the camera on my phone is a hundred times better than the POS on these tablets...
Forum: Newbie 2008-03-05, 19:43
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: password manager for 2008 & Win PC

You could also install the Garnet VM and continue to use your current Palm password management solutions. Sure, not as swanky as a full-blown maemo app, or port from x86 Linux/Unix, but it would...
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-03-03, 16:31
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Is there a semacode reader for N800?

There are a couple of threads on this topic, check out the search.

I think the camera on the N800/N810 is too low resolution to work well for this purpose. If you've had any experience with Sema...
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-02-28, 19:13
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: -_- Xmaeme is dead.

Well, telling us a little more about what's happening would certainly help us help you. :)

What kind of error are you getting (if any)?
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-02-24, 23:51
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Nokia N800 discontinued?

You should be able to stick two 32 GB SDHC cards into the N800 once they become generally available. :) The N800 is such a different beast than the N810 because of it's copious amounts of available...
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-02-24, 03:37
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Disable built in e-mail client?

Partial solution at best. I've got Modest open and I tell microB to send a page via email, and I get the old client still. Setting a proper default mail handler would be preferred over trying to...
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-02-22, 19:07
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Disable built in e-mail client?

I like Modest. It's better than the default client, and I like it better than Claws. But other than having to click three times to change mailboxes (seriously, put them all on one list, or put a...
Forum: Newbie 2008-02-22, 04:47
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: WiMax Tablet

The WiMAX tablet doesn't exist (officially at least). It is currently a rumour that several sites are debating.

As for...
Forum: General 2008-02-21, 17:12
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Questions for Mac users - need your feedback please

I've got Leopard on an Intel MBP and an old G4 PPC Mac mini.

I've got Tiger on an iMac G5, but going to push it to Leopard soon.
Forum: General 2008-02-21, 02:54
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: N810 and N800 2008SE_2.2007.51-3

I'll be impressed if flashing your N800 with N810 firmware somehow gets you a hardware keyboard and GPS antenna. :D:D

There are no other differences between the two units really (ok, memory card...
Forum: Troubleshooting 2008-02-20, 21:25
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: os2008 rtcomm beta install

From your screenshot, it looks like it can't find the libhildonmime0 package. Perhaps you are missing a repository. That package should be on:

Name: Maemo Chinook
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-02-20, 21:16
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Internet browsing with N800

YouTube plays just fine in OS2008. It isn't as smooth as a full blown PC, but it is still very watchable (might just be the videos I've tried; letting them load fully before playing them helps).
Forum: Accessories 2008-02-20, 16:09
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: n800 USB charger in canada

Should work fine. N800 uses the same battery as a couple of Nokia cell phones (E61 and E62), and shares the same charger with all recent model Nokia's. No reason this would not work as well.
Forum: General 2008-02-19, 18:48
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Idea: Access tablet apps via local PC browser.

So what you're looking for is something like Nokia Beta Labs' Mobile Web Server (, but for Maemo instead of S60?

I gave this a try on my E61i and it was pretty neat as a...
Forum: General 2008-02-18, 17:34
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Twitter

I don't even think that is necessary. If you just add the Twitter app to your Facebook page, it will automatically (ok, it's an option) set your Facebook messages to whatever your Twitting.
Forum: Newbie 2008-02-15, 15:50
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Skype

Simple enough. Sounds like you're missing or unable to connect to a repository in Application Manager.

In Application Manager, click on the menu
Then Tools->Application Catalogs...
Forum: Troubleshooting 2008-02-14, 21:26
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Video encoding: Audio too quiet

So do I, but on a big job like this I just BootCamp into XP and let it run all night. I could never get the settings right in Handbrake or VisualHub, and the "canned" converters seemed to do a...
Forum: Newbie 2008-02-14, 21:18
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: changing application categories

The Drop target in the left pane isn't very intuitive. You'd think that dragging something over and seeing the target item highlight would let you drop it there, but that isn't the case if you drop...
Forum: Newbie 2008-02-13, 16:31
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: What is R&D mode (red pill)?

If you install this package, you will be able to become root from the Xterm without needing to SSH. Excert from Milhouse's Cloning OS to SD card...
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-02-13, 03:46
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: Skype Voucher

Just dug my card out of the box. No visible expiration date (phew!).

So for you guys who ordered from Amazon and didn't have a Skype voucher, was the Nokia hologram sticker/seal on the box intact...
Forum: Newbie 2008-02-13, 03:43
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Posted By everythingsablur
Re: OMweather will not install

No problem. I had to pull out my N800 at the office just to double check the repo. :p

Click the "Thanks" button at the bottom of my post above. :D
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