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Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-02-01, 04:53
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: PR1.5 coming tomorrow?
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-22, 00:55
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: Someone help convince me to keep my N900 and not sell it.

bravo acid....

bro sell the phone and move on if it's not cutting the mustard for you. nuff said
Forum: General 2011-01-17, 03:35
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: Connecting People.

im crying right now as i read this.
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-05, 19:21
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: the n900 cost 275$$$ NEW !!!

i paid 1,000,000 for mine.

wtf why does this thread exist?
Forum: Applications 2011-01-05, 16:17
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: Share your Widgets!

hehe you said cum
Forum: Applications 2010-12-31, 03:37
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: office suite

is openoffice only available by installing easy debian??
Forum: Applications 2010-12-31, 02:56
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: office suite

thanks guys.... yes im aware of docs to go.... dont wanna pay for it :/
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-12-31, 02:26
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: N900 car crash survivor

i was running to catch a train once and as though in slow motion the phone flew out of my belt case, spun around in mid air then landed and skidded about 10 feet away from me. like all of you my...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-30, 21:45
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: N900, Adobe Flash 10 and Nokia bad management
Forum: Competitors 2010-12-23, 23:19
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: i've got my hands on the n8, not bad at all.

thanks so much for the review. on a side note though, which mods and overclocking did you do to "zippy" up your phone?

Forum: Applications 2010-12-23, 16:01
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: Sygic announces world-wide turn-by-turn navigation for Maemo

what is interesting here is that i didnt have this so-called attitude when i wrote the original post so lets get a hold of ourselves here gentlemen. my point from the start is that the app is...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-23, 13:39
Replies: 1,374
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: Sygic announces world-wide turn-by-turn navigation for Maemo

fix this shitty program guys!!!!! Mine crashes constantly!!!!
Forum: Applications 2010-12-23, 13:37
Replies: 58
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: best overclocking app

yes im with you. it was decent before and now im not sure if its really better at all. certainly isnt slower but im not seeing a dramatic increase in speed overall. I wanted it primarily for...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-22, 20:55
Replies: 338
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Marble - Find Your Way and Explore the World

Thank you !!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!! ...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-20, 23:28
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: Decibel Meter ?

loving this app.... now i can see how loud the NYC subways are!!!!
Forum: Development 2010-12-14, 19:32
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: I was thinking to quit N900 development...

Pantera lmao.... all jokes aside, i am sad to see him go but not to rant and rave it kills me that we have to all rely on average joes who do this work as a labor of love. with a device so capable...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-10-27, 18:32
Replies: 223
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: PR 1.3 LITTLE changes with HUGE DISAPPOINT!!!

what is so difficult for you people to understand about all this and why is it such a feggin argument???!!!

I think one can easily expect that a phone so capable should be preloaded with turn by...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-10-06, 12:57
Replies: 393
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: Optimize your Nokia N900

okay everyone i figured this one out once and for all so here it is....

for those of you who want to run this script automatically using ALARMED, you do the following:

1 - open ALARMED
2 -...
Forum: Alternatives 2010-10-05, 14:18
Replies: 22
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: Skype for android released


no video no go.... n900 supports video and audio. still the ONLY skype mobile device out there
Forum: Applications 2010-08-24, 03:24
Replies: 142
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: [Announcement] WorldTVN900 is Extras-Devel


now i would like...
Forum: Applications 2010-08-16, 03:41
Replies: 11
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: conversations (sms) question/problem?

i did that... this is the issue. i want the one i selected to ring regardless of whether the window is open or not.... try it for yourself.... text yourself then quickly close the window before the...
Forum: Applications 2010-08-15, 04:57
Replies: 11
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Posted By ddiscodave
conversations (sms) question/problem?

okay so i have been dealign with this for while now and i figured id throw it out to you amazing folks to digest and then regurgitate to me in the form of some delicious vomited words.......

Forum: Applications 2010-08-10, 16:13
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Posted By ddiscodave
Thank you developers and community =)

I read the most recent "bye bye Nokia" thread by mchu6am4 today and I felt compelled to put this one together.

ill make this quick...........

Like so many of you, hence the reason for the...
Forum: General 2010-08-09, 20:13
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: I need answer

what the hell are you talking about?
Forum: Applications 2010-04-22, 12:46
Replies: 65
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Posted By ddiscodave
Re: [ANNOUNCE] BATLEVEL 2.0 - new customizable desktop widget for battery level

great app man thanks for the help on the installation yesterday!! i have a couple of suggestions for your next update;

1- the background color, is there any way you can make it either...
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