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Forum: Nokia N900 2011-05-25, 19:24
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Posted By XTC
Re: N900 Cell antenna hack

I don't know what You know, but in smartphones there are multiband antennas. You'll rather destroy the whole thing trying to modify antenna.
Leave as it is unless You REALLY know what You are doing.
Forum: Nokia N810 2011-04-27, 18:42
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Posted By XTC
n810 as BigDog controller :)

As maybe some of You know there is DARPA project out there - BigDog (State of Art in my opinion).
Look at the slideshow on their page:
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-09-27, 17:27
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Posted By XTC
Re: Certificate for WPA EAP PEAP?

You add new certificate in Settings > Control Panel > Certificate manager.
I'm using this kind of connection in eduroam network at university/universities.
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-09-26, 10:10
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Posted By XTC
is it safe to reflash now?

I mean - there were at least 2 SSU's and I'm not really sure how my tablet will behave.
I've had some issues with newer packages (maybe from devel repo) not allowing to sleep completely, now I have...
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2010-05-27, 09:17
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Posted By XTC
Re: Wake on LAN possible?

Could anyone tell me if there is any command line tool (I prefer C) that I could run it on n770 with OS2007HE?
Forum: Off Topic 2010-05-10, 16:56
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Posted By XTC
Re: U3-X, pretty darn amazing

Neat idea ... I can't wait to see how somebody cleans this wheel from fur or hair :)
As for support for those who were injured in accidents etc - great product. For the rest of us - It will make us...
Forum: Nokia 770 2010-05-04, 15:07
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Posted By XTC
Re: MPD on HE2007/2008/OS2006?

I'm also interested in this topic, finding another use for my wsoded device.
If You find some working solution please share it here.
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-05-01, 15:25
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Posted By XTC
Re: Is there a native N810 app to convert videos ?

I've used mencoder using Qole's EasyDebian.
Indeed, since it's not optimised (I even doubt if it makes use of VFP) - it takes ages to convert videos :) but it works.
Forum: Nokia 770 2010-04-19, 16:38
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Posted By XTC
Re: Repairing N770s

From my point of view - power sequencing is poorely organised by driving ENABLE pins of low dropout linear regulators.
For n770 all power sequencing for LCD is being held by state of voltages vs...
Forum: General 2010-03-26, 22:31
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Posted By XTC
Re: "Design by Community - smartphone concept" at Nokia Conversations

As for capacitive screens.
I was somehow a big fan of capacitives, thinking that my tablet's resistive is inferior.
That was until I've had HTC HD2 in my hands.
With low resolution displays like...
Forum: Applications 2010-03-26, 22:18
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Posted By XTC
Re: WinAmp for Tablets?

I don't get it.
XMMS leaves my cpu at 400MHz (n810)
BTW don't use Alsa output - it's buggy.
Forum: General 2010-03-18, 07:39
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Posted By XTC
Re: "Design by Community - smartphone concept" at Nokia Conversations

I'm impressed.
So many hardware designs but story of Apple shows that there is no need for zilion of devices "for everyone".
I see this now as need for software development.
Hardware performance...
Forum: Nokia 770 2010-03-07, 12:31
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Posted By XTC
Re: memory Full

Look for "clone to mmc" solution since You have to clone Your OS to MMC, boot from MMC and then You'll be able to do this.
Forum: Applications 2010-02-27, 10:02
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Posted By XTC
Re: SMS from CLI (Command Line)?

Just thinking - is there any /dev/tty... interface inside OS to communicate with GSM engine using AT commands?
If such port exists, sending SMS should be rather straightforward.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-02-11, 18:41
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Posted By XTC
Re: What uses more battery when the phone is idle, 2G or 3G?

Using E51 I've noticed that switching it to 2G only extended my idle time by 30-50%. I don't know how it will extend to other phones.
As for wifi I'm impressed with NITs wifi power optimisation....
Forum: Applications 2010-01-30, 12:35
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Posted By XTC
Re: x terminal command history

History is shell specific.
I use bash on n810 and it gives me full history as on my desktop.
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-01-29, 18:43
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Posted By XTC
Re: Using Skype as Primary Phone on Nokia N900

Forget Skype...
Both sound quality and performance are much better in (n810) built in voip client...
Perfect for international calls when traveling etc.
I use betamax.
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-01-27, 22:28
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Posted By XTC
Re: Use as a VOIP phone

In fact it doesn't go like this.
N810 like other similar mobile devices has only one antenna for 2.4GHz. Switching between wifi and bluetooth breaks the sound quality. Pops and drops occur.
Forum: Competitors 2010-01-27, 22:17
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Posted By XTC
Re: Apple iPad

No cam... so what?
I have "cam" on n810 and what can I do with it?
In fact NOTHING - please don't let me hear word GIZMO.

Maybe I'm just getting older but I'm quite fed up with browsing on tiny...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-01-24, 01:09
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Posted By XTC
Re: Need invites? Have invites? Google Voice, Wave, etc. Share or get them here.

since I can't figure who already has Google Wave invite, I have a few left - PM me.
Forum: Multimedia 2010-01-23, 22:36
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Posted By XTC
Re: XMMS for N900?

Indeed ... I've installed XMMS once again and - after 10 minutes it renders my n810 unresponsive.
Switching to esound helped.
No memory leak here.
Thx. I've got only one additional question - how...
Forum: Multimedia 2010-01-23, 21:11
Replies: 38
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Posted By XTC
Re: XMMS for N900?

More important is it can fill the gap for speaker audio path.
As I've noticed - internal speakers (esp. on n810) play fine when high frequencies are attenuated or there is no any (like on low...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-01-23, 19:29
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Posted By XTC
Re: Apple Tablet!

I use n810 as voip phone without headset in this manner.
Speakers and microphone are good enough.
Forum: Multimedia 2010-01-23, 19:24
Replies: 38
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Posted By XTC
Re: XMMS for N900?

I've posted it here but XMMS thread has been dropped.
I see some serious memory leak when using XMMS on n810.
While playing - it constantly consumes more and more memory - up to exhausting all...
Forum: Nokia N810 2010-01-23, 13:32
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Posted By XTC
Re: Tracking n810 in the event of theft?

:) You've made my day with GPS idea...
It would be very hard for stolen n810 to get the fix... not to be too harsh on n810 - most devices wouldn't.
All actions You've mentioned are quite extensive...
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