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Forum: Community 2010-06-16, 15:39
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Posted By attila77
Re: Maemo Missteps, your thoughts?

Now, while I agree with the sentiment, there is a little hole here wrt to the Maemo Qt schedule, and a pretty pivotal one - the end of 2009. The single most important announcement for me on the Maemo...
Forum: Community 2010-06-11, 15:47
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Posted By GeneralAntilles
Maemo Missteps, your thoughts?

Texrat has posted an interesting article on the (numerous) missteps Nokia has made with MeeGo this year and how it's slowly killing off much of the inertia and enthusiasm they had managed to...
Forum: Community 2010-06-05, 06:28
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Posted By Reggie
Re: [Brainstorm 2010] Talk and mailing lists

Based on the meeting, here are the proposed/pending changes for Talk, and my comments about them:

Allow thread creators to change subject line
Enable email to forum bridge
Forum: Community 2010-06-02, 12:10
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Posted By Ferenc Szekely
Re: [Brainstorm 2010] Wiki

The search has been fixed. It is now under testing on where only a few of us has HTTP access. Soon the fix will be deployed to
Forum: Community 2010-05-24, 17:36
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Posted By sjgadsby
Re: [Brainstorm 2010] Packages

By request, the thread "[Brainstorm 2010] Mirrors for Repos and re-organization" with two posts has been merged into this thread.
Forum: Community 2010-05-19, 13:46
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Posted By Jaffa
Re: [Brainstorm 2010] Community workings

As you'll know, I've been continually pushing for people committing to tasks having them realistic and (recognisably) achievable. However, people still said "I'll fix all bugs" or "Upgrade to 7.2".
Forum: Community 2010-05-17, 20:03
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Posted By xomm
Karma bug?

Err... Is this a bug/glitch?

It says he has 524405 Karma, 524288 of which has come from itt/tmo Thanks!

He has...
Forum: Community 2010-05-11, 14:28
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Posted By Jaffa
Re: Proposal: Maemo Sprint meeting focussed on MeeGo

The meeting today has been cancelled. I'm going to be sending an email to key participants shortly so we can arrange a mutually convenient time.

Once settled on, the meeting will be well...
Forum: Community 2010-05-08, 00:54
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Posted By GeneralAntilles
Re: Reviewing bugmasters' work

Well, Andre, not having a divisive issue like Mer under your name makes for less interesting feedback, I suppose. ;) As I doubted whether you'd really appreciate "You've been doing a kickass job,...
Forum: Community 2010-05-07, 06:30
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Posted By qgil
Re: Proposal: Maemo Sprint meeting focussed on MeeGo

Assumption: in a year's time most of you active here will be running a MeeGo based OS in your current or new device(s), and will be active around

To be precise, Nokia is funding...
Forum: Community 2010-05-06, 13:23
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Posted By Jaffa
Re: Proposal: Maemo Sprint meeting focussed on MeeGo

No, it was in private as I didn't want to post an announcement saying "As Niels is team leader he's now responsible for organising you all". I figured that this change (putting the council and Nokia...
Forum: Community 2010-05-03, 21:47
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Posted By TomJ
Re: Wiki

Money where my mouth is time... I've wikified a surprisingly popular simple howto I posted earlier today and a changed my sig to link to that page and the browser tricks page I mentioned upthread...
Forum: Community 2010-04-30, 16:50
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Posted By jukey
Re: Wiki

Only one sentence about the situation regarding the N900 (But a link to a looooong thread which shows the process from a first idea and release to the stuff you can see in the repository now). No...
Forum: General 2010-04-26, 09:59
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Posted By Jinux
Re: Maemo Weekly News needs more contributors

Calm your tone! How do you expect them to get news on PR1.2? Just because they are Maemo Weekly News doesn't mean they're Nokia employees that can get news directly, they just put together the news...
Forum: Community 2010-03-31, 06:22
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Posted By CrashandDie
These are not official results, the official...

These are not official results, the official results will be confirmed by Dave Neary (dneary)

We can see that the amount of votes cast drops very rapidly. We can definitely see that some people...
Forum: Community 2010-01-14, 20:09
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Posted By Framstag
Re: Move maemo-community mailing list activity to this forum

I spend much of my freetime to develop software diretcly targeting the maemo platform. I do not have much of this freetime, so it is essential for me to concentrate. For the communication to the...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-01-13, 11:33
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Posted By HSuhonen
Feedback on the Nokia N900 User guides

Hi all,

We at Nokia Care would like to hear your feedback on the Nokia N900 User guides and Get started guide. Your feedback will be valuable when making User guide updates for the next software...
Forum: Brainstorm 2009-12-25, 18:11
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Posted By iKneaDough
Re: [Proposal pending] Call recording for N900

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Here is my Holiday gift: A method for recording calls from the device!

note: it will require command line tinkering.

I got the idea and most of the information...
Forum: Development 2009-12-21, 20:08
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Posted By tomasvondra
Legacy Maemo 5 documentation?

Hi, I'm reading the developer guide available here:

but I'm confused by the numerous "legacy" titles. For example the Graphical UI...
Forum: Community 2009-12-07, 14:20
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Posted By tittav
Re: Documentation hackfest in Barcelona

Thanks, everyone, for a great weekend! We got some really good work done, too.

Sorry I didn't have time to say good bye to all of you.. Mary finally came and dragged me from Citilab to the...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2009-11-26, 05:50
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Posted By vitaly_repin
Mail for Exchange (MfE). Blame me here, pls

[Update: This post reflects the status of sales release, not PR1.1 and later. Check MfE Heartbeat and FAQ ( for the current status...
Forum: Community 2009-11-24, 11:54
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Posted By qgil
Re: Maemo-Barcelona Long Weekend, December 4-6

Order placed. Thank you for your hard work!
Forum: Community 2009-11-23, 12:41
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Posted By Samantha
Re: Maemo-Barcelona Long Weekend, December 4-6

I will upload the files in minutes. Here is how it will looks like. From my screen seems quite a "sky blue" but I don't trust the laptop screen. Could you please ask to the printer if the need the...
Forum: Community 2009-10-06, 15:46
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Posted By qwerty12
Re: Unauthorised editing

I've reverted it back to Revision 1.7.

(No, I have nothing to do with - I'm just a normal member.)
Forum: Community 2009-08-03, 18:56
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Posted By Jaffa
Re: Sponsoring participants to the Maemo Summit

OK, let's do it subjectively using the list I provided as a basis for prioritisation - but it won't be the be-all-and-end-all.

Dave: I know you've got a lot on your plate, so suggest that it's...
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