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Forum: Applications 2017-01-26, 20:25
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Posted By bencoh
Re: Telegram on N900- a free,cloud-based, decentralized and heavily encrypted WhatsApp like app

Actually, uploading it to extras(-devel) might be a good idea anyway.
And I suspect quite a few persons are reluctant from manually installing from a tarball on n900 (I usually am, except if I built...
Forum: Nokia N900 2016-12-06, 10:22
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Posted By bencoh
Re: omweather update or replacement

I've actually noticed it stopped working a few months ago as well and never bothered fixing it (I thought it would be some ssl-related issue).
Upgrading omweather-weather-com-stations-db to latest...
Forum: General 2016-11-25, 11:55
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Posted By bencoh
Re: Infrastructure maintainance on 19.11.

By the way, could anyone with proper rights add a link to this topic as a TMO notice (just like the coding competition one)?

Letting non-daily TMO readers know that maemo (the infra) is not...
Forum: General 2016-03-03, 07:58
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Posted By bencoh
Forum: Applications 2016-02-25, 09:21
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Posted By bencoh
Re: OpenMailBox and Modest

When it comes to mails (be it SMTP or IMAP), "TLS" usually means STARTTLS (start the session as plain text then switch to secure layer using a STARTTLS mechanism, which is more or less...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2016-02-21, 18:38
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Posted By bencoh
Re: [solved] n900 will not start after CSSU update

Is that CSSU testing or stable?
How did you update? By using the install link from

When do you get a black screen?
Forum: Nokia N800 2016-01-15, 10:48
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Posted By bencoh
Re: Why I can't play mp3 with Media Player ?

Do you get the DSP MMU fault in dmesg as well?

What happens if you try playing it with gst-launch (see and look for playbin or playbin2)?
Forum: Applications 2016-01-11, 20:35
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Posted By bencoh
Re: [Announce] purple-protocol-telegram: Telegram Messenger plugin for Pidgin

This post from sulu is about the GNU libc, not the (gnome project) glib.
Newer libglib versions (>=2.28) aren't incompatible with the maemo kernel, but they're not ABI-compatible with the one used...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-12-29, 12:34
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Posted By bencoh
Re: Suggested roadmap for updating OpenSSL on Fremantle

Ah, thanks.
Looks like they didn't bother updating the openssl package though... and I don't see how this dlopen() could work the way it is :)
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-12-29, 12:10
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Posted By bencoh
Re: Suggested roadmap for updating OpenSSL on Fremantle

This one really seems to be maemo specific, but I'm not even sure it's relevant in Maemo5, since I can't find libcst on my device (or in SDK).
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-11-04, 20:18
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Posted By bencoh
Re: Idea: N900 security update (openssl, browser etc)

If you're referring to the so-called GHOST glibc bug (, it has been patched in cssu-testing:...
Forum: Multimedia 2015-11-04, 19:32
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Posted By bencoh
Re: [Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4 + 2.6.3

Hm, I tried building ffmpeg-git in scratchbox (gcc-4.2) today. Build process went smoothly, but I only get garbage output when trying to play some h264 media with ffplay.
It keeps reporting...
Forum: Nokia N900 2015-10-27, 13:22
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Posted By bencoh
Re: In need of an unpacked N900 rootfs

Link to rootfs sent in a private message :)
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-10-26, 21:07
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Posted By bencoh
Re: Show off your Maemo 5 screenshots

Well, mine had never been posted to TMO thus far, so ... here it is :)
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-08-26, 13:06
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Posted By bencoh
Re: Nokia store to go down for n900 n9 ! What woud be effected (repo infra etc )? NOW OFFLINE 12\3\15(huge backup inside ;D-

After a nasty hardware failure (looks like the -6.5 years old- motherboard died) and quite a bit of time (and work) to bring everything together, is finally back online.

Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-08-15, 22:25
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Posted By bencoh
Re: Nokia store to go down for n900 n9 ! What woud be effected (repo infra etc )? NOW OFFLINE 12\3\15(huge backup inside ;D-

Hello all,

Due to some hardware issue, is currently down.
I hope it will be back online soon ...

Meanwhile, you should use the other repository mentioned in this thread.
Forum: Nokia N900 2015-04-23, 22:29
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Posted By bencoh
Re: Nokia N900 A-GPS Not Working Anymore

I uploaded supl (supl-client, supl-proxy, ...) for fremantle to extras-devel for those who want to use it on device.
Forum: Games 2015-01-12, 23:54
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Posted By bencoh
Re: [Announce] Tetrepetete

Thanks !
PLATFORM=qt4 builds in scratchbox for maemo5 and it runs on n900, but the window content limits itself to a small portion of the screen (320x480 according to src/constants.cpp I guess).
Forum: Multimedia 2015-01-03, 23:13
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Posted By bencoh
Re: HLS playback

Okay, some update on this.
Now I can play a live HLS stream with gstreamer/playbin2 (using hlsdemux).
I had to backport (mostly copy) a few things from more recent versions of gstreamer-plugins* to...
Forum: Multimedia 2014-12-28, 23:24
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Posted By bencoh
HLS playback

Status (2015/01/04) :
HLS playback working with gstreamer, but not with OMP/MP/MAFW yet (read thread).

Original post :
Over the past few days I tried to have some kind of HLS playback on the...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2014-11-25, 23:06
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Posted By bencoh
Re: How do I install a development environment for N900?

Actually I did setup a maemo SDK (commandline scratchbox environment) on top of a fresh debian wheezy in the past six months, following...
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