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Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-10-16, 09:13
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Posted By twaelti
Re: N9 16/64GB: worldwide availability & pricing

The N9 64GB is now available in Switzerland (650 CHF, = 720 USD, = 525 EUR)
Forum: Applications 2011-06-14, 09:37
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Posted By twaelti
Re: [problems] recaller

From the Recaller Wiki (

If you encounter a problem with the widget, please remove/delete it from the Home screen, then open X-Term and launch the widget...
Forum: General 2011-02-14, 12:33
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Microsoft is the plague: Nokia stock drops 14% as 1,000 employees walk out

Unfortunately, the things missing currently only prove the immaturity of WP7, at least if this list ( correct:

Forum: General 2011-02-11, 08:48
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Nokia CEO Elop lays groundwork for new strategy to be announced next month, a move away from meego? Hello WP7!!

Brrrrr....typical absurd CEO decision ****. Wondering about the details. "primary smartphone strategy" might mean that there is a secondary strategy? Did the owners of Nokia really want this to...
Forum: Applications 2011-02-09, 20:52
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Alien Dalvik, run android apps on non android phones (Like N900)

It's the "new" name of a long standing Swiss mobile software company, after they acquired a french company.
Forum: Applications 2011-02-04, 07:35
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Need a program to automatically record all calls to/from a specific number ..

Try the version in Extras-Devel (2.1), it should stop these annoying hangs.
(But it still can't record a specific number, sorry :-)
Forum: General 2011-01-28, 07:32
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Nokia CEO Elop lays groundwork for new strategy to be announced next month, a move away from meego?

Increase sales numbers? Make prettier phones, offer them in various colors, make them fashionable accessories. The ladies shop by the looks of a phone, they are clueless and don't care about an OS....
Forum: Accessories 2011-01-25, 16:36
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Posted By twaelti
Re: An "adapter" to make and receive calls with a landline?

I do that with my Fritz!Box (, setting up the N900 as a VOIP endpoint over WLAN. When my landline rings, so do the DECT phones and the N900. I also can...
Forum: General 2011-01-21, 07:33
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Rumor: N9 to have 1.2Ghz Atom

Hardware rumours are so boring nowadays, as the hardware is not really relevant anymore since a few years. It's all about apps and software ecosystems.
That's the reason while Nokia is struggling so...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-03, 10:17
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Gamegripper 3 Months On...

I love the Gamegripper - it's IMHO the best concept for this kind of gaming. Cheap, sturdy, light, KISS. I always keep one in a pocket of my bag when I move around (and have another one at home).
Forum: Applications 2010-12-14, 08:50
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Posted By twaelti
Re: auto-record phone calls

Everyone who has problems with Recaller: please try the new 2.1 version from extras-devel. I would be very glad for any feedback before promoting it to extras-test. It contains a ton of bugfixes :-)
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-12-14, 08:49
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Posted By twaelti
Re: repeatedly asked to updated apps with a version I've just installed

Do you have extras-devel enabled? Then it can easily happen if the developer uploads a new build (package) of the same version each day.
At least it happens to me, as e.g. I did the new version of...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-03, 13:55
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Posted By twaelti
Re: maemo-recorder initial version released!

Well, you can quickly change the settings in recaller so that it records into a specified folder. Just a few taps.
Forum: Applications 2010-12-03, 13:54
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Call recording

As I wrote you in a private email, your code showed that you never stop the recording....
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-11-10, 17:34
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Posted By twaelti
Re: How to reflash N900 in Windows 7 64bit

Another possibility to clean up your drivers is by using the \libusb-win32-bin-\bin\amd64\install-filter-win.exe tool and "Remove a device filter", then delete the unneeded drivers.
Forum: Games 2010-10-26, 18:13
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Preenv webOS games compatibility list

Please for god's sake: Create a WIKI page for this in our beloved Maemo Wiki. A forum post is the wrong way for such information.
Forum: Applications 2010-10-24, 16:27
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Posted By twaelti
Re: [Ovi Store] Stellarium Mobile

I paid more than TRIPLE this!
Forum: Applications 2010-10-24, 06:44
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Posted By twaelti
Re: [Ovi Store] Stellarium Mobile

Two lines of thought from me:

Donations don't work. I can assure you.
What if Stellarium Mobile is kind of a wrapper around Stellarium? Or an improved repackaging (optimiized configs etc.)? The...
Forum: Development 2010-10-22, 06:54
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Posted By twaelti
Re: How to detect phone call - C++ only

Take a look at my Recaller sourcecode ( (even if it is in Python); I listen to most of the commands you're...
Forum: Applications 2010-10-19, 09:16
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Recaller - additional wish - bluetooth

Another 20 calls later, the BT recording crashing has been identified and fixed...
Cause and resolution for archival purpose: The moment BT hangs up, the pulseaudio source hw1 disappears from...
Forum: Community 2010-10-19, 06:25
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Posted By twaelti
Re: On the massive success of the Nokia Innovators contest at bringing us quality N900 software

Oh no please stop the "greedy" and" nobody is gonna pay" lamentations. This is SO typical of todays everything-must-be-free behaviour.
Developing software is a hard and skilled work, but making it...
Forum: Applications 2010-10-18, 07:06
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Recaller - additional wish - bluetooth

Just a quick heads up to tell you that you haven't been forgotten :-)
Unfortunately, my dev system had a really ugly crash (SSD controller lost it's firmware....eeeek!) and I lost my dev environment...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-15, 09:46
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Posted By twaelti
Re: A couple of ramblings on the N900

That might be "my" fault. Recaller by default uses AAC recording which is very CPU (and therefore battery) intensive. You might want to try encoding in WAV or FLAC (change in the settings), might...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-10-05, 12:51
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Ari Jaaksi quits Nokia

It means that Nokia will have to remove his blog as a reference in their job postings :-)
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-10-04, 21:27
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Posted By twaelti
Re: Adobe Flash Player 10: When will the update arrive? Is it coming at all?

now this looks really interesting. anybody tried to order this?
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