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Forum: Applications 2018-09-26, 20:06
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [WIP] CuteSpotify for Sailfish

Have you guys seen this new project?

It is a Spotify controller!
Forum: SailfishOS 2018-09-26, 20:04
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: Weather temperature as colour

Is this project still live somewhere or being developed? It seems really nice to me.
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-12-27, 21:37
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: Zipper (Turn your smartphone into a blockchain powerhouse)


I've just read the whitepaper and this is what come in my mind after reading it.

Please add dapps to page 5, I needed to Google for it and you are explaining a lot of things on that page...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-11-13, 20:31
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: Stellarium Mobile

I've downloaded the program from here:

But unfortunately it doesn't work, to bad, it seemed nice to me.
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2017-07-01, 08:59
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [Pre-Announce] Revival of Jolla Tablet

I'm on your side with buying one.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-03-13, 19:09
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: Turing Phone Dark Wyvern Glaedr

Never mind the idiots.
Forum: Applications 2016-12-21, 15:33
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [WIP] CuteSpotify for Sailfish

Regarding the issues with the libspotify api, I got a reply from Spotify when I asked them:

there won't be a publicly available libspotify successor before the end of 2016. Happy to add you...
Forum: Community 2016-12-06, 21:31
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Posted By BonoNL
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2016-12-06, 20:42
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: Goodbye

Nevah surrender to the Android and Lenovo bastards!!!
Forum: Applications 2016-12-06, 20:37
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [Announce] MeeRun - Sport Tracking application for Nokia N9, Symbian and BB10

I've donated the dev some euro's, the last time this happend with Meerun in June it was fixed three days after the update.

So don't worry. I'm simply waiting with updating :)
Forum: Community 2016-11-07, 20:43
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [Council] The 1st Maemo Developer Regatta - The starting line

This is interesting, I will find some hardware to donate.
Forum: JollaC & Intex Aqua Fish 2016-08-23, 20:05
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: Jolla C

Well if anyone want to trade its JollaC to another entrance to the community program, you are also welcome:D:D:D
Forum: JollaC & Intex Aqua Fish 2016-08-21, 08:10
Replies: 1,066
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: Jolla C

If anyone is interested in de community program, I'm not a dev and you can use my credentials to take part if you are interested.

Just PM me and I will send you through the mails.
Forum: General 2016-01-13, 07:57
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [Fundraising] CepiPerez

Donated also.


Dont leave us Cepi, raise from the dead!!
Forum: Buy & Sell 2015-11-30, 20:08
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Posted By BonoNL
Yellow black QWERTY TOH for sale.

I have a yellow black TOH for sale.
The keyboard has a carbon backpanel.
I used it only for a couple of weeks wen I found out that I hardly used it.
It seemed that I got used to the touchscreen...
Forum: SailfishOS 2015-07-04, 13:04
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: Speech Encryption on Jolla - seems to work

That sounds interesting, talks going's bin a while since the last message. Let's see what's happening.
Forum: SailfishOS 2014-07-14, 19:31
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: July Update 1.0.8.X

CuteSpotify isn't playing music anymore since the 1.08 update. The dev will try to fix it tomorrow he said.
Forum: Applications 2014-07-11, 20:44
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [Work in Progress] CuteSpotify for Sailfish


Great to see someone with the skills can help Elleo with this must have app!

An idea, I can search for songs but can't add them to a playlist from CuteSpotify, that is a wanted function...
Forum: SailfishOS 2014-07-11, 20:40
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [WIP] App / Tweak: patchmanager a system-wide patching system + homescreen tweak

That would be great! Some people want it on feed screen for sure but that seems to be to hard at this point as far as I have understand.
Forum: Applications 2014-05-25, 22:20
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [Work in Progress] CuteSpotify for Sailfish


I've been reading a while back that you had a new job congrats, but does this mean you won't be able to develop CuteSpotify anymore?

Or is it a free time issue?
Forum: Applications 2014-05-25, 22:17
Replies: 36
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Tor anonymous proxy

I liked the idea, but I've uninstalled it, it takes to much speed of my 4G subscription. A option to switch it on and off would be needd, just like the N900 version.

Further love your work NielDK!
Forum: SailfishOS 2014-03-11, 21:59
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: Nokia X Store running on Sailfish OS

Who knows where to get the latest apk?
Forum: Applications 2014-03-05, 20:34
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [Work in Progress] CuteSpotify for Sailfish

Hi all,

Been using CuteSpotify for a while now, but is it possible to add songs to playlists from inside the app?

Holding the song won't give me adrop down menu.
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2014-03-04, 20:38
Replies: 3
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Posted By BonoNL
Thumbs up Re: [App Request] Tunein/Radio Time for N9

Or a Sailfish port would also be nice.:)
Forum: Multimedia 2014-03-04, 20:35
Replies: 9
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Posted By BonoNL
Re: [N9] IPRadio (Internet Radio) by Nokia - adding stations manually?

I can´t find them on openrepos either. To bad, would love to see Internet Radio Player on SailfishOS!
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