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Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-09-25, 16:28
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Posted By konttori
Re: Does this mean there IS still someone at Nokia looking after us?

I received an ilmatar device only a few days before meego was killed. It was up and running at that time already. Just in case somebody is interested in some meego trivia. We were just about to port...
Forum: Development 2012-06-16, 17:03
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Posted By konttori
Re: n9 theme Maker

I have created some theme variants for n9. Has somebody coded a theme switcher already? Switching theme is as easy as changing one gconf key. I hope ypu guys will have a blast with the themes. We...
Forum: Multimedia 2012-04-18, 08:23
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Posted By konttori
Re: Does anyone can port this music player to N900?

gstreamer-plugins-gme should contain most of the sega/nintendo et al. formats.
7z is just a container, you should be able to create an app that opens the container and then pushes those to...
Forum: Competitors 2012-03-26, 07:30
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Posted By konttori
Re: N900 was(is) not the Only MAEMO phone meet N500 & Friends :)

Just and example of how the UIs run on those things:
Forum: Competitors 2012-03-26, 07:27
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Posted By konttori
Re: N900 was(is) not the Only MAEMO phone meet N500 & Friends :)

All of these phones used maemo 4 as the OS. Maemo 4 was more clearly directly usable open source OS than maemo 5 and meego, which had some of the core components closed.

Anyhoo, fun to see those...
Forum: Themes 2011-12-14, 12:53
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Posted By konttori
Re: [WIP]Harmattan theme in black N900

Please also add the Nokia Pure font to the theme. It will improve the theme quality substantially.

Awesome stuff already though!
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-10-27, 19:01
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Posted By konttori
Re: Nokia N9 Screen Troubles (someone help me out confirm this)

Cool link, thanks. I checked it with Samsung display and the effect can indeed be seen. I'll check with LG tomorrow (don't have one at home) to see if there is a difference. But I fear this is just...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-10-19, 21:21
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Posted By konttori
Re: N950 PR1.1 now out

Probably forgotten by accident. (skype)
Forum: Development 2011-09-21, 07:24
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Posted By konttori
Re: Threading in Python

Why not use a single thread instead and put each of the sites to be scanned in that thread, one at a time?
Forum: Multimedia 2011-09-20, 08:13
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Posted By konttori
Re: high-fps video recording at low resolution n900

I know at least N950 camera is able to do 125 fps at low resolution. Don't know about n900 cam though.
Forum: Community 2011-09-14, 19:21
Replies: 152
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Posted By konttori
Re: Gary Birkett (aka lcuk) RIP

I can't even comprehend this. I considered him a dear friend even though we saw each other very seldom.

Not only as a member of this community, but as a person, he was inspirational. Always...
Forum: General 2011-09-13, 07:41
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Posted By konttori
Re: running python

See tutorial:
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-09-02, 10:19
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Posted By konttori
Re: Will the N9 ever have desktop(s) like the N900?

I would say that coming from Nokia, it's not going to happen. However, you should be able to create it yourself as a community effort. All the technical tools for making it happen are nicely in...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-08-25, 07:36
Replies: 23
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Posted By konttori
Re: nokia n9 and maemo 5

It needs somebody to do the porting, but there is nothing prohibiting that from happening. I think there is even such an activity ongoing. I would love to see it on n9.
Forum: Applications 2011-08-07, 19:28
Replies: 445
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Posted By konttori
Re: [Announce] fMobi - Facebook mobile client

works on the n9 as well. logiing a bit clumsy, and had to manually copy the .desktop file from usr share applications hildon to ../
But, works just perfectly. Nice to see such a full blown app. Just...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-06-21, 20:53
Replies: 10,476
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Posted By konttori
Re: N9: It's finally here

foldering support is coming in update release. We are working on it.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-06-21, 20:51
Replies: 10,476
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Posted By konttori
Re: N9: It's finally here

The UI really yearns for good capacitive touch. It would not work on n900. This is a Ui where HW and SW go hand in hand.
Forum: Community 2010-08-13, 11:50
Replies: 79
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Posted By konttori
Re: Introducing the licensing change requests queue

I support Gary on this one 110%
Forum: Development 2010-05-12, 17:13
Replies: 21
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Posted By konttori
Re: Huge performance hit using QPainter in QGLWidget on N900

Try running your code in fullscreen mode. If you are running opengl application with the titlebar, then you are running multiple opengl contexts, which makes the compositor and application do SGX...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-04-27, 09:45
Replies: 7,222
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Posted By konttori
Re: Speculation about the next firmware (PR1.2) and its release date

the -8 means that it's the build #8 of that week.

And yes, every day now, we are getting closer to shipping it. It would be sweet to have a day counter, but, alas, we cannot disclose the dates in...
Forum: Applications 2010-04-25, 19:27
Replies: 145
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Posted By konttori
Re: Wiicontrol Application for Maemo

@twaelti: Nice to hear that you've taken it to the next level. If you need help packing it, just email the source and I can release to extras-devel the same day.
Forum: Applications 2010-04-25, 19:25
Replies: 145
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Posted By konttori
Re: Wiicontrol Application for Maemo

I think the issue is in python BT bindings. I filed a bug:
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-04-13, 17:36
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Posted By konttori
Re: First screenshots of MeeGo mobile UX!

Do notice that it looks exactly like moblin.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-03-19, 07:26
Replies: 238
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Posted By konttori
Re: New firmware update this morning in the UK 3.2010.02-8.201.1

ooo... shiny! Finally pr1.1.1 for the brits!
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-03-18, 10:32
Replies: 106
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Posted By konttori
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