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Forum: SailfishOS 2015-12-07, 09:38
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Re: Community saving Jolla and Sailfish OS ?

A jailbroken iPhone has a number of tweaks to make it have a swipe UI not too dissimilar from the N9.
Forum: SailfishOS 2015-12-06, 15:08
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Posted By thedead1440
Re: [Support thread] ScreenTapShot - overlay screenshot application

If I am not wrong, src/screenshot.cpp is the file you should be interested in:

void Screenshot::capture()
QString folder =...
Forum: Nokia N900 2015-12-05, 13:46
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Re: [Pre-Pre-Pre Announce]Black Aluminium replacement body & backcover for N900

Wrong, woody was the first one since the time Estel and n950s distribution fiasco happened.
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2015-11-12, 07:31
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Re: Discussion over the Design, Features, and Rollout of Jolla's new Tablet, Assuming that it isn't a Figment of our Collective Imagination

If I was to use my sense of cynicism, it's pretty clear Jolla don't seem to have the funds required to deliver the tablets and maybe there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. The separation of...
Forum: Off Topic 2015-10-28, 17:50
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Re: Nokia’s Return To The Smartphone Market: Officially Confirmed

This thread has gone downhill since somewhile (thanks in no small part to Foxkia) hence it is being moved to Off-topic so that it doesn't appear in active topics with lame posts.
Forum: General 2015-07-17, 17:15
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Re: Nokia is looking for a partner to help it enter the smartphone business

After reading recent threads on speculation of Nokia entering the smartphone business, I indeed have felt tempted to simply close them as things are pretty clear cut but being hyped up unnecessarily....
Forum: General 2015-06-12, 16:43
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Re: Mr

Thread closed due to lack of details. If/When the OP sends me a message with his clear intentions, I may re-open it with appropriate content.
Forum: Nokia 770 2015-06-05, 08:59
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Re: Help me : Other devices N770-2 How can find original Firmware

While I appreciate your willingness to post important information, don't you think you are overdoing it by necroing a 5 year old thread here and another 2 year old thread.
Forum: Community 2015-06-05, 01:39
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Re: Post editing by moderators with no notification


Is the jalyst - ZogG issue being discussed here or the issue of editing posts more generally? I gave you my take on the general issue and in the event of a vendetta (though it's rare to...
Forum: Community 2015-06-04, 17:37
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Re: Post editing by moderators with no notification

I guess it's appropriate that I put my views across lest my own viewpoints are presumed to be something else.

Personally, I have used the edit posts function in the rare instances of needing to...
Forum: Community 2015-06-04, 17:16
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Re: Open modlogs - for the real open community

Sigh... I feel lost with the last few posts. I am in agreement with the spirit of modlogs (as long as we can find a compatible plug in) and I have always tried to do my part to be transparent and...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2015-05-25, 16:21
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Re: N9 Cannot be it dead

My gut feeling says this error is a sign of bad emmc hence the phone is unusable...
Forum: Applications 2015-05-21, 12:21
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Re: How i can install Debian Packages on N9 without a file manager and without a terminal?

When you download any package from the browser you can click on it to install it.
Forum: General 2015-03-27, 05:16
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Re: Awesome and Classic Nokia Phones!

Hmm while memories are always rose-tinted, I can think of many reasons for Nokia's downfall other than the CEO; for example, how many people were ticked off at purchasing the 8210 only for it to be...
Forum: SailfishOS 2015-03-25, 10:14
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Re: sailfishOS Upgrade12 discussions

^^^ is exactly why I never could convince myself to part with my money for a Jolla. It simply never felt worth even a fraction of its price after the initial euphoria died down. I was one of those...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2015-03-06, 16:54
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Re: mp-harmattan-009-pr removed!

apt-get on Harmattan is not the same as apt-get on Debian; it's a patched version to suit the eccentricities of Harmattan.

For e.g. the priority of packages from Nokia Store, the dependency of...
Forum: Ubuntu 2015-03-02, 09:45
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Posted By thedead1440
Re: Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition - Second Ubuntu Phone

I have used mostly the galaxy or note series before switching to the xperia z2 when i became underwhelmed by the s5. I used to think the lack of capacitive buttons would make a huge difference in my...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2015-02-14, 00:39
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Re: [Announce] N9 Email Client Qt+CLI


Always use code tags to post terminal logs and link to paste sites in the event of long logs instead of spamming the thread.
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2015-02-10, 11:24
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Posted By thedead1440
Re: Problems flashing Nokia N9 with Linux

Install ia32-libs package and try?
Forum: SailfishOS 2015-01-31, 08:01
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Re: Connect Jolla to android tablet, is it possible?

Hmm I wonder if reverse tethering following this guide is doable:
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2015-01-30, 11:49
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Posted By thedead1440
Re: Jolla Tablet

IIRC, the furore was over not having USB mass storage as an option but MTP only. Anyway doesn't make a difference as since the N9 I have always used sftp for my transfers including on my android...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2015-01-19, 15:31
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Posted By thedead1440
Re: [WTS] Sony Xperia Z3 D6603 Unlocked Black

Just FYI, there is now a way to fix the first problem you are facing:

As a user of a Z2 I too...
Forum: Jolla & TOH 2015-01-17, 11:15
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Posted By thedead1440
Re: 64 GB SD-Card shown as 26.5 GB

If you don't intend to use the card on Windows or Mac, ext4 would be ideal. If not, use fat32.

I am pretty sure both the above should work OOB on the Jolla.
Forum: Jolla & TOH 2015-01-16, 17:20
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Posted By thedead1440
Re: 64 GB SD-Card shown as 26.5 GB

Is it because its exfat formatted? Windows should be able to detect it properly though so thats strange. Maybe try formatting it to simple fat32 from your Linux box and see if the full 64GB is...
Forum: SailfishOS 2015-01-16, 17:12
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Posted By thedead1440
Re: SailfishOS Update11 discussions

Hope this is not something that means rooting the device becomes important to make it usable like droids...
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