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Forum: SailfishOS 2018-11-08, 16:28
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Posted By Macros
Re: Sailfish 3 event in Helsinki

So a few news items from the stream:
(some may be already known, I didn't follow all news to the point)

The license model for devices like the Xperia X switched from yearly to per device, so once...
Forum: General 2018-05-30, 04:39
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Posted By pichlo
Re: And now Huawei is doing a dramatic move.

Disappointing to find out they no longer do what I never knew they were doing in the first place.
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-10-22, 17:29
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Posted By llelectronics
Re: [WIP] LLs Video Player

Update: Version 1.9.3 ist out now.

Only a small bugfix version using a better device pixel ratio hack which supports QtWebkit 5.212 and fixing the permission problem on youtube-dl which prevent...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-08-26, 12:50
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Posted By Drekkie
Re: Sailfish OS (officially) on Sony Xperia devices

Emphatically, all of this. Can't believe we're even discussing why bluetooth is an important feature.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-08-25, 06:52
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Posted By qeef
Re: [WTS] tohkbd2 qwertz

And you accept BTC or not? Because I am willing to spend a little bit more in BTC (and still not reach my 60EUR limit).

If we are talking about EUR, think that average for meeting would be 75EUR...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-07-25, 17:44
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Posted By elastic
Re: Sailfish OS (officially) on Sony Xperia devices

I must confess, that after the Xperia X has been my first 5" device I'm getting used to the size (never thought I could) plus I'm starting to use it more often than my Jolla despite Android - I'm...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-07-20, 10:41
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Posted By Feathers McGraw
Re: Sailfish OS (officially) on Sony Xperia devices

Still waiting for official SFOS on Fairphone 2! Any day now!
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-07-01, 19:43
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Posted By Saturn
Re: Sailfish OS (officially) on Sony Xperia devices

In my opinion you are spot on in many aspects and there is plenty of info in the blog which is great and a relief to hear.

* The 64bit is huge and will open a lot of doors, but definitely a huge...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-06-20, 15:14
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Posted By mariusmssj
Re: Sailfish OS (oficially) on Sony Xperia devices

I think we will know more once they release the new update which should be coming some time soon by the looks of the string translations
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-03-19, 16:25
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Posted By PawelSpoon
[anouncing] SailKick Application

I have almost finished my work on SailKick, an native app.
My background is pure Windows / .net. So it took me some hours to get used to Linux, Qt etc...
I hope you can help me to...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-02-27, 18:35
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Posted By TMavica
Re: Sailfish OS on Sony Xperia (official)

I want Xperia XZ Premium with SailfishOS
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-02-27, 14:07
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Posted By Raim
Re: Jolla at MWC 2017

If it was not for Alien Dalvik, I would have abandoned Sailfish OS as a daily driver quite a while ago. I am happy to see native replacements for Android apps in the future, but right now the user...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-02-25, 11:30
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Posted By anidel
Re: Jolla at MWC 2017

Yeah, it's telling that they are selling software, not hardware, which I thought it would be clear by now?
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-02-25, 10:34
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Posted By nthn
Re: Jolla at MWC 2017

Jolla's revamped website manages to tell a lot in just nine pictures.

- Jolla 1: "we made this, three and a half years ago"
- Jolla C: "this is the same thing as the Aqua Fish in one of the next...
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-07-22, 20:50
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Posted By Eminem
Re: Jolla C won't allow copying/editing via SSH

# Authentication:

#PermitRootLogin yes

Remove # and it should work. :)
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-07-22, 18:52
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Posted By Eminem
Re: Jolla C won't allow copying/editing via SSH
Forum: JollaC & Intex Aqua Fish 2016-07-18, 14:18
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Posted By sponka
Re: Jolla C

Got call from Schenker, they received package from TNT. I also received mail with disposition to fill and send back.

Anyone already gone through this process? They said it's visible all duty's are...
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-07-12, 16:22
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Posted By vitaminj
Re: Pokémon GO not working on :(

The anti-android zealots continue to astonish me.

Without android support Jolla would not exist, basically. Vastly fewer people would have bought the J1 and thus even if they weren't financially...
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-07-07, 18:28
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Posted By RealJohnGalt
SailfishOS 2.0 Nexus 5 CM12.1 Alpha1 | Sfdroid Pre-Alpha/Early Preview

This requires a clean flash coming from cm11. Coming from the "SNAPSHOT" cm12.1 base also requires a clean flash if you would like sfdroid (for now). If a clean flash is too much work, wait for SFOS...
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-06-30, 07:05
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Posted By lkravovicz
Re: Sailfish OS on Fairphone 2

I've been running SFOS on FP2 for a few months now as daily work phone. Majority of it really works with no issues, and like Feathers said, the speed of operation is a world ahead of Jolla....
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-04-01, 14:49
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Posted By coderus
Re: Android permissions

for users: no at all, for developers: almost not possible.
Forum: Competitors 2016-03-21, 18:25
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Posted By szopin
Re: Fairphone

The community FP port is out, check reviewjolla for instructions (, which makes the announcement even more likely...
Forum: Tizen 2016-03-08, 21:21
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Posted By HtheB
Re: Samsung ZeQ 9000 Concept Video

Nothing beats this:
Forum: General 2015-11-25, 00:19
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Posted By ka9yhd
Jolla files for debt restructuring

To anyone capable of basic pattern recognition, this does not come as a surprise. I doubt I'm getting my tablet, even though I backed it in the first hour of availability, but to be honest, I'm much...
Forum: Competitors 2015-11-10, 23:12
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Posted By chenliangchen
[User Experience]BlackBerry Priv Portrait Android QWERTY Slider

Since the era of N810 and following by N900 and N950 I was spoiled by QWERTY sliders which offers great typing experience and a full screen while input. And finally another high-end slider comes...
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