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Forum: General 2008-03-16, 04:30
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Posted By Johnx
Re: NIT now vs Intel's solutions later (MIDs)?

I'll throw a random note in here. A common misconception is that the ARM processor is the major factor that prevents you from using all your typical Linux desktop apps on the NITs. This is really...
Forum: General 2008-03-15, 04:33
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Posted By mobiledivide
Re: The noBounds Project

This is copy and pasted from the Vimeo comments, a little bit of insight.
Forum: General 2008-03-14, 21:38
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Posted By BeIng
Re: The noBounds Project

You made good points!
The local N8x0 3D rendering is limited. Externally, more details are enabled. The UI handling is not yet done consistently (it's 'demo-SW' :p). It's fine for e.g. quiver,...
Forum: General 2008-03-14, 21:13
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Posted By fanoush
Re: The noBounds Project

Well the interface to LCD controller is of course much faster than Wi-Fi. Almost anything is faster than wi-fi (especially the one in our tablets :-). The whole demonstration looks strange. Things on...
Forum: General 2008-03-14, 16:15
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Posted By Texrat
Re: The noBounds Project

This goes WAY back... to when I was factory QA engineer on the N800. Fall 2006.

Prior to launch, I saw plans for video out, but the function was left out of my testing plan. I asked if that was...
Forum: General 2008-03-14, 14:56
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Posted By Reggie
The noBounds Project

Read the full article. (
Forum: Multimedia 2008-03-13, 20:44
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Posted By handful
Re: Canola2 Beta6 Feedback Thread

New Update Released!
March 13th, 2008

Hello everyone,

We know everyone is expecting youtube and but we are not adding them to the default package, but instead they will be here on the...
Forum: General 2008-03-12, 01:22
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Posted By endorphinum
Please Test Out

Hi everyone,
my first post and i am very excited as i just finished my first real
big contribution for the n800 and n810 community.

It's a page where you can add applets to your profile and
Forum: General 2008-03-11, 21:58
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Posted By whydidnt
Re: iPod touch vs N810 at the Tao of Mac

As an owner of both devices, I thought I'd throw my two cents in on the discussion. I personally use the Touch much more, despite wanting to like and use the N810. There are several reasons I like...
Forum: Accessories 2008-03-09, 17:24
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Posted By sgoerg
Thumbs up DVB-H on N800 - success

DVB-T on N8x0 is not possible, but i can now receive the DVB-H Test-Stream in Berlin with success :). I have wrote a little howto (in german) and a tgz-file:

Forum: Competitors 2008-03-08, 01:10
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Posted By tabletrat
Re: iPhone and iPod Touch SDK is amazing... Wow.

The SDK is an extension of the existing XCode, and it just gives you a new type when you say new project. it gives you 3 defaults, simple, UI frame and basic list.
From there, coding is similar...
Forum: Competitors 2008-03-07, 15:15
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Posted By fanoush
Re: iPhone and iPod Touch SDK is amazing... Wow.

Well the points (in slighty random order) were

- with 'real' framebuffer in main RAM (SDRAM) whole system is slowed down by constant LCD display refresh that fights with any other access to RAM....
Forum: General 2008-03-07, 08:36
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Posted By rscasas
Talking Two flash for yours little children

My two years old son have a lot of fun painting in my n800. I have found this flash:
Easiest to play in browser full screen mode than...
Forum: Development 2008-03-06, 15:40
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Posted By hns
Re: Shaped widgets? (transparent background)

Googling on this topic, I came across this example ( of semi-transparent windows with cairo, and to my utter amazement it works perfectly on OS2008!

So I went...
Forum: Games 2008-03-05, 21:28
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Posted By darethehair
Talking Star Trek Tricorder Simulator: ANNOUNCE

OK folks, it is with much timidity that I am announcing the availability of my Star Trek 'TR580 Tricorder VII' simulator. It is -- of course -- for 'entertainment' purposes only. I wanted to learn...
Forum: News 2008-03-05, 09:28
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Posted By pixelseventy2
Re: Microsoft Silverlight Coming to the Internet Tablet

I'm guessing that you speak as someone with only desktop/GUI java experience. As an experienced server-side Java developer, I whole-heartedly agree that in 99% of cases Java sucks the big one for...
Forum: General 2008-03-04, 21:59
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Posted By Obu
Thumbs up More 1000 Wallpapers for your N8x0 and Eee

Hello !

I collect some great wallpapers for my n800. Some wallpapers were made by me from my photos :rolleyes: Photography is my hobby.
Amount wallpapers now are 1039 pcs. :D
All images are...
Forum: News 2008-03-04, 17:50
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Posted By ARJWright
Re: Microsoft Silverlight Coming to the Internet Tablet

This is one heck of a off and biased comment; but I'll address something a bit less emotional just for the heck of staying on topic to the discussion.

Silverlight, like Flash, like QuickTime, like...
Forum: General 2008-03-04, 16:42
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Posted By zeez
Re: Acid3 Test OS2008

WebKit (Nightly) 87
Firefox 3 (Nightly) 67
Opera 9.50 65
Konqueror 4 63
Firefox 3b3 59
Firefox 2 50
Konqueror 3.5.8 ~50
Opera 9.26 46
Safari 3.0.4 39
IE 7 6-12 depending on...
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-02-29, 15:41
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Posted By fanoush
Re: Maemo is CSS contaminated (not entirely open)

There was a post or blog by Quim Gil (or was it it in the interview ( about this. They are working on this but they won't...
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-02-27, 15:30
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Posted By Texrat
Re: PC Pro gives the N810 3/6

I tend to agree with most of your other comments (in spirit, anyway-- I think they drift a little too far to an extreme), but I don't get that remark. The tablets, not versatile??? I guess I need...
Forum: News 2008-02-27, 05:56
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Posted By johnkzin
Re: Is this the WiMAX Internet Tablet?

First, I think Multi-Touch is being used as a buzzword for the overall iPhone GUI ... which is not just Multi-Touch, and doesn't make full use of Multi-Touch. It's more accurately described as a...
Forum: Applications 2008-02-21, 21:28
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Posted By Serge

A new release of mplayer_1.0rc1-maemo.25 has been uploaded to extras-devel repository.

If no regressions are reported within a reasonable time, it will be moved to extras repository.
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-02-16, 17:23
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Posted By Arizonian
Re: Usb Host Mode For N810???

I recommend the usb-otg-plugin. You can install from . It is very simple!
Forum: Development 2008-02-14, 23:02
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Posted By SpiritGeek
Re: Task Nav Panels in Python?

Yay! With the new official desktop bindings, I have written my first task navigator panel in Python. It's just a simple shortcut to launch X Terminal.
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