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Forum: Nokia N900 2013-04-18, 23:37
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Posted By mail_e36
Exclamation Repurposing N900 after retiring it?

Now that many of us have stopped using the N900 as their daily phone, I am curious about it's ability to be used as a home server or "jump computer" as an entry point into a home network.

I used...
Forum: General 2013-03-11, 19:18
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [GENERAL NOTICE] Service Downtime

Auto-builders been broken for longer than repos, I doubt there was many updates due to this.
Forum: General 2013-03-11, 06:12
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Posted By thedead1440
Re: [GENERAL NOTICE] Service Downtime


Don't comment out from that file manually. Use HAM to do whatever you want to that file. You can do in terminal as root:
echo "" >>/etc/hosts
Forum: Applications 2013-01-31, 00:22
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Posted By Xenolith0
Re: [Announce] The One Ring

For the last 5 or so days TOR has been unable to connect to GV. After researching the problem, I found what has changed is Google's login URL. Which previously was...
Forum: Community 2012-11-06, 21:35
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Posted By woody14619
[Council] Meet the new (Q4 2012) Maemo Community Council!

Again the forum link to the Council Blog is broken and did not post this under Council's account. So instead, I post it by hand. :)


Forum: Community 2012-10-20, 02:11
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Posted By timsamoff
Re: [Council] Board Election Results and Council Election Cycle Update

Thanks to those who voted. At the very least, I hope that the board serves its primary purpose -- adopting some bylaws and allowing this community to continue and flourish. What it looks like for...
Forum: Applications 2012-07-15, 18:21
Replies: 269
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Posted By qwazix
ρcam 1.0.7 now in extras -- raw/jpg camera application for N9 and N900 with manual controls and image stabilization (N9 version still on 1.0.4)

This is my entry for the coding competition, and here is a first working example. More features will come as they are being completed. For now you can just focus and take a picture which is saved in...
Forum: Community 2012-05-11, 17:29
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Posted By joerg_rw
Re: Ask the Council!

Honestly, guys (and gals)
Next Council's election is a genuine and most noble task of current council. No matter what's to be done to make it happen, it's first and foremost council's duty to track...
Forum: Community 2012-04-02, 22:11
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Posted By woody14619
Re: Council election

I think there are plenty that would run, but lack the qualifications. For example, despite lots of posts, testing, scripts, hacks, etc, my "karma" is still below the minimum required to run. ...
Forum: Community 2012-03-20, 01:19
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Posted By misterc
Re: Ask the Council!

(in hardly more space it takes to tell ppl to go & RTFM (right?) one might as well share the info already gathered, no?)

this site is made up of two parts;
Talk Maemo Org (TMO) which is...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-03-02, 22:14
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Posted By romaxa
Re: Updated MicroB

From other side, I'm made recently new IPC embedding based on mozilla-central source code. which is actually very nice alternative to MicroB IPC stack and Webkit2 IPC stack.
This IPC embedding is...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-02-26, 14:02
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Posted By joerg_rw
Re: [Announce] CSSU stable release

I have to post it here again: camera-ui basically doesn't belong into CSSU as it can get deployed via extras repo (and already has been). There's absolutely no reason to unconditionally nuke stock...
Forum: Community 2012-02-18, 08:52
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Posted By timoph
Re: TSG for CSSU?

I'd like to see jaffa's questions on this in the community mailing list answered.

and no cssu doesn't need management....
Forum: Alternatives 2012-02-15, 17:18
Replies: 826
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Posted By Netweaver
Re: U-Boot for Nokia RX-51 with BootMenu

the -more complete- version of the story ...

There is no new mmc driver in the kernel but there was a new generic mmc driver in the 'officail' u-boot code introduced over the last months. Pali is...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-02-07, 13:26
Replies: 24
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Posted By demolition
Re: Switching SmartReflex on the fly?

@vi_ Thanks for your tips. From what you say there's no need to activate/deactivate SmartReflex because of the way KP-49 is set up? Info on all of this seems quite dispersed and if someone misses a...
Forum: Community 2012-02-02, 13:07
Replies: 931
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Posted By pali
Re: Ask the Council!


We (Maemo Community) needs more people with access to Extras-* repositories.

For example package rootsh ( version 1.5 which is in Extras has bug in...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-01-29, 00:04
Replies: 225
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Posted By pali
Re: [Development] kernel-power

I updated pre v50 version of kernel-power. Packages are on standard place. Also I pushed changes to garage repsitory.

Here is changelog (changes from extras-devel version v49):

* Fixed...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-01-18, 20:22
Replies: 1,877
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Posted By MohammadAG
Re: [Announce] CSSU Testing thread

What might be more sad is what the community he contributed to turned out to be when he disappeared to handle some life bumps, anyway, this'd turn to an argument if it goes on *pulls plug on this...
Forum: Applications 2012-01-14, 21:14
Replies: 134
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Posted By mooninite
Fennec 14.0 and more (updated 2012-08-04)

I like to use Fennec everyday on my N900 and version 10 was not good enough for me. Luckily Mozilla has not ripped out all of the Maemo makefile scripts so it is easy enough to compile the latest...
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-01-04, 07:53
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Posted By reinob
Re: have SD card, need your advice


The class number is not really a standardized, formalized, classification. Meaning anyone can almost give whatever class they want to their cards.

Class 10 means the card can be...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-12-25, 17:58
Replies: 384
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Posted By merlin1991
Re: [Announce] CSSU stable release

what testing has over stable atm:
improved modest (email client), though that is going to go into stable this week
possibility of different wallpaper on portrait desktop, this still has some bugs...
Forum: Multimedia 2011-12-12, 19:43
Replies: 1,969
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Posted By marxian
Re: [ANNOUNCE] cuteTube-QML - A feature-rich YouTube client

The port of cuteTube-QML for MeeGo-Harmattan is not my work. I never intended to port this version, because I instead wanted to use QtComponents to provide a better UI and improve the user...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-12-08, 18:29
Replies: 16
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Posted By zero
Re: Help me repair my N900 LCD


the glass? you mean the touch screen? you'll need to replace the digitizer, you can find it on ebay
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-11-28, 15:54
Replies: 384
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Posted By sulu
Re: [Announce] CSSU stable release

I guess you refer to this libvte4 bug: [1]
Unfortunately that fix seems to bring another bug because of other applications expecting the erratic libvte4 behavior: [2]
So it seems like even when...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-11-28, 15:31
Replies: 384
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Posted By merlin1991
Re: [Announce] CSSU stable release

It fixes a 100% cpu hildon-desktop bug
a x-term bug where enter didn't behave
a bug where a desktop shortcut would open 2 browser windows
a bug in apt where apt would choke on packages in a non...
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