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Forum: General 2011-08-29, 23:25
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Posted By n70shan
Smile Love you Muhammed AG.!

i just wana thanks Muhammed AG to make all such nice apps and softwares for maemo users and helping us many times when we are at end of confusionss!. He is simply genius developer ..programmer or i...
Forum: Alternatives 2011-08-29, 10:59
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Posted By NIN101
[Announce] N900 charge initrd - Charge the battery without an OS

Edit 2012-12-30
Please refer to the N900 RescueOS ( which basically has the same functionality and more. The charging initrd is dead.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-05-05, 14:39
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Posted By iDont
[Announce] Enhanced BusyBox package

Busybox-power provides an enhanced shell replacement for Maemo. It is built using the latest upstream release, rather than the old source used by default in Maemo.

All patches that Nokia included...
Forum: Applications 2011-03-29, 19:02
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Posted By mrsellout
[Announce] Inteloware's Glow has been packaged for Maemo

Intelloware (or someone else) have packaged Glow for Maemo, as brought to my attention by in this blog (
Forum: Applications 2011-03-09, 20:48
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Posted By tetris11_
Arrow [Announce] PhoneStreamer - Nifty little app for streaming to your PC

What it does:
It's a frontend for a few gstreamer scripts, but it's (moderately) easy to use, and allows you to stream either the front/back...
Forum: Applications 2011-03-08, 00:35
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Posted By divan
[ANNOUNCE] WebOS Games Manager

WebOS Games Manager ('wgames' in repo) - automatic installer/uninstaller for WebOS games. It installs game from .ipk file, applies all needed hacks and creates desktop launcher. It also can back...
Forum: Applications 2011-02-26, 10:18
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Posted By immi.shk
Lightbulb Easy Debian LXDE simplified for New users

first of all i want you to know that i don't know much about Linux but i love my N900 & LXDE... i still remember the day i read 45 pages and was awake till 4am just to search how to change appearance...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-02-24, 23:05
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Posted By ArnimS
N900 Speakers

Mine stopped working, so i thought i'd take a look at them. Enjoy.

These speakers may be drop-in replacements:...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-02-22, 18:19
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Posted By debernardis
Re: how to activate streetview?

Good news!

Javascript Streetview now works again with microb :) something must have changed in google's servers.

Enjoy either two-panes ( or single pane...
Forum: General 2011-02-14, 13:07
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Posted By Kamikaze
Re: Shortcuts while browsing

Shift + Up

Pressing Shift + Down takes you to the end of the page too.
Forum: Applications 2011-02-08, 08:57
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Posted By Dancairo
Re: Alien Dalvik, run android apps on non android phones (Like N900)

I thought why not ask them, so I've emailed and pointed them to this thread...contents of email:-

Dear Sir/Madam

Your announcement about Alien Dalvik has caused quite a stir on the talk.maemo...
Forum: Development 2011-01-28, 15:40
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Posted By rm42
Python for Newbies

A while back I posted about a tutorial I had been working on to help newbies learn Python. I tried to use GoogleWave to get more participation.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-01-13, 06:21
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Posted By Mentalist Traceur
Re: Power kernel obsolete???

OMFG. *Deep breath*

Leave. The. Kernel. Installed.

Don't touch it. Don't **** with it. Pretend that package that says "remove this package" doesn't exist.

That message is not out there for...
Forum: General 2011-01-13, 02:52
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Posted By Wikiwide
Re: Any Success in speech recognition on Maemo?
Download voximp.tar.gz to anywhere (MyDocs included). Unpack it (I did it in Filebox).

Install through apt-get

Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-10, 04:27
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Posted By ysss
Re: Stupid girlfriend stepped over my N900.

Need to see gf's pic to give proper advice.
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-10, 01:07
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Posted By 9000
Re: Stupid girlfriend stepped over my N900.

I wish you wouldn't get back to her brutality with brutality, as it's hardly the way of N900 users.

You should jailbreak her iPhone. Every time she shows her brutality, ssh to her iPhone with...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-09, 20:47
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Posted By zimon
Re: Stupid girlfriend stepped over my N900.

If she is hot, does it matter?
Forum: Applications 2011-01-05, 16:58
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Posted By Matan
Re: [Announce] bleeding-edge wl1251 wifi driver for Maemo Fremantle

Asking me by PM the wrong way. Asking on this forum is the right way, for two reasons: other people might be interested in the answer, and other people than me might know the answer.

I usually...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-30, 02:16
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Posted By cmantito
Re: Can i have a secret email account?

Progress update!

The best way (for me) to learn a new language: inability sleep, and dive in head first. I converted my Perl script to Python. Next, if I still can't sleep, I'll try my hand at...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-29, 01:24
Replies: 22
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Posted By cmantito
Re: Can i have a secret email account?

I've written another version of TiagoTiago's script in Perl, with both a simple menu for selection and the ability to pass an account with a parameter.


$arg = shift(@ARGV);...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-28, 13:35
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Posted By lxp
Re: [Announce] Kismet + Fully functional WLAN monitor mode for the N900

The driver now seems to be stable!

More information can be found in the following thread:
Forum: Applications 2010-12-28, 13:23
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Posted By lxp
[Announce] bleeding-edge wl1251 wifi driver for Maemo Fremantle

The bleeding-edge wl1251 wifi driver for Maemo Fremantle is now available!

It is based on the upstream bleeding-edge wireless-testing tree and incorporates nearly all features found in the stock...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-26, 11:49
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Posted By cmantito
Re: Can i have a secret email account?

Simple, using gconftool-2.

First, find the relevant email account (bold is what you type):

[sbox-FREMANTLE_X86: ~] > gconftool-2 --all-dirs /apps/modest/accounts
Forum: Applications 2010-12-24, 19:25
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Posted By Wonko
Re: [Announce] binaryclock

Actually, I don't know whether it's open source or not.
But as I already started with this version in Python I prefer to extend my own version.
One of the benefits of Python as an interpreted...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-12-22, 04:14
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Posted By SavageD
Re: Boost N900! :)

Script updated.

It is faster than the previous patches, also I improved over all audio quality, particularly for the may actually need to lower headset is much more...
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