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Forum: Nokia N900 2011-03-12, 07:24
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: User experience with e7

Thanks for the nice summary but just a quick note: The N8 does have Quick Office for free after you update to PR1.1 .
Forum: General 2011-02-08, 01:11
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Should I switch my N900 for an N8!

Well, I have both N8 & N900.

I prefer using the N900 for texting, internet access and day-to-day use because of the hardware keyboard.. The N8 lacks this- and I personally love the N900's...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-01-31, 22:18
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Flash 10.1 For N900 available

is this a joke or for real? :o

can someone try and confirm that it works??
Forum: Accessories 2011-01-29, 15:23
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Replacement battery in Uk?

The Nokia 5230 uses the same battery. So try eBay by searching 'Nokia 5230 Battery' because 5230's are more popular. I think 5800's use them too, but not sure bout that.

Have you also tried Nokia...
Forum: Development 2011-01-28, 16:07
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Python for Newbies

this is exactly the thing i've been looking for, for the past few weeks. Thank you very much!
Forum: Competitors 2011-01-22, 07:50
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: N900 style desktop browsing experience on any other phone?

Well actually yesterday I read that the new Symbian Multitasking Interface is going to be very similar to the Multitasking UI of Maemo.

For more info, see: ...
Forum: General 2011-01-13, 06:36
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Any news on N9

Article about the N9 in 'The Gadget Show':

apparently, its going to be announced at the MWC in feb. For more info...
Forum: General 2011-01-12, 22:15
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Why all high end devices have something stupid in them?

what does 'stupid' & 'perfect' mean?

Surely everyone has a different opinion. I actually prefer the resistive screen on my N900 compared to the capacitive on the N8. So the screen is perfect to...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-01-12, 22:09
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: U-Boot, brick and no USB icon on startup

hello and welcome :)

are u pressing the 'u' key on your N900 keyboard while connecting the USB?
Forum: General 2011-01-11, 22:27
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: T-Mobile UK users take note ! Internet FUP changes.

I have had the N900 for 10months on T-Mobile (900mins, 500 text & Unltd. internet) and this move to reduce the allowance is simply ridiculous.

I mean i didn't even get a text message just yet, so...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-11, 07:03
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Broken another N900...

As far as I am aware, Nokia 5230's and some other Nokia's use the same battery. Try swapping the batteries?

I mean more or less everyone I know had the 5230/5800 at some point because it was quiet...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-09, 22:12
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Spotted, other N900 users....

Isn't that part of the fun :p?

the n900 may not do things that the iPhone can, but then the iPhone can't do things that the N900 can..

It's a 50-50 debate.
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-09, 21:27
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Posted By kevinp93
Talking Re: Spotted, other N900 users....

I was at the supermarket (Tesco) the other day loading the Tesco-Clubcard app on my N8 while waiting at the checkout and there was this tall guy trying to peak at my phone. :confused:

So I looked...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-05, 07:43
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Crazy idea: Stylus presence sensor.

Just buy a spare stylus.

It's easier, quicker and maybe even cheaper. :D
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-01-05, 07:14
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: SIM card "disconnects" all the time after PR1.3

I have noticed the exact same issue on my N900 (which i had for 8/9months) after installing PR1.3.

I always thought that I didnt put the sim in properly, because I have the N8 aswell and I often...
Forum: Android 2011-01-04, 20:26
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: [TUTORIAL GIGA UPDATE] Do you smell it, do you? It's Gingerbread!

Nope.. Just install GingerBread. I followed the exact same steps and it works on my N900 :/. Are you sure that you didn't miss-type anything or skip steps?
Forum: Off Topic 2011-01-01, 14:45
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Happy New Year!

Ooooooops.... :/ How could I forget the Europeans?? I mean even I'm from Europe (UK)... :/

It was supposed to say 'Europe' on the second line, just after the 'and'... obviously something went...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-12-31, 21:18
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: Happy New Year!
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-12-31, 07:02
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: when is pr 1.4 rolling out.?

all i know is that it will come 24-hours before this world ends in 2012. Honestly. This date has been thought through on a different thread. :D
Forum: General 2010-12-30, 09:06
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Posted By kevinp93
Smile Re: Warning! Possibily troll invasion!

Wow... just proves my point:
The more technology advances, the more cyber-crime advances too..

That 'troll' (feel free to replace 'troll' with anything mre suitable) should get a Tasty slap!
Forum: Applications 2010-12-29, 20:52
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: [HELP!] 'Update your Nokia N900 to enable latest Ovi Store ....'

Wow.. That was a quick reply and it worked! :D

Nice to see 'ovi Beta' on the N900 again.. :)

Thank you very much. I didn't even think about 'Hide User Agent'.
Forum: Applications 2010-12-29, 20:23
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Posted By kevinp93
[SOLVED] 'Update your Nokia N900 to enable latest Ovi Store ....'

Hello fellow Maemo-ers :)

I have a problem.. Well not me, but my N900...:rolleyes:

Basically, when I open the App Store, I get a message saying:

'Update your Nokia N900 to enable latest Ovi...
Forum: General 2010-12-20, 08:00
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: pwer socket change and after that I had problems

tried reflashing?

most of the time a reflash could help...
Forum: Alternatives 2010-12-15, 23:44
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Posted By kevinp93
Re: we dont need android on n900!!

interesting points raised. However think of it this way:

You don't need a car, but yet more or less every family in the developed countries have a car, because you can drive.

Same applies with...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-11-28, 20:28
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Posted By kevinp93
Smile Re: Microsoft Live email?

It is possible. However theres a problem.. Windows live mail only supports POP3, so all existing messages will be marked as 'unread' when you add your email account to the N900.

And as you may...
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