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Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2018-06-14, 22:53
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Posted By mike727
Re: Nokia N9 browser can't access (and many others wabsites)

Have you tried setting the date to 2013.. 2012 ? (I think that's what fixed me up)
Could there be a network problem? Have you tried using a different wifi source?
Forum: Buy & Sell 2018-02-22, 10:43
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Posted By mike727
Re: To good to be true ?

No feedback yet from any "gamblers" ;)
Supposedly 14 had sold on 8Feb (3 left in stock) & 10 sold on 22Feb (3 left in stock). Any of these N900 fans going to chime in?
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2017-10-30, 11:36
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Posted By mike727
Re: N900 daily Work in 2017?

Is 'Firefox Quantum' worth looking at?
It apparently reduces load on CPU; increasing the load on 'graphics'?
Forum: Nokia N900 2017-10-24, 00:16
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Posted By mike727
Re: N900 -- looking into spare MUGEN cover or other 3D-SCAD/STL File for printing backcover

When considering double batteries, you want to keep this ( in mind.

This (
Forum: Nokia N900 2017-09-20, 03:24
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Posted By mike727
N900 stiff slider rail, near closed position

The slider gets stiff on the right-hand side when near the closed position. It will only align up closed when enough force is applied; and it springs slightly open (but it still requires force when...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2017-08-25, 12:28
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Posted By mike727
Re: WTB : N9 USB cover (black)

Some users have had a positive experience purchasing their full body replacement. I think there was a post about someone's new phone body not fitting perfectly & they got a replacement at no extra...
Forum: Applications 2017-08-24, 04:09
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Posted By mike727
Re: [Announce] cuteTube - A feature-rich YouTube client

Has a "middle-man" been considered? Might help with current/future problems?

Edit: On 2nd thought, I guess that website provides no additional function/advantage; perhaps...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2017-08-08, 23:38
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Posted By mike727
Re: probably broke my n9

edit: just realised that this is repeating info, sorry.

If the phone has ever been flashed with 003, cmt might only be flashed using 003, as you see here (
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2017-08-08, 12:54
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Posted By mike727
Re: probably broke my n9

I'm only a novice, but I see "Downgrade Disallowed" at the end of the log. That might be the only problem.
You can only flash the same firmware or upgrade (incrementing numbers; 001, 002......),...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2017-08-08, 11:58
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Posted By mike727
Re: Lost imei n900

Flashing in this order might be necessary (

Combined → eMMC → Combined
Forum: Nokia N900 2017-08-06, 23:30
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Posted By mike727
Re: Buying N900 in 2016?

It seems that there are still quite a few forgotten N900 out there, "sleeping in desk draws".

The most popular classifieds site in Australia is "Gumtree" (?), which has a section where people...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-07-31, 12:56
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Posted By mike727
Re: 2x N900, Australia

Very tempting, I could easily do pickup.

Edit: I could put them to everyday use & light tinkering.

Would be better though if a developer snaps them up (I could purchase & be interim for when a...
Forum: Competitors 2017-07-23, 12:45
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Posted By mike727
Re: New Nokia Prototype???

Top left corner where it's peeling, what does it say? ....0 ?
Forum: Neo900 2017-07-13, 13:50
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Posted By mike727
Re: Have we been turned over?

There is quite often progress seen from following IRC channels. I haven't been following much, but yesterday there was confirmation about a telephony issue with 'Devuan' being solved (with my...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2017-07-05, 00:01
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Posted By mike727
Is N9 dummy/display phone useful for parts?

Anyone ever have a close look at the display model? Can it be used as parts (body, USB door, SIM tray)?
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-06-25, 22:05
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Posted By mike727
Re: For Sale Nokia N950

Only a month ago, they had it at 1500AUD ( (891GBP).
I got a message from them saying 8GB (as standard for model) & the best price they could do was 50AUD off (bank...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-06-06, 05:42
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Posted By mike727
Re: FOR SALE: Nokia N950 64GB prototype and a lot of other Nokia prototypes

Pictures of some of those models (AS final [production?] styling)..... may be some errors.

50 pictures will load.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-06-05, 07:23
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Posted By mike727
Re: Want to buy Otterbox for Nokia N900!

There was a stack of VARIOUS type Otterboxes that where shaped / similar (package) to this.

If you see a market stall or online selling...
Forum: Buy & Sell 2017-06-05, 03:08
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Posted By mike727
Re: To good to be true ?

Any news with CellularCountry?

Was the Otterbox only available in this style of packaging?
Does anyone remember packaging ever looking different to this?...
Forum: Community 2017-05-26, 01:52
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Posted By mike727
Re: Q2 2017 Community Council Election Announcement

I think my TMO & accounts are now connected. My karma is most likely too low. I submitted the application more than 2 days late. Doesn't worry me, either way.
Forum: Community 2017-05-24, 13:56
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Posted By mike727
Re: Q2 2017 Community Council Election Announcement

I could probably give it a crack. Exams are finished in two weeks, which finishes off the degree. So, I should have some spare time on my plate and I would love to help give back.
How many hours...
Forum: Alternatives 2017-05-22, 04:25
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Posted By mike727
Re: Nokia 808 flashing problem

Is it something that is inevitable for all 808's?
Does all the processing write and wear out the emmc even when using an SD card?
Any buying tips, worth $120US?
Forum: Competitors 2017-05-06, 00:57
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Posted By mike727
(RISC-V) Open-source chip mimics Linux's path to take on closed x86, ARM CPUs
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2017-03-22, 00:01
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Posted By mike727
Re: Problem with Flasher on PC (64 bit)

I'm not helping when I say this.....

Just as the N900 is debated as being either a 'phone' or 'hand-held computer'; IMHO Win10 can't be considered an OS, since it's 'freemium (for lack of a better...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2017-03-05, 05:43
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Posted By mike727
Re: ınstallatıon faıled

This may help:

'aegis installer hack' sorted me out:
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