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Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-09-16, 02:29
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Posted By timwatt
Re: strange problem on nokia n900, help needed

I have officially turned my n900 off, it works well and is well used, in combination with yours it you would have one working one and some spare parts. it is up for grabs, make me an offer?
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-08-30, 01:24
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Posted By timwatt
Re: Should I pre-order a N9 / Should I wait

I was just curious, to see the answer to the question. You know I may have corporate relationship issues every time I make a commitment I get screwed, first Microsoft, then Nokia and now Motorola....
Forum: General 2011-07-29, 02:33
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Posted By timwatt
Re: The End Of Nokia

There is nothing here you haven't seen, you have been staring at this train wreck for the past year, move along move along.

The only reason people care at all is because Nokia showed some love to...
Forum: General 2011-07-08, 00:09
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Posted By timwatt
Re: Another proof Elop is a trojan horse

I watched a video where Elop presented the new next big thing ( a windows OS ruining in an N9 enclosure) he presented it as if it was something so great it must remain top secret. But to my BS meter...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-05-01, 04:28
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Posted By timwatt
Re: n900 hanging in there

This is the link, to the first you tube movie I attempted to play on my Xoom, plays on my n900 no problem. (
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-04-30, 18:05
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Posted By timwatt
n900 hanging in there

As a former Nokia fan, and fading meamo (n900 enthusiast), I have been reluctant to use Android.

Anyway I bought a xoom my first android device, for the most part it is impressive, Google have...
Forum: General 2011-02-25, 23:55
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Posted By timwatt
Re: Nokia and open source a trial by fire

Quoting from Slashdot " and I hope the people who truly screwed up the amazing Linux opportunity that was the N900 get shut down in the process."

I cant believe something so well thought out at...
Forum: Design 2011-02-23, 22:34
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Posted By timwatt
Re: how come most maemo apps are not great visually?

As a UI designer, I use my n900 because of what it does, not how it looks.
I did dream of a day when maemo would become main stream and the UI eye candy important, but alas maemo looks dead.

Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-02-14, 05:18
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Posted By timwatt
Re: I knew Meego would fail when...

...when Nokia started to panic about Syimbian being a little dated, and they decided to wrench the guts out of Meamo.
Forum: General 2011-02-11, 06:03
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Posted By timwatt
Re: A little confuised on the N900/Maemo haters... please explain.

whatever... I am no troll no, n900 hater, I don't need pointless fart apps. But the n900 is missing some basic functions. Bugzilla turned out to be a place to give the community the idea it was open...
Forum: Applications 2011-01-14, 06:41
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Posted By timwatt
Re: [SURVEY:] What kind of Applications are you missing at the N900?

I am still using my n900. Love the open phone and hate that I am missing the most basic of apps:

1) PIM - sport for Task Descriptions. (that can sync with outlook)
2)Search the ability to Search...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-12-25, 05:24
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Posted By timwatt
Re: who is the youngest maemo user in here??

thats OK Raif,
I'm 39 and still waiting for Father Christmas.
Forum: General 2010-12-20, 20:37
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Posted By timwatt
Re: Eldar: Nokia and Microsoft Discussing WP7

Nokia, has made 2 big mistake and one relay good move.

1) they dide'nt innovate and evolve Simpian fast enough and thought it would have a longer shelf life.

(good move) Meamo, was the...
Forum: Applications 2010-12-17, 21:13
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Posted By timwatt
Re: Thanks for the Great Apps

thanks for:
SSH client and server
community help with SSH
and graphicicons
FM boost
Forum: General 2010-12-15, 21:25
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Posted By timwatt
Re: how much does your battery last for ? 2 - 4 days online ?

moderate use: a tyipiical day in teh life of my n900:

unplug from charger at 8:00am
+- 30 of min skype calling,
+- 15 min of 3G calling
Wifi all day (only conected at home or office)
3G data...
Forum: Competitors 2010-12-07, 06:22
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Posted By timwatt
Re: Nexus S , what do you think about it?

I have been planing my dear John letter to the Maemo community and was about to say so long and thanks for all the fish, when I learned the Nexus has no microSD. (NO microSD exasperation WTF)
Forum: Applications 2010-11-18, 01:21
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Posted By timwatt
Re: N900: Garnet VM: how to keep settings?

I am still using it it is the only not and task app. that syncs with outlook. crashed on me today and I lost information.

if only there were a way to remember the IP address for syncing?
Forum: Accessories 2010-11-13, 21:48
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Posted By timwatt
Re: What do you do with the second earplug when you're not using it?

I hang it around the back of my neck, or i put it in my top pocket (where i sometimes keep my n900 when i cycle). my headphones get used a lot and don't seem to last long, i have had 2 pares...
Forum: General 2010-11-04, 04:04
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Posted By timwatt
Re: Round 1: Apples allegagation Nokia infringed patents are Unfounded says ITC staff

I couldn't agree more, the only reason the Patent Office is struggling is because people are trying to own property.

Building on existing knowledge is called Progress!

It is criminal that a...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-11-03, 08:00
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Posted By timwatt
Re: Poll - do you want voice dialing on the N900

I don't want voice dialling!

I want a usable PIM out the box.
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-10-25, 06:23
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Posted By timwatt
Re: IMO, MeeGo will be a tragedy on smartphone market like Maemo!

I haven't doped my n900 yet:
1. because I am broke,
2. because is has a Micro SD reader
3. maemo 1.3 may bring task descriptions
4. i don't care for a smart phone or meego
- i just want...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-13, 17:20
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Posted By timwatt
Re: A couple of ramblings on the N900

My typical "wow thats impressive" day throws in using the camera for an audit and the GPS to get there and recall to take meting notes.

the moment of utter despairer come in with the 3-4 hour...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-07, 18:52
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Posted By timwatt
Re: Note-app outlook sync, no sorting in N900!

Nokia! I am still using my n900, and there have been no improvements on task descriptions or notes. (before I bought it I was promised (your good advertising) a PIM I new it wouldn't be perfect but...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-02, 06:09
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Posted By timwatt
Re: My n900 is making me myopic

love the metaphor for the iPhone screen " a well crafted stamp." gadgetlab apple fanboys think the resolution and screen size is too small to be practical check out the video @7:40...
Forum: Applications 2010-10-02, 05:48
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Posted By timwatt
Re: [Announce] portrait-keyboard: Portrait-friendly system-wide keyboard

after watching this video ( of the n8 I see nokia relay need to work on the UI especially the portrait keyboard.
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